Who are we?

UpperInc is a knowledge-sharing platform for businesses that require multi-stop route planning support. We support delivery, service, and logistics companies in all industries. We are here to explore route planning software, share tips, examine challenges, and create resources to help you grow your business.

Our Goal

The ultimate goal at UpperInc is to help companies save time, save money, and grow. How we do that is to become reference and authority in route planning

We started UpperInc because we saw that many companies dealing in delivery, service, and logistics struggling to compete in this new world of mobile phones, smart tech, and data analytics. A big part of the problem is that many of the solutions are complicated, hard to understand, and poorly presented. We created this knowledge-sharing platform to help our users work through these problems.

How We Choose Our Content?

UpperInc chooses content based on the most pressing and urgent problems that face delivery companies, couriers, field service companies, or logistics companies. We learn these problems mainly by reading, studying, and paying attention. The big problem we see in the world is that most service or information providers are trying to push their content, their ideas. We have a user-centered approach, and we listen to what our users need, and what they are facing. Our content flows from this user-centered (or human-centered) approach.

Serving Our Readers

We can’t repeat it enough: UpperInc is about serving our readers / clients. We want to ensure that the content we write is relevant, useful, and actionable. We certainly hope you agree with us.


Mathieu Arsenault

Co-Founder of UpperInc

Mathieu Arsenault is the Co-founder of UpperInc and is the chief curator and writer of the content found on this site. He is passionate about learning, sharing, and helping businesses grow.

Contact Us

We always welcome feedback. We invite all readers to let us know if there is a piece of content that contains inaccuracies, or if there’s any information you’d like to see included.