Corporate Food Delivery Service – How Route Planning Solutions Improve It?

Are you a cafe or restaurant owner dealing with hundreds of meal deliveries throughout the day? If so, you must have thought of different ways to try and fulfill the demand for your delicious meals by either allowing a third-party logistics team or having an in-house delivery team of your own.

If you are a meal delivery business making deliveries using an in-house team, you must be aware of the difficulties faced while planning route plans.

As a corporate food delivery service, how do you make sure that the meals reach your customers at the corporations on time? 

The best way to manage meal deliveries to corporate clients is to have clear and crisp planning of your route plans. When the planning is clear, there is less confusion on the road. With the most optimized routes, you can deliver healthy and fresh meals to your clients on time.

What Difference Does Route Management Make to a Local Restaurants?

what difference does route management make to a local restaurant

These are the benefits of having route management for your delivery service.

  • Scheduling & Streamlining Deliveries: Scheduling becomes a breeze. It is often a task that is time-consuming and sucks in essential resources. With automated scheduling, the deliveries are allotted properly and streamlined so that no job is missed due to manual errors.
  • Optimizing Delivery Routes: With optimized delivery routes, the overall distance traveled will reduce, and the number of work orders fulfilled will increase. It helps businesses in saving time and fuel. So a company can make more deliveries while still controlling the operational costs.
  • Monitoring Routes in Progress: When a business can monitor routes in progress, they know the exact status of the delivery task. They can also provide customers with accurate ETAs for their deliveries. It can improve customer satisfaction.
  • Capturing Proof of Delivery: The driver mobile app easily captures proof of delivery. It proves that the delivery has been successfully done to improve and streamline customer communication.
  • On-demand Support for Delivery Drivers: Drivers can receive real-time traffic updates, new tasks, changes in route orders or tasks, and turn-by-turn directions with the help of a route management tool that is handy.
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How Delivery Route Planner Tackles Corporate Food Delivery Challenges?

Following are some of the features of a route planner that can help you tackle food delivery challenges.

how delivery route planner tackles corporate food delivery services challenges

Automate Route Planning & Optimization

As a business tackling multiple deliveries at once, you will need automated route planning and optimization to get the most optimal routes for deliveries. A delivery route planner will create the best routes using an optimization algorithm and considering several constraints. It will help you get the most accurate routes created by using real-time information.

Dynamic Re-routing

Often deliveries get delayed, or new deliveries are added on the way or canceled. Dynamic re-routing easily accommodates any changes without impacting the entire route. Factors like traffic, customer preferences, and resource capacity are considered for re-routing the routes and making them more efficient.

Route Planner App

The route planner mobile app is a tool using which drivers will receive turn-by-turn directions, real-time updates regarding orders, cancel or accept new orders, and communicate with customers or the manager. It can open a clear line of communications and keep everyone in the loop informed while offering more tools to make the deliveries timely and efficient.

Real-time Tracking

The real-time location allows managers to be informed about how the vehicle or the company resources are being utilized. It can help a business in avoiding idling time. Real-time tracking saves time and fuel and keeps the manager informed about the safety of the driver and the vehicle.

Proof of Delivery

The collection of proof of delivery becomes easier. The driver can record evidence of delivery in the form of a customer signature, photo capture, or add a note regarding the delivery. It shows that the driver has fulfilled his responsibility.

Accurate ETAs

The route planner can easily send out accurate ETAs to customers awaiting their deliveries with real-time tracking abilities. By sending out ETAs, you can make sure that customers stay informed, which will improve overall customer communication.

Reports & Analytics

Daily reports and analytics on the number of deliveries fulfilled by the driver offer great insights into how the process is being carried out. Any discrepancies or errors can be found out, and the company can form informed decisions to make the process more efficient.

Chef Nicole, a Meal-kit Delivery Service, Adopts Upper Crew’s Route Planning Solution

We have several clients that have been using Upper Crew to help them plan and optimize their food deliveries and be more efficient. One of them is Chef Nicole. 

Chef Nicole is a Miami-based healthy meal-kit delivery service that has been using Upper Crew to optimize its deliveries.

Before adapting Upper Crew into its delivery process, Chef Nicole relied on a manual route planning process. With a manual approach, they used to spend 10 hours a week in planning and scheduling deliveries.

But after integrating Upper Crew into its delivery process, Chef Nicole not only saved time in planning and routing activities, but also accommodated more orders and improved productivity.

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The major reason for using a route planning and optimization software for delivering delicious options is that it helps you save a lot of time in planning. When you are making hundreds of meal deliveries in a tight time frame, you need software that helps you plan a route quickly. To make sure you deliver meals to corporations on time, you must use route planning and optimization software.
Yes, of course. Upper Route Planner helps you plan for hundreds of stops at once. It helps you save time in planning routes. It also provides other useful features like customer notifications, order tracking, and proof of delivery which are extremely useful for your business if you are delivering corporate food orders, catering orders, and individual meals.
The most popular meal delivery services delivering corporate food orders are Grubhub, Foodify, and DoorDash. These services allow corporations to order food in large numbers from their favorite local restaurants. They deliver delicious office lunch (considering dietary needs & compostable packaging) to the employees individually through the same online delivery service.

Take Control of Your Restaurant Deliveries With Upper Crew

As a restaurant owner, you can still serve your clients the same way you did a year ago. The only difference is you have to go a few steps further. If you are willing to invite third-party logistics in your delivery process, have your own in-house delivery team of your own. 

While you will get new employees to deliver the food or meals, you will need one crucial thing that will fuel your delivery process further – a route planning solution that will automate route planning and optimization in just a few clicks. Try out Upper Crew to create multiple routes for multiple drivers. It will streamline your delivery operations by offering the most efficient delivery routes. Using Upper Crew, you will save your money, efforts, and fuel, focusing more on other essential tasks of your business.