5 Tips to Automate Halloween Gift Basket Delivery With Route Planner Software

If you are running a delivery business, then you must have faced peak times every holiday season. 

Isn’t it? 

The upcoming holiday season has seen people getting out of their cocoons after over 18 months of being locked inside their homes.

This year’s holiday season is going to be one of the most challenging for delivery businesses to date.

In this busy Halloween season, your delivery people will have a lot of customers to visit, in a limited time frame. How do you make sure your delivery teams are working the deliveries efficiently?

Such a huge problem requires a creative and efficient solution. Let’s take a look at how that can be done with route planner software and know some Halloween gift delivery tips for your business.

5 Halloween Gift Delivery Tips To Automate Daily Operations

Halloween Gift Delivery Tips
  1. Automate Delivery Route Planning

    As a gift delivery business, you are probably making hundreds of deliveries on a daily basis during the festive season like Halloween. But how do you create a plan to deliver hundreds of Halloween gift baskets within a week? 

    Do you manually list out each address and group them together for your drivers? 

    If you have manually planned your delivery routes, you know it is a time drain. It’s impossible to accurately plan routes manually. The best way to fix this is to automate planning with the help of route planner software.  

    Find out how a Miami-based meal-kit delivery service tackled multi-stop route planning

    One of our clients – Chef Nicole (a Miami-based healthy meal delivery service) overcame a similar situation with the help of Upper Route Planner. 

    Upper Route Planner made route planning extremely simple for them. All they had to do was compile a list of addresses in an Excel sheet and import them to Upper Route Planner. 

    By using Upper Route Planner, Chef Nicole saved up to 10 hours of delivery planning and scheduling time each week.

    Plan quickly, deliver faster, delight customers and get home early.

    Everyone deserves to have simple and easy route planning.

  2. Save Time on the Road With Route Optimization

    For any delivery business, saving time on the road is one of the most crucial aspects. Less time on the road means less fuel and expenses. It’s something every business likes to keep a check on.

    Know how Chef Nicole saved time on the road and in the office as well

    Chef Nicole was required to do up to 1000 meal deliveries each week. But due to an inefficient planning and optimization method, the demand was not manageable. 

    Their dispatchers manually calculated the routes, finding the best way to reach from one point to another. This proved to be a huge time-sucking activity for them. They not only spent hours in the back-office but also faced difficulty while navigating on the road. 

    This is bound to happen when the routes are not optimized on the basis of the real-time route and traffic information.

    Once they adopted Upper Route Planner’s savvy route optimization capabilities, they not only saved time on the road but also saved hours in the back office by automating route optimization. 

    Upper Route Planner Helped Chef Nicole

    View Success Story

  3. Improve Customer Satisfaction With Recipient Notifications

    There’s nothing more important than customer satisfaction for your gift delivery business, don’t you agree?

    If you agree, you must also know all the things you need to do in order to improve that customer satisfaction. 

    As a gift delivery business, the best way to boost customer satisfaction is by being transparent with your customers about the delivery process. With accurate and real-time delivery information and timely customer communication, you can win over your customers. 

    Your customers not only want timely deliveries, but they also want you to keep them informed at each step of the delivery process. Failing to do that will cost you a precious and loyal customer.

    This Halloween season when you are out delivering tasty treats and other goodies, make sure you inform your customers about the whereabouts of their package.

    Customer communication is easier with software like Upper Route Planner. Upper Route Planner offers recipient notification to keep your customers informed about the status of their delivery by way of text or email. It also allows your customers to send out specific delivery instructions to your drivers. 

    By doing this, you are establishing clear lines of communication, building trust with your customers and providing excellent customer service. 

  4. Boost Accountability With Proof of Delivery

    How do you make sure your drivers are successfully fulfilling all deliveries? What do you do in a situation of lost claims from customers about the Halloween gift? 

    The best solution to improve driver accountability and avoid false loss claims is to collect customer signatures and click pictures of the Halloween gifts delivered.

    Here’s why our client’s family business in New Zealand likes our Proof of Delivery feature: 

    One of our clients from New Zealand tackled a huge problem with the help of electronic proof of delivery

    Parkwood Pvt. Ltd., a door manufacturing company, required their drivers to carry a manual manifest to collect customer signatures. It didn’t provide them with a digital record nor was it a strong proof of successful delivery.

    With Upper Route Planner’s proof of delivery feature, their drivers could easily capture proof of delivery by way of clicking pictures of the customers along with the package delivered. In case of doubts or false claims from the customers, the proof of delivery solution could be pulled out and presented to the customers. 

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  5. Focus on Urgent Orders By Setting Priorities & Time Windows

    Let’s say you’ve got to deliver Halloween costumes to 3 different places before the Halloween parties start. This is in addition to the Halloween goodies that you are supposed to deliver to different parts of the city.

    How will you make sure to deliver the costumes before time while still balancing the Halloween goodies delivery? 

    In your daily delivery schedules, you can always make space for express Halloween gifts delivery or deliveries with a particular time window. 

    It is easier to focus on priority stops when planning and optimizing routes automatically. 

    When optimizing routes with a route optimization software like Upper Route Planner, you can simply add your stops, and mark the priority stops as “urgent”. Upper Route Planner will make sure to focus on the “urgent” stops and optimize your delivery accordingly. 


Yes, there are a bunch of apps that help you plan a delivery route. Free apps like Google Maps & MapQuest allow you to plan routes with a limited number of stops. Whereas, apps like Upper Route Planner help you plan delivery routes with up to 500 stops.

Yes, of course. Upper Route Planner is an efficient route planning and optimization software that helps you deliver Halloween gifts on time and make your gift delivery business successful. During the busy holiday season, it helps you optimize your delivery routes, find the best way to reach your destination in less time, and manage multiple drivers and Halloween gift deliveries through a single web app.

Some of the best scream-worthy Halloween gift ideas are candles, murder mystery puzzles, and luna witch doll. You can also try decorations like light-up ghosts, faceless witches, skeletons, hanging bats, and faux spiders.

Tricks to Deliver Halloween Treats on Time

Delivering gifts and packages during the Halloween season can mean long, stressful hours on the road. Add random interruptions and last-minute changes to the bowl and you have a recipe for disaster. But it doesn’t always have to be that way. 

With Upper Route Planner, you can optimize your delivery routes, navigate easily through unknown territories, and deliver gift baskets on time. Not only this, but it will help you save hours of route planning and optimizing time, allowing you to focus on other essential things.

So, adopt an easy and efficient trick of route planning and optimization software to make sure you are delivering Halloween gifts and treats on time. What are you waiting for? Just start your FREE Trial with Upper Route Planner and experience how it benefits your gift delivery business.