Optimize Courier Service to Build Customer Loyalty

Trying to optimize courier delivery services is not for the faint of heart. It’s exhausting to stress over your courier routes – even more so when you’re a specialty courier for companies that constantly add new shipment orders.

Dependable delivery software crucial when trying to optimize courier solutions. Unfortunately, human error and the uncontrollable – such as inclement weather and accidents – are always ready to rain on a smooth-running logistics experience.

Good news! There are steps you can take to alleviate the unpredictable when you optimize courier deliveries.

Why You Need to Optimize Your Courier Deliveries

Your customers expect timely delivery, and that expectation is only increasing. In 2019, before the pandemic, 62% of customers in an eMarketer survey noted that fast shipment was the most critical component in a positive retail encounter. In second place? Ease of the delivery process. In other words, your company’s deliveries better are on time with no-hassle.

The importance of optimizing your courier deliveries for speed is particularly acute. Regardless of your courier service’s industry, specialty courier, or other, your company’s integrity depends on making a delivery as quickly as possible. According to a Capgemini study, 55% of consumers in the USA will switch brands for faster delivery. Another study found that 84% of shoppers are unlikely to stick with a retailer after a subpar last-mile delivery event.

Optimize Courier Service with 5 Pro Tips

Optimizing your courier service can be done without adding much cost or service overhead. Follow these five tips to streamline efficiency and optimize courier services:

5 Pro Tips for Optimizing Courier Service

1. Optimize Courier Routes Using Mobile Software

Whether your delivery clients update their orders by the minute or the month, you need to have a shipment optimization process. This requires investing in delivery route planning software that is robust, flexible, and dynamic – i.e., updated on the fly.

As a small or medium-sized company, there are many affordable routing software options available. Spending upfront on logistics software will likely save your company time and money on deliveries, as well as increase customer satisfaction.

2. Prioritize Shipments to Optimize Value

Not all client deliveries are equal. Depending on client and business growth strategy, some specialty courier deliveries will be worth more to your company – both in the immediate term (earnings per delivery) and long-term (building client loyalty). Instead of prioritizing deliveries based on the order in which you receive them, consider prioritizing based on business metrics – future business probability, immediacy, and the amount the client is paying for the delivery.

The goal is always to deliver with integrity and on time – regardless of the client. Keeping the aforementioned statistics about brand loyalty in mind, you should focus on delivering high-impact deliveries first if you’re trying to build a loyal, repeat customer base.

3. Allow Delivery Route Modification for Unexpected Exigencies

Logistics experience continually reinforces one adage above all else – success is all about how you handle Plan B. Allow your couriers the ability to change their route or delivery order on the fly dynamically. This allows for efficient decision-making in the field and allows your team flexibility when unforeseen circumstances arise.

Flexibility starts with the original delivery software system. If your plan is created in a mobile app that your couriers have the ability to modify in the field, they can recalculate and adjust their delivery plan to overcome any unforeseen delay. Traffic jam on the interstate? No problem – recalculate and update.

4. Provide Customers Real-Time Communication

In a recent study, 98% of shoppers noted that real-time notifications are an essential component of any delivery experience regarding brand loyalty. Customer service and communication are essential to any successful courier business. Even when you know a shipment will arrive on time, failure to keep your customers updated can negatively impact your company’s perceived integrity.

5. Make the Delivery as Exciting as the Package Being Delivered

Courier communication doesn’t need to be tied to the actual product being delivered. If you operate a courier company, you will want the recipients to recall a positive delivery experience – regardless of what is received.

Rather than send simple delivery-status updates, consider reframing the delivery as an experience to watch unfold. Many businesses, particularly those operating in food delivery, have begun doing this to boost customer loyalty. The more your customers positively imagine where their product is and who is bringing it, the more likely they are to build loyalty to your courier service.

Optimize Courier Delivery Today

No matter what industry you serve, your shipment company depends on punctuality and customer satisfaction. The following tips can help you optimize courier services:

  • Punctuality through robust planning
  • Prioritization for future growth value and to add customer service
  • Delivery route modification to minimize uncontrollable risk
  • Real-time website shipment updates to build integrity
  • Refashioning the delivery as its own experience

If you implement these five tips and use a robust and flexible routing app, your courier business is guaranteed to see customer satisfaction increase.

Save time and money with faster deliveries everyday.

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