13 Best Delivery Apps That You Need To Checkout

Post-pandemic, the demand for delivery apps is expected to increase by a CAGR rate of 10.5% (food delivery market), 19% (grocery delivery market), and 3.4% (alcohol delivery market) by 2026. 

With the emerging technological revolution, delivery apps help you get your products, whether food, groceries, liquor, or other essentials directly to your home or office. 

You’ll come across many delivery apps that offer deliveries and pickup from various restaurants or convenience stores. But, one of the biggest questions: Which is the best one?

Best Delivery Apps Comparison

To answer your questions, we have covered the best delivery apps with their features and categories. Selected on the basis of their ratings and reviews, these apps are known for their easy-to-use functionalities.

Delivery AppUser Ratings CategoryTop FeaturesDownload
  • Food & grocery delivery
  • Supports real-time tracking
  • Payment processing via Apple Pay or credit card
  • No-contact delivery
  • icon
  • icon
  • Grocery delivery, Food delivery
  • Exclusive coupons
  • A chat function
  • Group shopping
  • Contactless delivery
  • Same-day or pickup delivery
  • icon
  • icon
  • Food, alcohol, gifts, laundry, and grocery delivery
  • Contact-free delivery
  • Group-ordering
  • Earn delivery points with every order
  • Tag favorite restaurants
  • Unlimited free delivery
  • icon
  • icon
  • Food delivery
  • Supports contactless delivery
  • Food delivery with real-time tracking
  • Provides cash and online payment
  • Save your order history
  • Place your order in advance
  • icon
  • icon
  • Food delivery
  • Easy-to-search design
  • Quick customer support
  • No-contact delivery
  • Fresh and healthy food options are available
  • icon
  • icon
  • Food delivery
  • Real-time notifications
  • Order tracking system
  • Easy pickup and non-contact delivery
  • icon
  • icon
Uber Eats
  • Food delivery
  • Simple delivery ordering
  • Real-time order tracking
  • No-contact delivery option
  • Easy payment processing
  • icon
  • icon
Favor Delivery
  • Food delivery, Grocery delivery, Alcohol delivery
  • 100% contact-free delivery experience
  • Best customer support
  • Smooth payment processing
  • icon
  • icon
  • Food delivery, Alcohol delivery
  • Non-contact delivery
  • Quick order and delivery
  • Secure payment processing
  • Awesome customer service
  • icon
  • icon
Amazon Shopping
  • Grocery delivery
  • Fast and secure delivery
  • International delivery
  • 1-Click ordering
  • Customer support
  • Wish lists
  • Real-time order tracking
  • icon
  • icon
  • Restaurant takeout, Food delivery
  • Best restaurant deals and special offers
  • Preorder and express re-order
  • Check for reviews of local restaurants
  • Easy payment processing
  • icon
  • icon
Bite Squad
  • Food delivery
  • Live tracking system
  • Schedule an order in advance
  • icon
  • icon
  • Alcohol delivery
  • Real-time delivery tracking
  • Ease in payment processing
  • Better customer support
  • icon
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Best Delivery Apps To Checkout

  1. DoorDash

    DoorDash is a popular delivery app that quickly connects food delivery drivers with customers. 

    DoorDash Delivery App

    This delivery app helps drivers (or we can say Dasher) to directly deliver meals from restaurants to the customers either residing at home or working.

    On receiving the order, it depends on the driver whether they need to deliver the food via car, motorcycle, bicycle, or even foot. Moreover, they have the freedom to schedule their hours in advance.

    Apart from food delivery, DoorDash, in partnership with leading companies like Smart and Final, Walmart, and even Fresh Thyme, allows potential customers to order groceries in an easier way. Moreover, DoorDash doesn’t charge any extra for the items you purchase from these companies. 

  2. Instacart

    The next delivery app on our list is Instacart. The app has more than 150 grocery stores for customers to choose from. 

    Instacart Delivery App

    The customers need to shop online from the local store, and the InstaCart app connects them with the driver who will deliver the items directly to their door via same-day delivery. Not only groceries, but this delivery app also offers other necessities like diapers, flowers, and even alcoholic beverage deliveries.

    Instacart allows you to order groceries online for contactless or curbside pickup delivery directly at your local store.  It’s one of the more essential and stable delivery services out there. It’s just because the Instacart app includes two options: 

    Full-service shoppersIn-store shoppers
    • They directly accept the customer orders
    • Do the shopping for them
    • Deliver the order to the customer
    • They take the order in the app
    • Do the shopping for them
    • They stage them for the customers to pickup
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  3. Delivery.com

    Delivery.com is a delivery app that collaborates with many local stores and cafes throughout major cities in the U.S. and is best known for delivering food, grocery, alcohol, laundry, and even dry cleaning.


    This food delivery app has an option “self-delivery,” where you can even pick up the order directly from the local restaurants, hotels, or even other locations.

    Apart from providing food deliveries, this food delivery app offers a broad range of delivery options like scheduling pickups and drop-offs for laundry, groceries, beer, wine, spirits and dry cleaning. 

    With its group ordering feature, you can quickly reduce the number of deliveries by splitting the orders with your neighbors and roommates.

  4. GrubHub

    GrubHub, one of the top-rated food delivery apps, supports over 350,000 restaurants in over 3,200 U.S. cities and London.


    You need to be ready with your favorite dishes, and GrubHub provides you with a list of restaurants along with their menu. Then, with just a few taps on your mobile, you’ll get your food delivered straight to your door.

    This on-demand delivery service mainly delivers for restaurants or fast food cafes, but it’s expanded to include convenience stores to deliver groceries to the customers.

  5. Caviar

    Formerly known as a higher-end food delivery app, Caviar provides smaller but growing food delivery services to the East Coast, large cities in the Midwest, and California.

    Caviar Food delivery App

    In 2019, DoorDash purchased Caviar. Caviar allows you to search for a diverse food selection like donuts, fast food, sushi, and even Indian food with this robust partnership.

    Just before accepting the order, Caviar provides the complete information to a delivery driver about the earnings and even “expected pay” for the entire day. 

    This food delivery app allows drivers to check for real-time estimates of their earnings before each delivery. Moreover, they must have a valid driver’s license before joining the company and delivering the food to the customers.

  6. Postmates

    Postmates is one of the best food delivery apps in the United States. The slogan of Postmates says everything that they provide. It says that “anything, anytime, anywhere.”


    Postmates started its journey in 2011, and currently, it is serving the best food delivery services to more than 50 states. Even though Uber Eats acquired Postmates in 2020, it still operates as its own brand.

    Along with food delivery services, Postmates provides grocery delivery services to the customers. However, the most exciting part about Postmates is that with a monthly charge of $9.99, you do not have to pay any delivery fees on all orders over $20.

  7. Uber Eats

    Uber Eats is one of the top-rated food delivery apps that is owned by leading ridesharing giant Uber. The primary reason to get the title “best delivery app” is its food delivery service capabilities. 

    Uber Eats

    Uber Eats started its journey in 2014, and now it has over 9,500+ merchant partnerships in delivering food from your favorite restaurants. You’ll find many notable local and national restaurants with discounts and coupons on almost every order in this app.

    Uber Eats quickly solves your food craving issue by providing you with the option to order food from your favourite restaurant. 

    UberEats saves you the hassle of being involved in the payment process for food orders. Instead, the platform’s partner restaurants are reimbursed directly by Uber.

  8. Favor Delivery

    Favor is the easiest way to get anything you want in your city, whether it’s food, groceries, wine, beer, and other essentials.

    Favor Delivery App

    With the help of this delivery app, you can quickly browse menus from multiple local restaurants and stores near you with few taps on your mobile. In addition, favor delivery app offers express delivery service to the prime customers to quickly receive their order in less than 2 hours.

    The good part about this Favor delivery app is that you can even create a custom favor. It means that it allows your runner to guide where to go and what to get.

  9. Gopuff

    Gopuff provides the best delivery services in food and drinks, cleaning stuff, baby stuff, pet stuff, fancy water, energy drinks, snacks, ice cream, and even alcohol in some selected markets.


    Gopuff also provides late-night services in delivering groceries and food essentials to the customer whenever they need them. And Gopuff offers a fixed delivery charge of $1.95. 

    Gopuff also carries over-the-counter medicine, electronics and beauty products. 


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  10. Amazon Shopping

    Amazon Shopping is the world’s most prominent delivery app solution for all your needs. With this single app, you can easily shop millions of products globally.

    Amazon Shopping

    Some of the exciting things that you can do with Amazon Shopping:

    • Scan the barcodes of your products and compare their prices and check availability.
    • You have an option to send and share the product links via email, SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook, and other social media platforms to your friends and family.
    • Easily create and manage your Amazon orders from anywhere. 
    • Browse, shop by department, compare prices, read reviews, share products with friends, and check the status of your orders.
  11. Seamless

    If you are a New York resident searching for top delivery apps, then trust me, Seamless is the right choice.


    Seamless is a food delivery and takeout app, especially for New York people. With its quick and easy online ordering service, you can directly order your food by just checking the menus on your mobile phone.

    Moreover, this food delivery app helps you deliver food from your favorite restaurant and offers you the best deals for the same. You’ll receive points that you can use to get up to $100 in great deals with every order.

  12. Bite Squad

    Bite Squad is a food delivery app supporting handy filtering tools and a search bar to help you find the best food craving dishes.

    Bite Squad

    This food delivery app has multiple restaurants for customers to choose from. The registration process is straightforward and also offers low booking fees, speedy delivery and accurate orders.

    With its live tracking feature, you can quickly check the progress of your food to arrive at your location. Let’s say you have any queries related to the delivery; Bite Squad offers a Live Chat customer support team to help you.

    Whether you need your food on-demand or would like to schedule an order in advance, the Bite Squad app will get restaurant food to you when you want it.

  13. Saucey

    Saucey is a delivery app especially for beer, liquor, wine, ice cream, chips-and-cookies, ice, and ibuprofen.

    Saucey Alcohol delivery App

    This alcohol delivery app allows you to quickly check where your delivery boy is and the estimated arrival time (ETA) with its real-time tracking updates.

    After looking at the list of best delivery apps for food, groceries, alcohol, and other essentials, you must have a clear idea about the app’s delivery services. It becomes essential for both delivery companies and drivers to provide the best delivery services to their potential customers. 

    The most crucial role of delivery drivers is to reach the delivery locations on time and make their customers happy. But they need to face many challenges like traffic congestion, weather issues, road diversions, and other obstructions.

    Is there any possible solution to get rid of it? Yes, of course, an independent contractor or driver can easily use route optimization software solutions like Upper Route Planner. Using the human-centric design approach and optimizing algorithm allows the drivers to quickly check for the most efficient delivery routes to reach the customer’s location.

    However, if you have any questions related to the same, look at frequently asked questions in the next section.


It depends on the app that you are using. Many apps do not provide any option to optimize the delivery route. But, the route optimization software like Upper Route Planner allows you to perform optimization as per your needs.

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Which is the best delivery app for your basic needs?

It’s the one that provides the delivery services (whether grocery, wine, or even food delivery services) accurately and to the time. As a result, we’ve come across the best food delivery apps, alcohol delivery apps, and even grocery delivery apps, making it easy for you to select the app that suits your basic needs.

Looking at these delivery apps, if you are planning to develop your own delivery app, then you make sure to adopt route optimization software like Upper Route Planner that makes it easy for you to manage multiple drivers and multiple destinations with a few taps on your screen. 

You can even create multiple stops for your drivers before reaching the destination and it helps them save time and fuel. Without giving a second thought, you can start your FREE trial with us and experience how it helps your business.