21 Best Delivery Route Planner Apps for 2024

How many of you agree that planning an efficient route manually is like solving a jigsaw puzzle with a million pieces?

And just imagine you got any last-minute changes in your created route plan with multiple stops. You’d prefer to bang your head against the wall rather than manage your route planning manually, right?

When it comes to free route planning, Google Maps is a go-to solution for many. But it only allows up to 10 stops, including the starting point, which is really less for delivery businesses. It might be good for small delivery operations, but if you’ve got 100s of deliveries in a day, you need a dedicated route planning solution for your delivery business.

With the ability to easily add multiple stops and optimize the route based on factors like traffic, road closures, and weather conditions, a delivery route planner helps you save time and energy consumed in manual route planning.

Herein, we have lifted all the weight for you and created a list of the best delivery route planner apps available in the market.

What is a Delivery Route Planner and Optimization App?

A delivery route planner is a software application that helps businesses plan the most efficient routes for their delivery drivers. In addition to a route planning tool, a delivery route planner might also offer features like proof of delivery, Excel import, and on-demand dispatch.

A multiple stop delivery route planner app is a tool that helps delivery businesses and drivers in plotting the most efficient and optimized route for daily deliveries. A route planner with multiple stops helps you not only by creating a route from point A to point B but also by telling you the optimized route that includes more stops.

In addition to creating multi-stop routes, the delivery routing apps also offer:

  • Route Optimization
  • Route Management
  • Turn-by-turn Navigation
  • Route Monitoring
  • GPS Tracking
  • Proof of Delivery

A delivery route planning app helps delivery teams create more efficient shift schedules and be on time for each delivery task. Seeing this it quickly becomes obvious why a route planning solution is essential for any modern business.

Route Planning Software Quick Excel Import Route Planning Route Optimization Proof of Delivery Summary
Review (4.7/5)
Logo Logo Logo Logo
  • Price: Free
  • Available on: Mac, PC, Android, and iOS.
Review (5/5)
Logo Logo Logo Logo
  • Price: Free-Trial, Starts from $80/month for up to 3 drivers
  • Available on: Web, Android, iOS.
Review (4.4/5)
Logo Logo Logo Logo
  • Price: $99 per month
  • Available on: Web, Android, iOS
Review (3.5/5)
Logo Logo Logo Logo
  • Price: Starts at 5 EUR per day
  • Available on: Web, Android, iOS
Review (4.5/5)
Logo Logo Logo Logo
  • Price: Starts at $100 per month
  • Available on: Web, Android, iOS
Review (4.5/5)
Logo Logo Logo Logo
  • Price: Starts at $500 per month
  • Available on: Web, Android, iOS
Review (4.5/5)
Logo Logo Logo Logo
  • Price: Starts at $39 per month per driver
  • Available on: Web, Android, iOS
Review (4.5/5)
Logo Logo Logo Logo
  • Price: Starts at $199 per month
  • Available on: Web, Android, and iOS
Review (4.4/5)
Logo Logo Logo Logo
  • Price: Starts at $10 per month
  • Available on: Web, Android, and iOS
Review (4.4/5)
Logo Logo Logo Logo
  • Price: Starts at $39 per vehicle per month
  • Available on: Web, Android, and iOS


Best Delivery Route Planner

Starting price


Free trial

7 days

Key features

Multi-stop route planner, Route optimization, Proof of delivery, Set delivery priority

About Upper

Upper is the best delivery route planner app that helps create efficient delivery route plans in just a few taps, saving you hours of time and effort. Upper simplifies complex route mapping from start to finish, making it a top choice for delivery companies

You’ve had enough of creating routes manually. Now, it’s time to take a back seat, relax, and let Upper do the math for you to create the best delivery route plans for seamless deliveries. Whether you’re an individual or a delivery business that has to travel to multiple locations every day, Upper can provide you with the fastest routes, saving you time and fuel costs.


  • Plan route with multiple stops at one go to save time and effort through efficient delivery route planning.
  • Easily import CSV or Excel files to add hundreds of stops at a time.
  • Automatically detect address inaccuracies for error-free deliveries.
  • Assign routes to drivers with one-click driver dispatch, ensuring prompt and efficient delivery execution.
  • Schedule optimized routes in advance for weeks and dispatch in a click.
  • Option to add pickups and deliveries based on your specific requirements.
  • Set stop priority for any urgent deliveries to an efficient delivery route plan.
  • Delivery features like setting up delivery time window and service time for each stop ensure customer satisfaction and timely deliveries
  • Optimize routes to avoid delivery constraints, such as restricted time windows, traffic, and road closures for multiple vehicles.
  • Provide estimated time of arrival (ETAs) to customers, enhancing the overall experience and reducing uncertainties.
  • Optimize load balancing by assigning appropriate vehicle type for each delivery
  • Add delivery notes for any specific customer instruction, ensuring smooth operations and resolving any potential issues.
  • Monitor delivery progress in real-time, allowing for proactive management and adjustments if needed.
  • Obtain proof of delivery or digital signatures as proof of delivery for accurate documentation and customer satisfaction.
  • Keep your customers informed with timely text message notifications, improving transparency and communication
  • Create or add a centralized contact/address book for easy access to essential information for recurring routes.
  • A driver app (available on Google Play and App Store) that provides your drivers with seamless navigation and task management
  • Quick chat support for instant assistance for any queries or issues through live chat for quick resolutions.

What People Say About Upper

Saved 10 hours per week & delivering 3x more meals with Upper Route Planner. It’s easy to take proof of delivery, the speed is great, it’s super super fast!Curve quote


Ben Parker,

Delivery Manager of Flavors2Go
Ben parker


Best Route Planner for Individual Drivers

Starting price

$7.99 for 500credits

Free trial


Key features

Route optimization, Customizable stops, Route reports

About DynoRoute

DynoRoute is an ultimate delivery optimization solution for iOS users. The efficient route planner is the answer to wasted time and fuel on inefficient routes, allowing you to optimize routes without the burden of monthly subscription fees.

DynoRoute dynamically optimizes your delivery routes, taking into account factors like distance, time, and other constraints. With a user-friendly interface, customizable settings, advanced optimization algorithms, comprehensive route reports, and flexible pay-as-you-go pricing, this route planner is a prominent solution for your basic delivery needs.


  • Users can align the app with their individual requirements by adjusting settings such as distance units, preferred navigation apps, and vehicle types
  • With the app’s pay-as-you-go pricing model, users pay only for what they need, and as they purchase more credits, they can access better rates
  • Users can easily track and analyze their delivery progress with detailed route reports
  • The app integrates seamlessly with popular navigation apps, providing turn-by-turn directions

Sarah M.

As an independent delivery driver, I need a route planner that’s simple yet effective. DynoRoute is my go-to. It helps me organize my deliveries quickly. No more wasted time or fuel.


  • Does not offer a free plan for users to explore its features
  • The app’s design and limited functionality make it more suitable for individual drivers, courier services, or small delivery businesses only

Maria L.

I sometimes wish DynoRoute had more advanced features. But, it’s perfect for someone like me who doesn’t need anything too complicated.

Google Maps

Route navigation app

Starting price


Free trial


Key features

Street View, Stops rearrangement, Real-time ETAs

About Google Maps

When you think of planning a route, Google Maps is the first personal navigation app that comes to mind. Equipped with unbeatable routing algorithms, Google Maps Route Planner is an incredible delivery route app that helps billions of people across the globe reach their destinations on a daily basis.

The undeniable advantage of using Maps by Google is the high probability that it is already on your device of choice, and that you have used it at some point. Google Maps is the best free route planner when you have a few stops.

However, the major drawback of using Google Maps is that you have to manually optimize all your locations. If you have a route with six stops, Google Maps won’t rearrange the stops to create the most efficient route that saves time. This step of route optimization is manual with Google Maps. Additionally, you can only add 10 stops per route in Google Maps, after which you need to create a new route.

Some of the features that will be useful to you:

  • Create a list of stops and share it with your delivery drivers
  • Share location with others
  • Turn-by-turn navigation
  • Offline navigation to pre-optimized routes
  • Get real-time traffic updates
  • Add route preferences to avoid toll roads, highways, country borders, and ferries
  • Google Street View with augmented reality
  • Virtual assistant powered by artificial intelligence


  • Your Drivers will be well acquainted with it
  • Google Street View and offline navigation
  • Automatic rerouting if you miss an exit or during traffic incidents or jams
  • It is free
  • Get real-time traffic updates and accurate arrival time
  • Hands-free voice search

Andrew B.

Google Maps provides a robust API that sets it apart from other solutions


  • Route planning for 10 stops per route
  • No Proof of delivery collection
  • Doesn’t create optimized routes
  • Collects user data

Antony C.

There can be occasional hiccups with the location tracking feature.


Best for Home Delivery Businesses

Starting price


Free trial

7 days

Key features

Delivery tracking link, Proof of delivery, Delivery analytics

About Routific

Routificis a delivery route planner and route optimization app that is very quick and easy to use. Sending directions to drivers’ phones is simple, and this delivery route planner keeps track of drivers’ progress throughout the day and updates accurate ETAs automatically. Furthermore, it is very easy to update and change the planned route with Routific.

Some of the features that will be useful to you:

  • Sends automatic messages with the planned delivery times and delays to customers
  • The dynamic routing algorithm distributes a number of stops equally rather than distributing deliveries based on time and distance
  • Great support through phone, live chat, and email
  • The delivery driver tracking feature is useful for the management
  • Add route preferences to avoid toll roads, highways, country borders, and ferries
  • It can capture proof of delivery
  • Drivers can change routes on-the-fly


  • Sends messages to customers regarding ETA and delays
  • Easy to learn
  • Easy to modify routes

Hallel C.

The routing is great, and the support of the company is amazing – highly recommended.


  • Manually modifying route is hard
  • Unreliable map in remote areas within the United States

Nora M.

It would be nice to have some more options for client messaging or the ability to communicate through the app.


Best For Delivery Businesses

Starting price


Free trial


Key features

Free multi-stop route planning for up to 26 stops, Route optimization, Speed limit display

About MapQuest

MapQuest Route Planner is a free route planner app, offering a comprehensive set of route planning features to enhance the routing experience for delivery businesses. It provides optimized routing options, considering traffic congestion and road conditions, to give you the fastest route.

It offers turn-by-turn voice navigation for walking and driving directions, providing step-by-step guidance to your desired location. For delivery businesses, it supports multipoint routes, allowing you to include up to 26 stops along your journey, making it suitable for managing multi stop delivery routes. It also gives you the flexibility to choose alternate route options, giving you multiple choices to reach your destination based on your preferences. If you are looking for the less invasive option, then take a look at the top MapQuest alternatives.


  • MapQuest is the best option for a small number of deliveries, up to 26 stops.
  • The software has a clean UI that is easy and simple to navigate.
  • MapQuest provides live traffic updates, which can help you avoid congested areas and plan the most efficient route.
  • MapQuest can display nearby restaurants, hotels, gas stations, and other points of interest, which can be handy when on the road.

Scott Hepborn

This has been a superb app. Once in a while (read rarely), it is behind in newly built areas. But then, Florida is building so fast that it’s hard to keep up. I often travel to new areas. Some have just been built. So, occasionally, MapQuest MAY not have the new roads in their system. And someone had posted a review about ads blocking their view, I can only wonder where they downloaded the altered version. I have used this for over 25 years of being on the road and have NEVER had ads.


  • MapQuest sometimes provides less accurate directions than other free route planner apps like Google Maps or Waze.
  • MapQuest consumes significant data, especially when using live traffic updates.
  • Some users find the interface less modern or intuitive compared to its competitors.

Murray Stockinger

Android owners know that you are a second-class citizen. Some of the settings to change, such as types of roads, appeared to me as ios only.


Route Planner For Delivery Drivers

Starting price


Free trial

14 days

Key features

Multi-Stop route planning, Route optimization, Delivery analytics, Flexible proof of delivery

About Circuit

Circuit Route Planner is a multi-stop route planner app for delivery drivers, offering a range of features and benefits from streamlining operations and optimizing routes. With real-time traffic updates and the ability to customize routes, drivers can save time and fuel while ensuring timely deliveries.

Circuit offers convenient features like priority stops, time window settings, and quick address input. The software is suitable for delivery businesses of any size, accommodating long lists of stops and facilitating on-the-go changes. Circuit empowers delivery drivers to stay on track and deliver packages promptly, with instant estimated arrival times and real-time route adjustments.


  • Exact load placement details and ability to check whether the delivery is loaded into the vehicle for each stop.
  • This software is easy-to-use and highly intuitive.
  • Super quick to set up, easy to guide through, and easy to access further information when needed.

Tyrone Robinson

First time user. It was great not figuring out the best way to complete the route faster and more efficiently. Saves time and possible headaches. 😊


  • Can’t upload addresses in bulk. You’ve got to add each address manually, which can be time-consuming if you have a lot of deliveries.
  • For a small business owner with a tight budget, spending so much on an expensive route planner is painful.
  • The inability to edit routes as an admin after dispatching to drivers can sometimes prove cumbersome.

User w b

It needs to have a bulk address entry and screenshot address entry. The end. It won’t be in the correct format, even if you convert a screenshot to a spreadsheet. It’s infuriating. You also need to be able to edit the package id number, and Circuit needs to minimize left turns. The navigation should show a continuous route so you know where to park and exit at each stop.


Best Route Planner For Delivery Startups & Businesses

Starting price


Free trial

7 days

Key features

Multi-Stop route planning, Routing for different vehicle types, SmartZone routing

About Route4Me

Route4Me route planner app is specifically designed for drivers and delivery businesses to create, manage, and optimize route plans. Its multi-stop route planner combines ease of use, business-grade route optimization, and excellent customer support.

Delivery route planning software offers simple route calculations and in-app, voice-guided navigation to expedite and simplify your deliveries. Unlike consumer navigation apps, it offers adding multi stops and optimizing routes is easy, ensuring efficient and reliable navigation. And offers a powerful combination of route optimization and GPS tracking for multiple vehicles. The solution streamlines delivery operations, providing a suite of tools for drivers to optimize routes and manage deliveries effectively.


  • Route4Me specializes in route optimization, making it ideal for delivery service businesses, field service businesses, or anyone who needs to plan complex routes.
  • It supports scheduling with delivery windows, which can be important for businesses needing to schedule deliveries or services at specific times.
  • This best route planner app offers real-time GPS driver tracking, which can be beneficial for businesses managing logistics.

Donald Shirley

Excellent except I would like an option to do a run in reverse, as it always goes closest first.


  • Route4Me is not intuitive and user-friendly upon first use. You might need several looks around to get used to its features.
  • Sometimes, it doesn’t let you add full addresses and instead gives you approximate address ranges, which could be frustrating for timely deliveries.
  • Instead of offering all-inclusive plans, they have add-on features. It is a good thing when paying only for what you want. But combining several features to tailor it to your needs will make it way more expensive

Mona Brasseaux

I had lots of hope for this app. I did the 7-day trial. I loved the route optimization. I loved scanning addresses from a list. I did not love being navigated everywhere EXCEPT the actual addresses. I would end up somewhere random, then check the address, only to find that this route planner app feeds address ranges into navigation, not the actual addresses. Every address, every time. Yeah. Not paying for that tomfoolery.


Route Planning App For Drivers, Couriers & Travelers

Starting price


Free trial

7 days

Key features

Route optimization, Avoid delivery constraints, Accurate ETAs

About RoadWarrior

RoadWarrior Route Planner is a delivery route planner app designed for drivers, couriers, and traveling professionals to create efficient multi-destination routes based on real-time road traffic, client availability, and busy schedules.

It suits various professionals, including couriers, delivery drivers, insurance agents, fleet managers, sales reps, and logistics workers. RoadWarrior allows navigation using apps like Waze and HERE Maps for accurate driving directions. Address uploads can be done quickly in bulk or through a manifest file upload for specific courier drivers. Here are the top RoadWarrior alternatives


  • RoadWarrior flex plan allows creation of optimal routes, especially for multi-stop trips. This makes it ideal for delivery drivers.
  • You can set specific preferences and priorities for your routes, such as avoiding tolls or highways.
  • Integrate with other popular apps and services, such as Google My Maps and Waze, for driving directions.
  • Many users find the interface user-friendly and intuitive.


Been using this platform since September 2018. As a help route, I make 20 to 80+ daily delivery stops for various routes. Locations constantly change from day to day. This solution has been a lifesaver. It pinpoints addresses, ensuring I get the job done without much, if any, confusion. One improvement I’d like to see is the ability to scan addresses into the app. I haven’t had glitches! Except once every week or two, I have to re-login. That seems to happen at the most inopportune time.


  • Some users reported being logged out randomly after the recent update.
  • It doesn’t work in areas with poor networks or low connectivity. It will log you out automatically.
  • Many users reported being charged inappropriately. Some were charged after canceling the free trial, while some were charged twice after upgrading to Pro.

Matthew Barlow

Not worth paying for a subscription. The platform keeps deleting/removing my routes. Only allowed a certain number of stops despite paying for full membership. It keeps signing me out, and an annoying pop-up every time I add a stop lets me know how many stops left I can have after each stop is added. I canceled my membership.


Route Planner For Professional Delivery Businesses & Startups

Starting Price


Free trial

7 days

Key features

Address input using voice, excel sheets, image & barcode, Customer support, Scan printed manifests

About Zeo

Zeo Route Planner is a multi-stop delivery route planner app used by drivers from renowned countries like FedEx, UPS, DHL, and Loggi across 170+ countries. It offers voice entry input, Excel import, and image and barcode scan uploads for efficient address management. It also allows longitude and latitude coordinates to add stops. The software allows for easy stop detailing, customer confirmation, and real-time updates on arrival times, considering traffic conditions.

It offers optimization of up to 12 stops in the free plan and unlimited stops in the premium plan. With flexible navigation options and dynamic re-routing, drivers can optimize unlimited routes, prioritize deliveries, and track cash expenses with paid plans.


  • Zeo Route Planner has a lot of flexibility and tons of features for efficient delivery management.
  • It offers many integration options for scaling delivery operations for businesses.
  • The software has convenient support options via WhatsApp, chat, email, and call.

Sean W.

It could be an excellent option that provides hassle-free navigation on the delivery of products and passengers. The only problem is every time I upgrade, there is a new problem making it very unreliable when you depend on it to operate correctly. If I knew the paid subscription would make it work how it is promoted, I would gladly pay


  • It is unreliable for a large number of delivery stops; it gets hung up and crashes, as reported by many users. It’s not good for areas with low connectivity and cellular coverage.
  • There’s no option to add and manage a contact/address book, which is another major issue if you have recurring deliveries.
  • While there are a lot of options like Excel spreadsheets, images, and barcode scans to upload stops, they don’t sometimes work, which could be really frustrating for last-mile delivery operations.
  • Its user interface is clean but not intuitive for many drivers, making it harder to navigate

Matt C.

Not dependable, just like the rest. No progress in too many unexplained updates! Still can’t scan an image reliably, timed stops still come up late with stops still in the way. I have sent numerous route sheets in an effort to allow them to get it right, but apparently, they have better things to do than actually print them out and test them, or they’d already know the image scanning, just like timed stops haven’t improved any in almost two years.


Route Planning Software For Professional Drivers & Businesses

Starting price


Free trial

7 days

Key features

Real-time updates on delivery, Auto-assign routes to the team, Proof of delivery

About Onfleet

Onfleet is a delivery management software that optimizes last-mile operations. It offers route optimization, real-time driver tracking, and automated dispatch features. Businesses can manage delivery operations by creating efficient routes, tracking drivers, and providing accurate arrival times to customers.

Onfleet offers live chat with drivers, customer alerts, and proof of delivery which are some of the highly sought delivery features that operators of delivery fleets often look for. Moreover, the platform provides detailed analytics to generate insights that help in the decision-making process. It is suitable for various delivery-based businesses. If you are looking for Onfleet alternatives, then refer to this detailed post on Onfleet alternatives.


  • Suitable for businesses that make service calls or deliveries, it streamlines route planning and management with advanced routing functionalities.
  • The ability to edit pictures needed for certain deliveries in the Android app is a good feature.
  • The customer service of Onfleet is wonderful, as the team answers queries quickly, making its customers happy.

Thomas Graham

I use this app for work, it works pretty good most of the time. There are plenty of times where the app will glitch out, and not allow us to do anything or complete or even start tasks. I am an android user, and I can edit pics that my job needs, but Apple users cannot, there should be a way to do this on both platforms


  • Users have experienced occasional glitches that prevent them from completing or even starting tasks, indicating reliability issues with the software.
  • Onfleet sometimes provides the location a few houses away from the intended destination, potentially causing confusion and inconvenience.
  • Users have noticed discrepancies in mileage tracking, with the app overestimating idle miles compared to their own calculations. This can impact accurate mileage tracking for reimbursement and tax purposes.

Shane Gilson

Tracking system them is not calibrated right it claims to much idle miles driven when I track my own miles and compare them your system is way off, also you navigation will have the right address, I prefer google maps never had an issue until your beta platform will bring you to a neighbor house or a few houses away and not the correct address if this system is for legit miles tracked and I need this for my reimbursements and tax purposes I don’t know how u can use and call it accurate.


Best Route Planner App For Professional Drivers & Businesses

Starting price


Free trial

10 days

Key features

Multi-stop route planning, Route visualization, print & export

About Maposcope

Maposcope Route Planner, a multi-stop route planner app, is another powerful platform for delivery businesses. It offers route optimization for up to 500 stops, saving drivers up to 30% of their time. With features like time windows, priority settings, and visit time management, it streamlines the delivery process.

A driver app is also available for managing business delivery operations with multiple drivers. It allows for easy customization of routes by dragging and dropping markers on the map. With GPS tracking, progress monitoring, and accurate ETAs, it ensures efficient and timely deliveries.


  • One should be able to optimize the route based on the shortest distance, quickest time, or other user-defined factors.
  • Real-time traffic information can help in predicting accurate travel times and avoiding traffic jams.
  • It should seamlessly integrate with popular GPS services and navigation systems for real-time tracking and driving directions.

A Google user

Easy-to-use addresses work perfectly. Connects with (Google Maps- Waze-Apple Maps) 1. Enter the addresses you want to go to 2. Select what navigation you want to use 3. Go to the first location 4. Hit “delivered” 5. The next location automatically gets put into navigation, and you just follow to the next place.


  • There’s no comprehensive tutorial after installation about all the features for first-time users. It needs some time to explore all its features.
  • Route optimization is inefficient with inaccurately planned routes. Sometimes delivery stop locations may be far away from the actual location.
  • Regular updates are necessary to fix bugs and keep up with the users’ needs.

Ziggy Macaskill

Always 20 houses away or on the next street or 2 miles out. Hit and miss app with no ads.

Badger Maps

Route Planner For Salespeople & Reps

Starting price


Free trial

4+3 days

Key features

Multi-stop route planning, Route mode, Color, and filter stops

About Badger Maps

Badger Maps is the best delivery route planner app designed for sales reps so that they can optimize their routes and sell more. With the ability to add up to 100+ stops and optimize routes with multiple destinations, it helps sales teams drive fewer miles and save up to 20% on gas.

Badger Maps integrates seamlessly with popular navigation apps like Waze, Google Maps, and Apple Maps, providing turn-by-turn directions to all stops. By using Badger Maps, sales reps can achieve 20% more meetings per week, spend 50% less time on administrative tasks, and generate a higher return on investment. However, delivery agents and businesses can also use this tool for visualizing delivery stops on an interactive map and updating delivery details on the go.


  • It offers time-saving route planning features that can help sales reps schedule more meetings.
  • Color coding of stops based on the type of leads is very useful for prioritizing meetings.
  • Allows you to integrate customer data, visualize it on the map, and then plan routes accordingly.
  • This delivery route optimizer allows you to filter customers based on different criteria, helping you focus on high-priority leads or clients.

Eamonn Faherty

I’m a rep with over ten years of experience, and I’ve been using Badger Maps for the past year for all my route planning needs. I’m usually skeptical about new technologies, but from the moment I started using it, I instantly knew that this was an app I couldn’t do without. My sales have increased dramatically, and this is down to the amount of time I have saved through the app’s route planning. It takes what was once one of the most stressful aspects of my job into one I barely have to think about.


  • It is not a dedicated route planner for delivery businesses, as it is made to cater to sales reps. However, it can be used for delivery planning.
  • There can be a bit of a learning curve to fully utilize all the features and capabilities.
  • If you’re in an area with poor connectivity, the performance of this delivery route planner app might be affected.

Aryan Tanner

I wasn’t impressed. It is heavy on the phone and lags. I’m not the demographic. I need the delivery, and this is more for CRM and apps to meet clients/ provide service/upsell. But regardless, the app drags. The map loads slowly. Need to open editing of the timeframe with the client, under 5 min. Integrate with Zillow or the like. More details about mileage, eta, time spent @ clients, in between length/time. Really my issue is with how the solution operates. The layout, look, and UI was not so bad. Shouldn’t need a web app.


Route Planner For Field Services & Sales Reps

Starting price

$24/Pay as you go

Free trial

7 days

Key features

Multi-stop route planner, Animate directions, Territory mapping

About MyRouteOnline

MyRouteOnline is a multi-stop navigation and route planner that optimizes stops and streamlines your route. It’s perfect for drivers, courier companies, and professionals on the go. It gives you full control to re-order your route, skip stops, and add or delete destinations to save time, money, and fuel. It offers up to 6 stops for free and 1000 stops for business plans.

MyRouteOnline integrates with popular navigation apps like Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze, and Here WeGo, ensuring seamless navigation. It is suitable for delivery, distribution, truck drivers, field sales, and more. It’s also ideal for personal road trips.


  • MyRouteOnline allows users to save and reload existing routes at any time and from anywhere, providing convenience and flexibility.
  • MyRouteOnline highlights incorrect or duplicate addresses, guiding users to make necessary corrections with provided suggestions, ensuring accurate route planning.
  • Users can seamlessly integrate with their preferred navigation apps for turn-by-turn directions, real-time traffic updates, weather conditions, and avoidance zones, enhancing navigation efficiency.
  • This delivery route planner app supports bulk entering and importing of data, enabling the creation of comprehensive route plans with minimal manual intervention.

Louis Blease

Good navigation system, easy to add stops


  • Some customer stories have indicated inaccurate route optimization, either skipping routes in sequence or suggesting longer routes compared to other software, affecting efficiency.
  • It requires manual selection of the next scheduled stop, leading to a cumbersome delivery experience while driving the route without seamless navigation prompts.
  • The user interface can be overwhelming for new users, necessitating a learning curve to utilize features fully.
  • MyRouteOnline’s Pay-As-You-Go pricing plans and address credit limits may not make it the most affordable route planner platform compared to alternatives with similar or more advanced features.

Chris Hamatake

It’s fine when it works, but it crashes a lot on me. And probably about a fourth of the times when it popped google maps open, it didn’t have the correct address. It had an address range rather than the actual, exact address. Not helpful, especially if I’m supposed to use this while DRIVING a delivery route.


Route Planner For Deliveries, Pickups & Services

Starting price


Free trial

Unlimited for up to 20 stops

Key features

Multi-stop route optimization, GPS tracking, Customer alerts

About RouteXL

RouteXL is a multi vehicle route optimization software that is made for deliveries, pickups, and services. It is used for creating efficient routes for delivery businesses that help in saving time, fuel costs, and emissions.

RouteXL is good for small to medium-sized businesses that need route planning solutions for their business use. It has some good features like geocoding, task distribution, and work order delivery for streamlining deliveries, but it still lacks some basic features like proof of delivery and priority orders which are crucial for delivery route planning.


  • Easy to add multiple stops and relevant information to each stop, streamlining your route planning process.
  • It is good for a small number of product deliveries, offering tailored features and functionalities to optimize your delivery routes.
  • Free trial with unlimited routes up to 20 stops allows you to explore RouteXL’s capabilities, giving you a chance to fully evaluate its suitability for your business needs.
  • Stay updated with real-time tracking, enabling you to monitor the delivery status and make necessary adjustments on the go.

Peter V

Awesome app that makes finding routes so efficient. I liked the feature of importing 100 addresses then modifying them but it takes time for that amount of stops.


  • Some users find it challenging to plan routes, especially when they are new to the software, requiring additional time and effort to become proficient.
  • Optimizing routes can be time-consuming with RouteXL, particularly when searching for the most efficient route, leading to potential delays in route planning.
  • Importing a large number of stops, such as 100, may take longer than desired, causing inconvenience and possible productivity slowdowns.

Verified Business Owner on G2

I didn’t think that the tutorial was very good at explaining how it works, there isn’t much training on how to use it


App For Proof of Delivery & Route Planning

Starting price


Free trial

7 days

Key features

Proof of delivery, Offline maps & routing, Send and receive messages

About Track-POD

Track-POD is an advanced electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) route planner that revolutionizes delivery tracking and route planning. With its intuitive delivery driver app and cloud-based dashboard, it offers a seamless solution for businesses in logistics, distribution, and other industries with field employees.

Track-POD works online and offline, displaying routes, delivery details, and expected time slots on smartphones. It enables features like mass POD submission, cash on delivery payment, vehicle check, eSignature capture, barcode scanning, real-time notifications, and messages for internal communication.

By implementing Track-POD, businesses can increase productivity by 30%, reduce administration costs by 50%, improve customer service, streamline operations, and eliminate paperwork.


  • Track-POD is praised for its quick and user-friendly interface, making it convenient for delivery route planning.
  • Users find Track-POD to be effective in managing multi-stop delivery routes and enhancing productivity for businesses.
  • Track-POD can efficiently plan and optimize routes for multiple destinations, saving time and reducing costs for businesses.
  • It is suitable for both small businesses and larger corporations due to its scalability.

Haley Wilkinson

“My work uses this for our delivery routes. It’s really great and works well. Not sure if this is a Google Maps issue or a Track-POD issue, but sometimes it doesn’t nap properly or only maps to the street and not the house. I don’t know. But it’s quick and easy to use, and I definitely recommend it.”


  • Some users have reported occasional mapping inaccuracies where the solution may not properly navigate to specific locations, possibly due to a Google Maps or Track-POD issue.
  • Certain features of Track-POD may not be available in all countries, potentially limiting the app’s functionality for users in specific regions.
  • A user criticizes the subscription model, saying the basic version lacks route optimization features, which is not suitable for small firms needing route optimization.

A Google user

Do not pay for a Subscription, especially if you are a small company and looking for optimization of the route. In the basic version, optimization is not included, and why would anyone look for this sort of service if you are not after optimization? They would not refund my annual subscription. Manual optimization looking at a map is time taking. Each and every time, after manually rearranging an address, you have to click preview and zoom in to see the locations. I would not suggest it to anyone.

GSM Tasks

Route Planning & Task management For Last Mile

Starting price


Free trial

14 days

Key features

Efficient time management, Automated routing, Scheduling routes

About GSMtasks

GSMtasks is a visual task management tool for last-mile businesses that also offers route planning and optimization to increase work efficiency. The system allows for easy drag-and-drop management and assignment of tasks, making it simple to organize and prioritize your workload.

The route optimization feature minimizes travel time and distance by optimizing the driving route for efficient task completion. The proof of work feature can be used for proof of delivery. GSMtasks can be used by delivery businesses to improve work efficiency, task management, communication with drivers, and overall operational control.


  • Customer support is good, ensuring a positive experience for users.
  • The software is regarded as having reasonable pricing, making it an affordable option for companies utilizing last-mile delivery services.
  • It provides real-time tracking of deliveries and personnel, allowing for better logistics management.
  • It integrates with a variety of other software systems, allowing it to fit into existing workflows.

Margus Paurson

Very good last mile product with excellent customer support! Prices are also reasonable for our company.


  • A user reports issues with the Android update, specifically mentioning problems with automatic route calculation using the Waze program and the failure to start rides automatically.
  • Some features in the newer version are missing where they could choose tasks in the queue based on location, time, or distance, which were appreciated.
  • The cost might be high for smaller businesses or individual users.

Edgaras Petrašiūnas

After the last update in Android, automatic route calculation does not work with the Waze program and does not start automatically. Older versions were better. One of the older versions was a good option where I could choose a task queue from my location by time and km, but why did it disappear?


Best For Delivery Route Planner & Optimization

Starting price


Free trial

14 days

Key features

Multi-Stop route planning, Easy integration for delivery businesses, Real-time tracking

About Logistia

Logistia is among the best route planner apps designed specifically for distribution companies and delivery agencies. With its robust features and eCommerce integrations, it revolutionizes route planning, making it more efficient than ever.

By optimizing delivery routes based on various factors such as traffic conditions, delivery time windows, and vehicle capacity, Logistia ensures maximum productivity for drivers. It is suitable for delivery businesses seeking to streamline their operations and enhance customer satisfaction. Whether you need to add stops, optimize routes for multiple drivers, or keep customers informed.


  • Logistia allows easy integration with third-party apps, such as Shopify, ensuring real-time updates and efficient order fulfillment.
  • It offers dedicated customer support, promptly addressing user queries and resolving issues, including bug fixes, to ensure a smooth experience.
  • Logistia enables the collection of proof of delivery through photos, notes, and signatures, ensuring transparency and accountability in the delivery process.

Ofer H.

The best app for route planner for sure!


  • Occasionally, the software lacks the option to export delivery stops via a CSV file, which may limit data management and analysis capabilities for some users.
  • Some users may experience occasional lag and difficulties in loading maps when dispatching routes, impacting real-time tracking and overall user experience.
  • Logistia’s user experience can be initially confusing, requiring a learning curve to fully grasp its features and functionalities.

Jon H.

The app is a bit buggy and often doesn’t load maps when in use. User experience is confusing and takes a while to get the hang of. Could be simpler.


Route Planning Software For Delivery and Field Service

Starting price


Free trial

30 days

Key features

Works offline, Plan routes in a few taps, Live tracking & ETA

About OptimoRoute

OptimoRoute is a powerful route planner designed for delivery and field service businesses to streamline their operations. It is a route-planning platform that provides drivers with all the necessary features to streamline their operations. It allows drivers to capture digital signatures, photos, and notes as proof of delivery, enhancing accountability and customer satisfaction.

With offline functionality and automatic order downloads, it ensures uninterrupted performance even in remote areas. OptimoRoute is specifically designed to serve distribution, food delivery, couriers, transportation, and other businesses seeking to optimize routes, save time, and improve service quality.


  • Import thousands of orders and get the most efficient routes in a snap to maximize orders and minimize costs.
  • Real-time tracking to know where your drivers are and when they’ll arrive.
  • Lots of features like workload balancing, coordinated orders, flexible start times, and more.

Rosemary Arteaga

After trying different apps. I can say this is the best one by far. Excellent customer service and fast response to any questions. The Optimo route will work best for you.


  • Sometimes, it provides inefficient routes, so you have to make sure that your planned routes are accurately optimized or not.
  • There are limitations in customization. For example, not being able to sequence stops in a preferred manner.
  • OptimoRoute can become quite expensive compared to other options.

Ron Force

Keeps turning off on duty over and over again and won’t save any overrides. It is giving a false time because of this problem. Plus, it’s not optimizing the routes correctly, making me have to use another app to route in a more optimized fashion. It would be nice to have an optimized route button like all the other routing apps. make it to where it’s not putting the stops back in the to-do list after I’ve already done them. I have to reject them because of this annoying problem.

Droppath Route Planner

Route Planner App For Professional Drivers & Businesses

Starting price


Free trial

7 days

Key features

Route optimization, Organize your day on the road, Route management

About Droppath

Droppath Route Planner is a route planning application for professional drivers and businesses to assist in planning the most efficient routes for multiple destinations. It’s not only a useful route planner for deliveries but also the best option for field service technicians and salespeople.

Its core features include route optimization, real-time tracking, and easy integration with popular navigation apps. Offering an intuitive interface, Droppath aims to streamline your logistics and enhance productivity.


  • It is good for delivery businesses with a large number of deliveries per day, up to 200 stops per route.
  • Easy color coding of stops is great for identifying certain stops within multiple stops.
  • The ability to track progress in real-time could help users better manage their time and update their clients or customers.


I explored a variety of route planner apps and found that this one fits my needs. Pros: Easy color coding! Very helpful! NOTE to developer: white color on the white map is useless. Add black and navy blue; remove yellow and white. – Separate tabs for destinations and the map. – For a decent price, I can add 25 destinations. Cons: Incorrect address transfer from the app to Google Maps. E.g., “25 Peter St” becomes “27 Peter St” ! Please correct this!


  • It is unreliable in case of signal loss as it gives you the wrong directions.
  • We can’t add notes for deliveries that are required for adding any specific requirements for aunty deliveries.
  • Users experienced delays in replies from the customer support team, which made them irritated.

Juan Valdivia

Horrible, it never gives the exact location. Lost signal, and you will be on Mars. Need more tools.

Speedy Route

Best Route Planner for Small Businesses

Starting price

Free up to 10 stops

Free trial


Key features

Route planning, Multi-vehicle route optimization app, Driving directions

About Speedy Route

Speedy Route is a valuable addition to the realm of delivery route planner apps, offering efficient and optimized route planning solutions. This web-based application excels in calculating the most optimal routes when visiting multiple locations. It’s a perfect tool for delivery drivers, sales professionals to manage routes to sales meetings, and anyone requiring multiple stops in their journey.

What sets Speedy Route apart is its ability to re-order your specified locations into the most efficient sequence, ensuring that each stop is visited via the shortest and quickest route. This functionality not only saves time but also minimizes fuel consumption, making it an ideal choice for businesses focused on cost-effective and streamlined deliveries.


  • Excels in calculating the most efficient routes, ensuring that all specified stops are visited once before returning to the starting point
  • Users can choose from various subscription options based on their specific routing needs, whether it’s for a single driver or multiple delivery vehicles.
  • Available not only in the United States but also worldwide, including Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and many other regions, making it globally accessible
  • The free version of Speedy Route allows for up to 10 stops, making it a cost-effective choice for small businesses with limited delivery needs.

Nancy H.

I love using this site as it is easy and fast to use. I drive many properties and need to know the best and fastest route which this site gives me


  • The free version of Speedy Route has a stop limit of up to 10 stops, which is not favorable for businesses with larger delivery operations
  • The cost of Speedy Route’s subscription plans can add up, especially for businesses requiring features like multiple routes and more stops
  • Speedy Route is a web-based tool and doesn’t offer a dedicated mobile app for mobile device
  • Speedy Route relies on an internet connection and does not provide any offline access, which can be a limitation in areas with poor connectivity

Chad B.

Trial worked great with under 20 addresses, but once I tried the full version with 50 addresses, the routing result was terrible. I recalculated the route 20 times, to no avail. It takes you back and forth.


Best for Logistics Businesses

Starting price

Free up to 50,000 transactions

Free trial

30 days

Key features

Drag-and-drop usability, Vehicle-based optimization options, API integration

About Mappr

Mappr is a versatile and cost-effective delivery routing app designed to meet the needs of businesses seeking accurate and efficient route optimization. Built from the ground up for delivery companies, Mappr offers a reliable solution for location updates, search and navigation, and route optimization.

With Mappr’s user-friendly interface, you can easily plan and create routes in advance, assign routes automatically for pickup and delivery, and make on-the-fly adjustments for last-minute orders or changes in delivery workflows. The platform also provides dynamic route modification, vehicle-based optimization, and interactive dashboards for intuitive route management.


  • Provides highly accurate global map data, ensuring that users can rely on the service for precise navigation and geospatial analysis
  • Offers real-time traffic information, which helps to adjust routes on the fly to avoid traffic jams and delays
  • Mappr’s tracking features enhance the customer experience by providing end-to-end visibility of parcels, ensuring transparency
  • The availability of APIs makes it easy to integrate Mappr into existing systems and applications


Mappr is an excellent alternative to Google Maps, it’s cheaper and easy to implement if you’re using Tookan.


  • Lacks real-time data collection features, which means it does not provide real-time updates on driver locations or vehicle status
  • Lacks comprehensive driver management features, including assigning tasks, monitoring driver performance, or optimizing driver schedules
  • Free plan comes with the limitation of processing up to 50,000 transactions for free, but this may not be sufficient for larger businesses with high-volume delivery operations
  • Mappr relies on internet connectivity and in areas with poor or unstable internet connections, this dependence can pose challenges for users

Verified Capterra User

It would be great if the customization feature is easier to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a delivery route planner app?

    A delivery route planner app is a software tool designed to optimize logistics and route planning for businesses that rely on deliveries. These apps are used in a variety of industries, such as courier services, food delivery, retail, and more.

  • What are the apps for mapping delivery routes?

    There are several apps available for mapping delivery routes, such as Upper, Routease, EasyRoutes, Straightaway, MyRouteOnline, Circuit Route Planner, Onfleet, MyWay Route Planner, Speedy Route, etc.

  • What are some free apps for delivery route planning?

    There are several free delivery route planners like Google Maps, Waze and MapQuest that can be used for a few stops.

  • How do I plan my delivery route?

    Planning a delivery route can be done using a route planning app. You input the addresses of your stops, and the app optimizes the route for the most efficient path, taking into account factors like traffic, time windows, speed limits, business availability, school zones, and specific delivery options and constraints.

  • Is there an app that will track delivery driving routes for free?

    No, free tracking of delivery driving routes can only be accessed via paid plans or free trials of most apps. However, it’s important to check the specific features and limitations of each app to ensure it meets your tracking requirements.

  • Which is the best delivery route planning app for businesses with multiple drivers?

    Upper is the best delivery route planner that allows delivery businesses to plan, optimize, and schedule routes. The app allows managing routing operations within a few simple taps, allowing you to save time, effort, and fuel costs.

  • How can I track the progress of my drivers and deliveries?

    Delivery route planning apps often provide real-time tracking, allowing you to monitor the progress of your drivers, receive notifications on completed deliveries, and provide accurate ETAs to customers.

  • What if I have last-minute changes or additions to the route?

    Delivery route planning apps usually have features that allow you to easily add, remove, or reorder stops in real time, accommodating any last-minute changes or additions.

  • Can the app provide turn-by-turn directions and navigation?

    Many route planning apps offer built-in navigation or integration with popular navigation apps, providing turn-by-turn directions and voice guidance for drivers.


Say goodbye to manual route planning efforts and let Upper handle the heavy lifting. Whether you’re an individual or a delivery business, Upper caters to your needs.

Whether you’re a delivery business or an individual, experience up to 40% time saved on the road and 30% fuel cost savings from day one of using Upper.

With features like bulk address importing, address accuracy detection, and real-time monitoring, Upper ensures seamless and cost-effective deliveries. Now, no need to think again, just start a and experience how Upper helps you in your daily routing operations.

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