The 10 Best Delivery Route Planner Apps in 2023 [Comparison]

To plan a delivery route with 10 stops, You have 3.6 million different options to choose from. Manual route planning is out of the picture in this scenario. Either Google Maps or Apple Maps can take you from one business location to second and then third. But which one of these routes will save you both time and money?

This is where Route Planner Apps come in handy. With the ability to easily add multiple stops and optimize the route lines, delivery route planner apps save time and energy consumed in manual route planning. 

Now, you don’t need to spend time choosing the best delivery route planners apps. We have lifted all the weight for you and created an in-depth review of delivery route planners.

What is a Delivery Route Planner and Optimization App?

A delivery route planner is a software that plans and schedules stops for fleets delivering goods and services. In addition to scheduling, a delivery route planner might also offer features like proof of delivery, excel import and on-demand dispatch.

A multiple stop delivery route planner app is a tool that helps delivery businesses and drivers in plotting the most efficient and optimized route for daily deliveries. A route planner with multiple stops helps you not only by creating a route from point A to point B but it tells you the optimized route that includes more stops. 

In addition to creating multi-stop routes, the delivery routing apps also offer:

  • Route Optimization
  • Route Management
  • Turn-by-turn Navigation
  • Route Monitoring
  • GPS Tracking
  • Proof of Delivery

A delivery route planning app helps delivery teams create more efficient shift schedules and be on time for each delivery task. Seeing this it quickly becomes obvious why a route planning solution is essential for any modern business.

Top 10 Delivery Route Planner Apps Compared

Route Planning Software Quick Excel Import Route Planning Route Optimization Proof of Delivery Summary
Logo Logo Logo Logo
  • Price: Free
  • Available on: Mac, PC, Android, and iOS.
Logo Logo Logo Logo
  • Price: Free-Trial, Starts from $80/month for up to 3 drivers
  • Available on: Web, Android, iOS.
Logo Logo Logo Logo
  • Price: $99 per month
  • Available on: Web, Android, iOS
Logo Logo Logo Logo
  • Price: Starts at 5 EUR per day
  • Available on: Web, Android, iOS
Logo Logo Logo Logo
  • Price: Starts at $100 per month
  • Available on: Web, Android, iOS
Logo Logo Logo Logo
  • Price: Starts at $500 per month
  • Available on: Web, Android, iOS
Logo Logo Logo Logo
  • Price: Starts at $39 per month per driver
  • Available on: Web, Android, iOS
Logo Logo Logo Logo
  • Price: Starts at $199 per month
  • Available on: Web, Android, and iOS
Logo Logo Logo Logo
  • Price: Starts at $10 per month
  • Available on: Web, Android, and iOS
Logo Logo Logo Logo
  • Price: Starts at $39 per vehicle per month
  • Available on: Web, Android, and iOS

Top 10 Delivery Routing Apps

1. Google Maps

When you think of planning a route, Google Maps is the first personal navigation app that comes to mind.  Equipped with unbeatable routing algorithms, Google Maps route planner is an incredible delivery route app that helps billions of people across the globe to reach their destinations on a daily basis. 

Google Maps

The undeniable advantage of using Maps by Google is the high probability it is already on your device of choice, and you have used it at some point. Google Maps is a great free route planner when you have a few stops. 

But the major drawback of using Google Maps is that you have to manually optimize all your locations. If you have a route with 6 stops, Google Maps won’t rearrange the stops to create the most efficient route that saves time. This step of route optimization is manual with Google Maps. Additionally, you can only add 10 stops per route in Google Maps, after which you need to create a new route. 

Some of the features that will be useful to you:

  • Create a list of stops and share it with your delivery drivers
  • Share location to others
  • Turn by turn navigation
  • Offline navigation to pre-optimized routes
  • Get real-time traffic updates
  • Add route preferences to avoid toll roads, highways, country borders, and ferries
  • Google Street View with Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Assistant powered by Artificial Intelligence

Available On: Web, Android, and iOS

  • Your Drivers will be well acquainted with it
  • Google Street View & Offline Navigation
  • Automatic rerouting if you miss exit or during traffic jams
  • It is free
  • Get real-time traffic updates and accurate arrival time
  • Hands-free voice entry
  • Route planning for 10 stops per route
  • No Proof of delivery collection
  • Doesn’t create optimized routes
  • Collects user data

2. Upper Route Planner

Most Preferred

Our delivery route planning software, Upper, is designed for delivery businesses that are tired of inefficient delivery route planning and optimization. We offer a 7-Day Free Trial so you can try the app before you make any decision. We at Upper believe in simplicity, so you can create an optimized route in just a few clicks

Used by different types of small and medium-sized businesses from courier, retail, flower, and meal deliveries, to field service agents, Upper can optimize your delivery routes, allowing for short and fast routes so you will be able to deliver more orders and make your business more profitable.

Upper’s users have saved at least 10 hours a week delivering 3 times more parcels with our route optimization algorithm. Upper route planner scales as you grow, adding more drivers as your business expands. 

Upper helped client deliver 3x more meals in less time

The most loved feature of Upper Route Planner is that you can use it with Apple Maps or Google Maps depending on the comfort of your delivery drivers. Simply allow Upper to do the route optimizations and then use your favorite app for route navigation. 

Delivery route planner app review on G2

Most attractive features of Upper Route Planner:

  • Human-centered design for no learning time
  • One-click address import through Excel
  • Single-click route dispatch
  • Route Scheduling ahead of time
  • Location-based auto-detect and error-proof address input
  • Create proof of delivery
  • Add avoidance zones like highways, toll roads, etc.
  • Real-time sync across all platforms
  • Bird’s eye view reports
  • Option to add instructions for every stop
  • Custom settings based on delivery vehicle type

Regardless of your business type, Upper has proven itself multiple times as the best route planning solution. Without Upper, a business is going to have to spend a lot more time doing mediocre tasks.

  • Free trial for 7 days
  • Easy address mass upload through excel
  • Scalable pricing packages
  • Save time and fuel costs with route optimizations
  • Ideal for both individuals and fleets
  • No Street View
  • Only a 7 Day Free-Trial

Scale Your Routing Operations with Upper

Make the leap into a smart route planning solution and perform faster deliveries. Let go of manual work and let Upper be your route optimization buddy.

Available on: Download on The App Store Get It On Google Play

3. MapQuest Route Planner

MapQuest is the best free route planner app for delivery drivers to plan an optimized route. It offers various features for both personal and professional needs to create the most optimal order of all your stops. You can easily create routes for both round and one-way trips.

MapQuest Route Planner

On the other hand, the free app allows a limited number of stops. If you have multiple destinations that aren’t covered by the free version, it has multiple paid versions depending on your requirements.

Some of the features that will be useful to you:

  • Excel or spreadsheet upload
  • Option to create multiple stop optimizations for round trips
  • Choice to prioritize between the shortest time and shortest distance to plan the route
  • Additional advanced routing app features like avoiding U-turns, toll roads, etc;
  • Share the route to drivers through a text message and view the fastest route on GPS navigation software like Google Maps;
  • Free version that allows a maximum of 26 addresses on a trip and can be used for one driver only
  • Covid-19 Pandemic Info and Resources

Available on: Mac, PC, Android, & iOS.

  • Can be used on computer and mobile devices
  • Locate destinations like hotels, convenience stores, gas stations, etc.
  • Gives both driving and walking directions
  • Book hotels from the delivery management tool
  • Has pop-up ads at times
  • Frustrating to add multiple stops
  • Hard to see in mobile devices

4. Route XL

Route XL allows you to add multiple stops per route when you map a route that includes multiple drivers, in a way that saves both time and fuel, thus lowering costs and emissions. It has a free version that allows up to 20 locations per route and has paid options that allows you to have 100 and 200 addresses per route.


However, the route optimization settings can’t be changed from driver to driver, and one set applies to all. Thus Route XL provides the most efficient dynamic routing solutions for small to medium fleets with less than 100 vehicles. 

Some of the features that will be useful to you:

  • GPS tracking
  • Address import feature from a spreadsheet
  • Assign multiple stops to drivers by print or email
  • Offers WEBFLEET integration
  • Export delivery routes to Apple Maps and Google Maps
  • Allows you to split all your delivery locations among multiple vehicles with different vehicle capacity

Available on: Mac, PC, Android, & iOS.

  • Allows splitting of deliveries between multiple users
  • The route plan/map can be viewed on 3rd party apps
  • Gives the route with lowest carbon emission
  • Lack of customizations needed for large fleets
  • Can’t create proof of delivery
  • No real-time optimization
  • No way to update customers or generate reports

5. Circuit

Circuit Route Planner is a route optimization tool with 2 options: Circuit for Individuals and Circuit for Teams. Ideal for small and medium sized-businesses to manage day to day deliveries with ease, Circuit can be used with navigation apps like Google Maps or Apple Maps. 

Circuit Route Planner

You can accurately track driver ETAs based on driver history and send notifications to customers with a click. However, there are issues with the iPhone app, and users were required to reinstall the app. 

Some of the features that will be useful to you:

  • Real time driver tracking
  • Automated notifications to customers
  • Fast package finder to save time at each stop
  • Ability to add delivery notes for users

Available on: Mac, PC, Android, & iOS.

  • Free version with upto 10 stops
  • Fast package finder
  • Competitive pricing
  • You can’t change a route after sending it to users
  • Can’t select driver for a particular delivery
  • Getting used to the app is bit challenging

Provide Accurate ETA’s to Your Customers with Upper

Worried about updating your customers on the estimated time of arrival? Upper Route Planner lowers your burden by providing accurate customer notifications.

6. Onfleet

Onfleet has revolutionized the concept of last-mile delivery, with a complete toolkit for its users that includes end-to-end route planning, and analytics that help you improve customer satisfaction. Onfleet is a complete solution for medium to large fleet, offering both multiple-stop route mapping and delivery management services. 


Onfleet allows you to create individual driver profiles and settings, like different start/endpoints, shift times, etc. which is a crucial feature if all your drivers have different shift times or start their deliveries from different points. 

Some of the features that will be useful to you:

  • Dispatch planned routes and manage operations from a single dashboard
  • Auto-dispatch and route optimization
  • Provides proof of delivery and real-time data
  • Allows driver chat and predictive ETAs
  • Real-time driver tracking
  • Integrated consumer communication
  • Offers comprehensive reports

Available on: Mac, PC, Android, & iOS.

  • Easy to use and implement
  • Great chatting interface for quick updates
  • Easy integration with existing technology
  • Tracking for customers
  • Ability to have individual driver settings
  • Expensive pricing
  • Inaccurate map for hard-to reach locations
  • Some users face technical difficulties due to bad user interface
  • Task history limited to 7 days only

7. OptimoRoute

Like most tools on this list, OptimoRoute offers route planning and optimization through third party navigation apps. One great advantage of OptimoRoute is the ability to change routes on the fly. You can avoid overtime for your drivers through the optimization feature.


Some of the features that will be useful to you:

  • It allows you to easily import routes through a spreadsheet containing all addresses
  • It supports multiple parameters like service time windows and plans your entire route in support of all parameters
  • Sends the directions directly to drivers’ phones and accommodates mid-route changes easily in drivers’ phones
  •  It also accommodates rush orders easily along with live tracking of your drivers’ progress and accommodates personal driver settings

Available on: Cloud, Saas, Web-based, Android, and iOS.

  • Higher cost-effectiveness
  • Easy to use software
  • Ability to add stops to a route in progress
  • Optimizing unlimited routes in advance
  • Ability to have individual driver settings
  • No SMS notification for customers
  • Can’t adjust routes easily using drag-and-drop interface
  • No option for delivery verification

8. Route4me

The Route4me delivery routing app is designed for fleet management. This delivery route planner app saves businesses from early morning routing chaos, and it is ideal for companies with 10+ addresses per driver.


The subscription fee is based on your customizations and you can select features by paying a price for each one.

They give a ton of information as well as allow for a lot of customization on the routes, which you can view as a grid on a map, single route views, etc. However, this delivery route planner app assumes all your drivers start at the same time from the same point.

Some of the features that will be useful to you:

  • It promises to plan routes in 60 seconds every day
  • Offers route monitoring
  • It offers cross-platform functionality, syncing across web and mobile apps
  • Offers turn-by-turn directions
  • Works automatically with Google Maps route planner and Waze
  • Offers route customization for multiple drivers simultaneously
  • It offers GPS tracking and collects driver data

Available on: Cloud, Saas, Web, Android, and iOS.

  • Easy to use and quick
  • Easily add new stops to vehicles already in route
  • Improves scheduling and makes the most effective deliveries
  • Ability to plan unlimited routes using pre-set ETAs
  • Can become very expensive
  • Add-on features have additional fees
  • No room for customizing driver profiles or start locations

9. Road Warrior

Road Warrior is a great route planner to create unlimited routes with multiple stops for drivers. Road Warrior offers a free version with limited features, individual drivers, and a team plan depending on the number of drivers. 

Road Warrior

This delivery route planner app, however, doesn’t allow drag and drop scheduling, and the team dispatching experience is not a smooth one and drivers’ progress can be viewed only through the website and not through the mobile application.

Some of the features that will be useful to you:

  • Dispatchers are easily able to create and optimize routes by importing spreadsheets containing multiple addresses and then send directions to drivers’ phones
  • The dispatchers are able to view the progress of the drivers and make updates in the in-process routes as needed
  • Dispatchers can create round trip routes
  • Receive real-time location and estimated arrival time using GPS tracking

Available on: Cloud, Saas, Web, Android, and iOS.

  • User-friendly website version
  • Uploading stops without attaching them to a driver
  • Great pricing
  • Annual plan offers unlimited routes
  • Customer service only through email
  • Difficult to change routes once they are sent to mobile apps

10. Routific

Routific is a delivery route planner and route optimization app that is very quick and easy to use. Sending directions to drivers’ phones is simple and this delivery route planner keeps track of drivers’ progress throughout the day and updates accurate ETAs automatically. Furthermore, it is very easy to update and change the planned route with Routific.


Some of the features that will be useful to you:

  • Sends automatic messages with the planned delivery times and delays to customers
  • The dynamic routing algorithm distributes a number of stops equally rather than distributing deliveries based on time and distance
  • Great support through phone, live chat, and email 
  • The delivery driver tracking feature is useful for the management
  • It can capture proof of delivery
  • Drivers can change routes on-the-fly

Available on: Cloud, Saas, Web, Android, and iOS.

  • Sends messages to customers regarding ETA and delays
  • Easy to learn
  • Easy to modify routes
  • Manually modifying route is hard
  • Unreliable map in remote areas within the United States


No one application that fits the needs of every company that operates with a mobile workforce. You have to decide which route planning software is the best for you based on the size and type of your business. Certain apps are more practical for your needs. Other route planners like Upper Route Planner, Onfleet, Speedy Route, and Circuit App are quite popular in their game.

It is possible to plan a route using Google Maps by adding each address in the search bar and reordering stops on the map. But it is practical for delivery companies making less than 10 deliveries, and the frequency of making those deliveries is very low. Google Maps route planner was developed to provide driving directions using web mapping service and not to find the shortest route. It is most suitable for single person routes.

Most optimal route mapping solutions do offer a basic version with basic features that can be experimented until you know what features are the most valuable to you. However, in most free versions, a limited number of stops can be made and can be used with a limited number of truck drivers. You will still free route planners like Waze, Google Maps, Speedy Route, and Mapquest. You can not add more stops with free route planner apps.

Any delivery business that makes last-mile delivery services like small couriers, food deliveries, retail stores, and even waste collection that operate on the B2C (Business to Customer) model needs multi-stop delivery route planner apps to maximize profits by planning the fastest route with unlimited stops and using resources in an effective way. The best free route planner to plan a typical day will be either Google Maps or Mapquest.

There are a lot of options available on the market for delivery route planner apps. Some of the apps for route optimization include Upper Route Planner, Speedy Route, RouteXL, Circuit Route Planner, etc.


No matter if you work with a team or prefer to go solo, a route optimization software is not only essential to create an efficient route, but saves hours spent on manual route planning. Most of the above route optimization software mentioned above like Upper and Route4Me work with apps like Google Maps, which means there is no learning curve needed. We hope that the multi-stop delivery routes created with apps we listed can help your delivery service. When you decide to give Upper Route Optimization Software a shot, you can try the software for free and save hours daily. 

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