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Upper’s goal is simple: to streamline route planning and optimization for businesses of all sizes. We help companies to unlock the full potential of efficient logistics & create extraordinary customer experiences. We thrive to simplify complex operations, guiding businesses to success.

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Rakesh patel

Our Vision

Our vision for Upper is to become the ultimate go-to logistics platform, that enables businesses worldwide to achieve seamless operations, making logistics management effortless and driving success for our clients.

Gaurang bhatt

Our Mission

At Upper, our mission is to simplify the logistics through innovative routing tools. We want to equip all businesses with solutions that improve process efficiency, time savings, and ultimately help them achieve unprecedented growth.

Gaurang bhatt

What We are Known For

Unparalleled Efficiency

Experience utmost efficiency in your route management process, maximizing productivity while saving valuable time and resources.

User Centric-Design

Upper’s intuitive interface transforms even the most mundane task into a delightful experience of efficiency and ease.

Uncompromised Customization

Upper is easily customizable for any business. No matter what business you are in, if you need route planning, Upper has got you.

Uninterrupted Support

At Upper, we know how important it is for you to be operational. So, our 24/7 support team ensures you are always ready for your customers.

Unmatched Reliability

We understand the significance of infrastructure in business operations like no one else & you can trust Upper’s unwavering performance.

Uncompromising Security

With Upper, you do not have to worry about your data. Your data privacy and security is our top priority.

The Faces Behind Upper

Rakesh patel

Jeel Patel

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Jeel Patel, Upper’s CEO, has dedicated his career to optimizing delivery workflows. With vast logistical expertise, Jeel leads our team in developing advanced route planning software to streamline business operations.
gaurang bhatt

Gaurang Bhatt

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Gaurang, a technical wizard, brings magic to Upper. With a vision of automating route planning workflows, he, along with his development team, built Upper by blending technical expertise and business acumen.
Nirav joshi

Nirav Joshi

Senior Software Engineer

Nirav, our proficient technical expert, diligently looks after the team of skillful developers. Together with them, he consistently brings out innovative solutions and cutting-edge updates for our valued Upper users.
Riddhi patel

Riddhi Patel

Head of Marketing

Riddhi, the Head of Marketing, leads campaigns, brand strategy, and market research. A champion for teams and clients, her focus on creative excellence drives impactful marketing and business growth.
Hardik shah

Hardik Shah

Product Designer

Multidisciplinary designer with 18+ years of experience, Hardik specializes in UI/UX and digital product design. His passion for solving problems with simple design have resulted in Upper’s intuitive interface.
Jyoti bharwani

Jyoti Bharwani

Senior Content Marketer

Jyoti Bharwani, a Senior Content Marketer, boasts a decade of experience in the content industry. Her profound knowledge and expertise in crafting compelling content strategies have driven brand growth and customer engagement.