11 Essential Tools for Safe Deliveries: Delivery Driver Safety Products

keyKey Takeaways:
  • The list of safety products includes dash cams, goggles, navigation apps, and GPS tracking devices for drivers.
  • Investing in safety products means employers are protected from liability and insurance claims.
  • It’s important to carry safety products while delivering products as they can provide data and insights, which can be used for training purposes.

Imagine your delivery driver is lagging behind the day’s delivery schedule.

To complete on-time deliveries, he fastened his seat belts, pressed the accelerator, and bypassed the driver’s safety speed limit.

What’s next? The driver might crash with another vehicle if there is a lack of essential delivery driver safety products.

So, being a delivery business owner, you must ensure your delivery drivers have the safest driving ecosystem, equipment, vehicle, and products to avoid mishaps.

According to the NETS, U.S. crashes cost businesses over $72.2 billion in expenses like liability, medical care, property damage, and lost productivity.

Since precaution is better than cure, we have shortlisted the top delivery driver safety products for your workforce to bypass potential risks.

What are the Potential Risks for Delivery Drivers?

Here are a few major risks your delivery drivers face on the roads.

1. Vehicle breakdown

Mechanical issues are a leading cause of accidents in the United States. Ensure regular vehicle checkups for improved safety of your drivers.

Also, train your delivery drivers to handle common vehicle breakdown issues using mechanical tools to avoid delivery delays or failures.

2. On-road car accidents

Over thousands of families suffer the tragic loss of their loved ones in motor vehicle traffic crashes. Last-mile delivery drivers are no exception, as long-distance trips can increase the chances of mishaps.

Also, many delivery drivers are prone to car accidents near their homes. With the risk of road accidents, it’s important for your delivery drivers to be equipped with the best safety products and gear. 

3. Robbery


From pizza delivery to interstate truck drivers, the risk of robberies is alarmingly high in the States. The risk of robbery increases if your drivers are transporting valuable products to your clients. 

Provide safety training to drivers to follow safety precautions to handle robbery attempts and equip them with the best safety tools.

4. Health issues

Consistent lifting, carrying, and loading packages increases the risk of back injuries, hernias, and other occupational injuries. 

Ensure you provide your delivery drivers with an effective first aid kit to handle medical emergencies during their delivery operations. 

There are multiple other potential risks, but these are the major issues that need your attention for the better safety of your delivery drivers.

Check out the important gears to enable your delivery drivers to tackle these operational risks.

Delivery Drivers’ Must-Have Gears 

Apart from essential delivery driver safety products, encourage delivery drivers to utilize the potential of the below listed must-have gears for their safety.

1. Power banks and phone chargers

Power banks and phone chargers

When your delivery drivers are working on completing a hectic delivery schedule, they require mobile chargers or additional power banks to keep their mobile devices charged.

Their phone is the primary point of contact for customers and your management team. So, it must be charged at all times. 

2. Phone mount

Looking at the mobile device for routes or communicating with customers while driving can be risky. Therefore, fix a mount on the delivery vehicle windshield or dashboard to assist your drivers with easy navigation while attending to calls/texts. 

It can reduce the chances of mishaps while drivers use a mobile device for urgent use while driving on the delivery route.

3. Proper clothes and accessories

Based on the weather and month of the year, ensure your delivery drivers have the right clothes and accessories to sustain the weather outbreaks amidst their deliveries. You can provide them with a waterproof jacket, an umbrella to tackle rain, and a warm jacket for cold breezes. 

Keep your delivery drivers safe from these gears by providing them with the best safety equipment for better delivery service.

11 Delivery Driver Safety Products

Invest in the top-notch delivery driver safety products and help your workforce in handling packages and making deliveries with finesse. 

1. Bluetooth headset

Using a mobile phone without a mount and attending to calls from your phone while driving can be risky. 

So, along with the mount, purchase a Bluetooth headset for your delivery drivers. It can help them attend work calls by tapping your headset.

2. Dash camera

Dash camera

A dash camera will help record everything during delivery. It is like the delivery driver’s insurance policy and acts as evidence for collision or road incidents. 

You can also check the daily movement of your delivery vehicle and the driving skills of your driver.

3. Sunglasses

Like flashlights at night, your drivers need sunglasses during the day. Purchase good-quality sunglasses to help delivery drivers see the roads even in the scorching sun.

Moreover, sunglasses can prevent irritation due to consistent staring at the roads on a sunny day.

4. Air fresheners

Air fresheners in your delivery vehicle can ensure your delivery drivers feel fresh while completing a delivery. 

It can set their mood right to keep driving to the next destination. 

5. Back support pillows

Driving for a long distance can cause back pain. Therefore, provide your drivers with a lower back support pillow to prevent soreness and enable a better sitting posture while driving. 

6. First aid kit

It’s an essential safety product for delivery drivers to handle any unfortunate accident or help someone on the streets. 

Antiseptic solutions, bandages, sickness medicines, and cotton ointments are some medical emergency essentials for the first-aid kit. 

7. Insulated delivery bags

Insulated delivery bags

It’s essential for food delivery drivers to have an insulated delivery bag to maintain the temperature of foods or beverages. It can help them provide excellent customer service. 

8. Cup holders

Cup holders are essential for delivery drivers to provide them space to keep their coffee, soft drink, or water bottles during long delivery trips.

9. Personal protection

With an increased crime rate and robbery attempts, pepper sprays or tasers are great for delivery drivers’ protection. Check with the local or state authorities to ensure the legality of these products.

10. Puncture repair kit

Puncture repair kit

Punctures may come uninvited and can take away hours of productive work. So, provide your delivery drivers with a spare puncture repair kit. 

Also, train your drivers to handle the puncture situation professionally and utilize the puncture repair kit effectively. 

11. Route planner app

A digital route planning app is a must-have. Your drivers can avoid the use of manual route planning or single-routed maps. A route planner can assist your drivers with optimized and shortest routes to avoid traffic and minimize the risk of accidents.

You can choose Upper Route Planner as it has advanced route planning features for your delivery business. It offers optimization features to help you modify routes for priority deliveries. It will help you add different stops in a single automated route and find the shortest path.

The software solution assists you in saving vehicle fuel, minimizing operational costs, and boosting business productivity and profits. 

Utilize Upper Route Planner to Navigate Driving Routes

Google Maps only works great if you have a few stops on your list. Also, you need to manually optimize your delivery stops as it doesn’t find you the shortest possible route.

At this point, Upper Route Planner can help you navigate efficient routes. It is a dedicated route planning solution for hardcore delivery operations. The software can optimize multiple delivery requirements with the shortest route possible. 

The route planner has in-built route planning features to improve your delivery efficiencies, we suggest you try out a 30 days FREE trial of Upper Route planner. 


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You can ensure delivery safety by providing your delivery drivers with a reliable navigation app, quality delivery vehicles, defensive driving training, and other safety products to avoid distracted driving.

The safety of delivery drivers is highly important because they are human resources for your business, and it’s your moral responsibility to ensure they remain safe and sound. Provide training to ensure they tackle difficult on-ground scenarios with finesse.

A route planner algorithm automates the analysis of real-time traffic, inclement weather, and ETAs to deliver optimized delivery routes. It can assist your delivery drivers in avoiding traffic jams and bad road conditions and choosing the best delivery paths to minimize the chances of mishaps.


We understood the essential safety products for your delivery driver. To use them, drivers should get in touch with a reliable dealer or manufacturer for good quality safety products.

By placing the order and receiving your product delivery, you can ‌take the trial for Upper Route Planner to strengthen your driver’s safety using an advanced route planner.

Get optimized delivery routes for your deliveries and ensure you deliver an excellent experience to your customers. 

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