Delivery Route Planning and Optimization Software

Who’s Upper Route Planner for?

Upper Route Planner is for delivery businesses that are tired of inefficient delivery route planning.

Our software is for people who are using excel to plan routes, who are manually inputting addresses in Google Maps, and who hate wasting their time planning routes that not optimized.

Route Planning and Optimization for Small Businsses

Route Planning Solution for Small Delivery Business

Small businesses are always up against the same challenges: they need to do more with less. Upper Route Planner offers a simpler, easier, and cheaper process to plan/optimize multi-stop routes and dispatch to delivery drivers.

  • Easily import all your stops from your Master Excel List, or with an API.
  • Find the best route every time : route optimization for multiple routes.
  • Dispatch in seconds: no need to coordinate, one click and your drivers have their routes.

Wait… there’s more! Our app also tracks every driver, every stop, and every route executed. This enables businesses to see where improvements can be made. You can also receive notifications when a route is complete.

Couriers and Last-Mile Delivery

You have your own independent courier service, or you’re a subcontractor to a bigger company. Your recurring challenges are:

  • Do I need to do the tedious work of planning the routes?
  • How do I know what the best route plan is?
  • How do I divide the stops between multiple drivers?
  • How can I reduce the driving time?
  • Can my drivers capture proof of delivery?
  • What is the best way to tell the drivers special instructions for certain deliveries?

We’re here to help, we want you to stop worrying about these questions, and focus on getting happy reviews and grow your business.

Couriers and Last Mile Delivery Services

Plan quickly, deliver faster, delight customers and get home early.

Everyone deserves to have simple and easy route planning.

Daily Delivery Services

Daily Deliveries Meals, Flowers, Newspapers

Many businesses do daily deliveries. These could be meal deliveries, flower deliveries, newspaper deliveries. From our experience, your challenges sound like this:

  • How do I know what the best route plan is?
  • How many delivery routes do I need to create?
  • How do I plan multi-stop routes?
  • How do I optimally divide my client list amongst my drivers?
  • How can I reduce the driving time?

Upper Route Planner is here to help to create optimized routes. Our route optimization platform has helped many businesses like yours drastically reduce planning time and time on the road. We want you to be able to focus on improving customer satisfaction and grow your business.

Weekly Deliveries Brewery, Dairy, Meal Kits

Many businesses do weekly deliveries. These could be meal kit deliveries, delivery of dairy products or breweries dropping off a keg or two. From our experience, your challenges sound like this:

  • What is the best weekly route plan for my delivery operations?
  • How do I make slight route adjustments when I get one new client or lost one client?
  • Is there a way to save time in planning? Can I do this faster than my current excel planning?
  • Do I need another full time driver? Or can I hire a full time driver? How do I know?

You have the best route planning software at your disposal. We want you to stop worrying about these questions and focus on your delivery services.

Weekly Delivery Services
Field Service Maintenance

Field Services Maintenance,Installation, Repairs

If you own a service business you may have weekly recurring services (e.g. landscaping) or on-demand (plumbing, cable installation, etc). Your recurring challenges are:

  • How do I reduce time on the road?
  • How can I get my team to complete more service calls during each day?
  • How do I know what the most optimal routes are?
  • Can I set specific service time windows for each stop?
  • How do I divide multiple stops between the drivers?

If these questions are familiar, you aren’t alone. We’ve helped several field service businesses in the past by providing the most optimized routes depending on their specific business needs.

Make More Money.
Spend Less time on the Road.

Upper Route Planner is the best route planning and optimization software for small business.


It’s made my planning and scheduling the routes efficient. Running around the town as and when a new appointment drops in has reduced a lot after using Upper Route Planner app.

Luis and Danielle Rivera
Luis and Danielle Rivera

Managing 4 team members and their routes has never been easier. Simple, easy to use and optimizes effectively. Saves time compared to earlier methods. Love the bulk import function

Jordan Zwicker
Jordan Zwicker

Upper Route saves us time. We deliver frozen goodies. So the fastest route allows us to add more deliveries every day. The mobile app makes it possible to accommodate last-minute changes. While ensuring we still get the most out of our route.They are always finding ways to save us time and money with new features and a proactive support team.

Tim K.
Cynthia & Phred
Frequently asked questions
  • Who should use this app?

    The app is designed for companies that take orders online and that have daily or weekly deliveries. Examples are meal delivery companies, food, and retail delivery, flower shops.

  • What kind of savings can I expect?

    If you’re currently using Excel and Google Maps, we expect you to be blown away. We did a case study with one user where they saved 10 hours of manual route planning time, and their drivers spent 30% less time on the road with our route planning software.

  • Is there a Free trial?

    Absolutely. Even better than that, you get free onboarding support from our customer success team to walk you through our routing software. We understand that changing processes is difficult. We are here to help you succeed.

  • How can Upper Route Planner help me with route management for daily deliveries?

    Upper Route Planner is an efficient routing software that helps you create routes, add multiple drivers, dispatch multi-stop routes, create proof of delivery, and generate reports and analytics. It helps with overall route management for your own business.

  • How does Upper Route Planner’s route optimization feature work?

    Upper Route Planner’s route optimization features create efficient routes by optimizing routes for either distance or time. Admins can choose between distance and time-based optimization through the web dispatcher dashboard.