Delight Your Customers With Timely Inspections

Home Inspection Services

Home inspection clients often complain about the inspection technicians reaching late or not turning up at all. Not being able to communicate the delay or absence of your inspector hurts your business.

Automating customer communication through email or SMS with accurate ETAs helps your clients be in the loop. They know when to expect the home inspector to turn up.

With Upper, you will reach your customers on time, keep them informed, & avoid complaints. Upper helps you provide a top-notch customer service experience to your clients.

Scale Your Home Inspection Business with High-speed Route Planning & Thoroughly Optimized Routes

A professional home inspection business has hundreds of properties to inspect throughout the day. Each inspector spends at least 10 minutes at each property, inspecting the repairs and improvements required.

To cover multiple addresses with specific service times throughout the day across the city or town can be a challenging task for a business offering home inspection services.

Planning routes for your home inspection services do not have to be so time-consuming. You can simply adopt Upper and create inspection routes in a matter of minutes. Boost your inspection technicians’ productivity by reducing driving time and start/end routes.

  • Make last-minute changes easily.
  • Add service time for each stop.
  • Customers can leave instructions for inspectors.
  • Get pictures of structural damage, pests or leakage.
Streamline home inspection services

Plan Your Inspection Routes With Minimal Effort

  • Save planning time

    Save Time in Inspection Planning

    Instead of spending hours manually planning inspection routes, use Upper to plan routes in a few minutes.
  • Prioritize delivery locations

    Prioritize Locations

    Assign priorities and specific time windows for stops. Upper will automatically optimize your routes accordingly.
  • Keep Your Customers Informed

    Keep Your Customers Informed

    Add up to 500 stops in a route and let Upper Route Planner handle all the route planning stress for you. Our optimization algorithm makes it easier for you to plan lengthy routes in a matter of seconds.
  • Make Last-minute Rerouting Easier

    Make Last-minute Rerouting Easier

    Create a delightful experience for your customers by keeping them in the loop with the help of recipient notifications & package location.
Plan optimized route for home inspection service
Save A Large Chunk Of Your Route Planning & Delivery Time

Avoid zig-zagging between locations with the help of optimized route plans using Upper.

Provide Timely & Efficient Inspection Services With Upper

Plan & Optimize Routes Instantly

  • Powerful route optimization

    Powerful Route Optimization

    Upper’s intelligent route optimization algorithm helps dispatchers optimize routes with hundreds of stops, for multiple inspectors throughout the day.
  • Set specific delivery constraints

    Set Specific Delivery Constraints

    Get optimal routes by taking into consideration constraints like specific time windows and service time for each inspection.
Plan and Optimize Routes Instantly
Improve Customer Experience

Improve Customer Experience

  • Customer Notifications

    Customer Notifications

    Customers receive notifications & accurate ETAs once the inspector is on his way. It helps improve visibility into the delivery operations.
  • Inspector Location

    Inspector Location

    A link is provided to the customer to know the location of the inspector once he is on his way. It helps boost the overall customer experience.

Documenting Deliveries & Results

  • Get electronic proof of delivery

    Electronic Proof of Service

    Inspectors improve accountability for each inspection by capturing images of the home or damages as proof of service for the home inspection report.
  • Generate insightful reports

    Generate Insightful Reports

    Gauge efficiency by generating daily, weekly, or monthly reports for each inspection route. Reports help you reflect on your daily inspection tasks.
Documenting deliveries and results
Reach at Your Customer Quickly
Keep Your Customers Happy By Showing Up On Time, Every Time.

Make sure you reach your customers on time by following optimized routes from Upper.

Here’s How Upper Helps Manage Your Home Inspection Business

Manage Multiple Inspector Schedules

Manage Multiple Inspector Schedules

Add up to 25 inspector profiles and create route schedules for them depending on their availability and location.
Plan Months in Advance

Plan Months in Advance

Create inspection schedule routes for months in advance. All you have to do is pull up the route, confirm the clients, and be on your way at the time of inspection.
Improve Customer Delivery Experiences

Improve Customer Delivery Experiences

Features like recipient notifications, proof of service, & notes for inspectors help you elevate the communication & overall delivery experience for your clients.
Charter Unfamiliar Localities with Ease

Charter Unfamiliar Localities with Ease

Covering inspections in unknown localities won’t be a problem anymore. Your inspectors get a well-defined route map with all the correct address details for each client.
Reduce Back Office Load

Reduce Back Office Load

Receiving thoroughly optimized routes through route optimization software reduces the back office load and improves productivity.
Manage Tight Delivery Schedules

Manage Tight Delivery Schedules

Upper Route Planner manages to fit in multiple stops in a single route. It further helps you cut time in inspection planning and delivering more orders per route.
Generate Daily Reports

Generate Daily Reports

Get daily insights into the inspection jobs done throughout the day. You can generate daily, weekly, or monthly reports for each inspector individually.
Save Time on the Road

Save Time on the Road

After saving time and money in the back office, AI-based route optimization gets into action on the road. It helps drivers save hours in manually routing to their destination.
Upper Route Planner – A Better Way To Plan Routes For Daily Inspections

Get accurate route planning with minimal effort & save hours of time each day with Upper.