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Last Mile Delivery Solutions: A Comprehensive Guide

While managing the supply chain, last-mile delivery companies are facing major challenges. Here is how you can get rid of them. Understand how Upper Route Planner could play a vital role in resolving such issues. Give a full read to this comprehensive guide to learn more.

What is traveling salesman problem

Travelling Salesman Problem: Complexities Resolved

An in-depth analysis of the Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) and its recurring problem in the delivery industry. Understand the meaning of TSP and the role of the Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP). Give a full read to know challenges and optimal solutions.

What is direct store delivery

The Ultimate Guide on What is Direct Store Delivery (DSD)?

Direct Store Delivery is a distribution model adopted by retailers. Learn what is exactly direct store delivery (DSD), what are the benefits and challenges of DSD, how to improve DSD and how it is different from centralized distribution in this guide.

Guide on How to Find & Hire Delivery Drivers

How to Hire Delivery Drivers in 2024?

How to ensure that you are hiring a good delivery driver? Check out our post to know comprehensive steps on how you can find, interview, hire, and train quality delivery drivers.