Combine donation pickup and drop off for last mile schedule

Combine Donation Pick Up & Drop Off For Your Last Mile Schedule

Schedule hundreds of pick-ups and delivery stops throughout the day & make daily logistics for your charity or thrift store easier.

Whether you’re picking up clothing from donors or delivering refurbished merchandise to recipients, you can do it efficiently with software like Upper.

Upper Route Planner ensures that pick up and delivery of merchandise is facilitated easily right from scheduling to dropping it at a recipient’s doorstep.

Maximize The Use Of Resources With Upper’s Route Scheduling & Optimization

Charity or non-profit organizations work with limited resources and operate depending on the availability of volunteers.

These organizations need to make maximum merchandise pick up and deliveries by matching the availability of the volunteers with the availability of the donors.

Scheduling deliveries according to these constraints manually is difficult. On top of that, there are other constraints like service time, traffic, and time windows. Creating route schedules according to these specific constraints is easier using Upper. Using our route planner and optimization software, you can

  • Save up to 90% of your planning

    Save up to 90% of planning time.

  • Boost pick up and delivery capacity

    Boost pick up & delivery capacity by 40%.

  • Record proof of delivery for all orders

    Record proof of delivery for every order delivered.

  • Get recipient notifications

    Improve customer communication with recipient notifications.

Get most out of limited resources
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Get Accurate Route Schedules With Upper For Faster & Timely Deliveries

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  • Save time in planning and scheduling

    Save Time in Planning & Scheduling

    Manually scheduling deliveries is highly inefficient for non-profit organizations. With minimal resources, it becomes difficult when the majority of it is spent in planning and scheduling delivery routes. Upper Route Planner automates planning and delivery scheduling, saving you up to 10 hours each week.

  •  Accommodate last minute changes

    Accommodate Last-minute Changes

    How do you fit in last-minute calls for donations? How do you manage to pick up and deliver if one of the volunteer drivers doesn’t show up? Accommodating these changes manually seems impossible and rightly so. Upper makes these last-minute changes or rescheduling easier.

  • Keep Your Customers Informed

    Keep Your Customers Informed

    Making your donors or recipients wait is bad enough. Not being able to inform about the delays affects your image further. With communication tools like recipient notifications, accurate ETAs, and tracking link, your donors and recipients are kept informed at every stage of the pickup and delivery process.

  • Prioritize stops or addresses

    Prioritize Stops or Addresses

    Exercise more control over your pick-up and delivery routes. Assign priorities to stops with specific time windows. Upper’s route optimization algorithm offers the most efficiently optimized route according to the priority level you set for your stops. Upper ensures your drivers have the most time & cost-effective delivery route.

Develop An Efficient Delivery Process & Make The Best Use Of Donor Resources

Upper helps you combine your pick up and delivery schedules with a more organized scheduling process.

Develop efficient delivery process
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Get Access To The Most Efficient Features Of Upper

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Instant Delivery Scheduling

  • Create realistic route schedules

    Create Realistic Route Schedules

    Upper’s powerful optimization algorithm plans and optimizes up to 500 delivery stops for multiple drivers in less than 5 minutes.
  • One click driver dispatch

    One-click Driver Dispatch

    Send out routes to your volunteer drivers through email or text with a single click. Optimize & dispatch instantly.
Instant delivery scheduling
Making pick up and delivery easier

Making Pick Up & Delivery Easier

  • Customer Notifications

    Recipient Notifications

    Recipients get delivery notifications through email or text. These include accurate ETAs to keep your recipients informed throughout all stages of the delivery process.
  • Parcel info

    Driving preference

    Dispatchers can easily set the driver preference like highways or tollways while route planning. This means your driver can have preferred routes performing multi-stop deliveries.

Documenting Deliveries & Results

  • Electronic proof of delivery

    Electronic Proof of Service

    Drivers can now take more responsibility and accountability for each delivery. They can capture and present recipient signatures or images as delivery proof.
  • Generate insightful reports

    Generate Insightful Reports

    Gauge efficiency by generating daily, weekly, or monthly reports for each pickup & delivery schedule. Reports help you reflect on your daily delivery tasks.
Documenting deliveries and results
Empower volunteers with delivery scheduling software

Empower Your Staff & Volunteers With A Powerful Delivery Scheduling Software

Upper Route Planner helps your staff and volunteers efficiently plan for all pickup and deliveries.
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How Does Upper Manage Pickup & Delivery For Your Charity?

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Avoid Backtracking

Avoid Backtracking

Steer clear of backtracking and omitting stops from the route. Upper provides realistic scheduling so you know what to expect on the route.
Improve Customer Delivery Experiences

Improve Delivery Experiences

Features like recipient notifications, package location, & proof of delivery help you elevate the delivery experience for recipients, donors, as well as volunteer drivers.
Reduce back office load

Reduce Back Office Load

Saving up to 10 hours of time in planning activities every week helps you reduce back-office load. It helps improve dispatcher productivity.
Charter unfamiliar localities with ease

Charter Unfamiliar Localities with Ease

Your drivers get a well-defined route map with all the right details for each customer and stop. Delivering to unknown localities is easier now.
Offer curbside delivery to customers

Offer Curbside Delivery to Your Recipients

Add a curbside delivery or pick-up option for recipients with a specific demand for the package to be delivered at the sidewalk.
Plan for weeks in advance

Plan for Weeks in Advance

Upper manages to fit in multiple stops in a single route by helping you reduce time in planning and delivering more orders per route.
Fit in last minute donations

Fit in Last-minute Donations

Accommodating more donors with each route becomes easier when your drivers do not have to waste time manually looking for addresses.
Prioritize specific deliveries

Prioritize Specific Deliveries

Prioritize delivery stops as Crucial, High, Medium, & Low. Set priorities to distinguish between high-priority stop tasks and the stops that could be left unfulfilled.
For a Charity That Delivers Directly To The Community

Upper is for all charities, NGOs, & thrift stores that work toward making pick-ups and deliveries of merchandise easier.