18 Best Delivery Route Planner Apps for 2024

keyKey Takeaways:
  • A delivery route planner is a software application that helps businesses plan the most efficient routes for their delivery drivers.
  • Some prominent delivery route planner and optimization software are Upper, DynoRoute, Google Maps, Routific, MapQuest, Circuit, Route4Me, RoadWarrior, Zeo, Onfleet, Maposcope, Badger Maps, MyRouteOnline, RouteXL, and Speedy Route.
  • Some delivery route planner apps that don’t provide provide Proof of Delivery are Google Maps, MapQuest, RouteXL, and RoadWarriors. MapQuest and Google Maps.

How many of you agree that planning an efficient route manually is like solving a jigsaw puzzle with a million pieces? And just imagine you got any last-minute changes in your created route plan with multiple stops. You’d prefer to bang your head against the wall rather than manage your route planning manually, right?

When it comes to free route planning, Google Maps is a go-to solution for many. However, it only allows up to 10 stops, including the starting point, which is less for delivery businesses. It might be good for small delivery operations, but if you’ve got 100s of deliveries in a day, you need a dedicated route planning solution for your delivery business.

With the ability to easily add multiple stops and optimize the route based on factors like traffic, road closures, and weather conditions, a delivery route planner helps you save time and energy consumed in manual route planning.

Herein, we have lifted all the weight for you and created a list of the best delivery route planner apps available on the market.

How We Evaluated and Selected These Software?

Our team compiled a list of 15 top route planner app solutions popular across Google, online forums, and reputable review sites like Capterra and G2. We also collected insights from our in-house industry experts to validate our list and incorporate suggestions. 

After narrowing this list to 13, our team of delivery industry veterans and developers tested and compared the options based on delivery-specific features, usability, prices, customizability, and import/export capabilities. We eventually kept the top 10.

What is a Delivery Route Planner and Optimization App?

A delivery route planner is a software application that helps businesses plan the most efficient routes for their delivery drivers. In addition to a route planning tool, a delivery route planner might also offer features like proof of delivery, Excel import, and on-demand dispatch.

A multiple-stop delivery route planning software solution or app is a tool that helps delivery businesses and drivers plot the most efficient and optimized route for daily deliveries. A route planner with multiple stops helps you create a route from point A to point B and tells you the optimized route that includes more stops.

In addition to creating multi-stop routes, the delivery routing apps also offer:

  • Route Optimization
  • Route Management
  • Turn-by-turn Navigation
  • Route Monitoring
  • GPS Tracking
  • Proof of Delivery

A delivery route planning app helps delivery teams create more efficient shift schedules and be on time for each delivery task. Seeing this, it quickly becomes obvious why a route planning solution is essential for any modern business.

Top 18 Delivery Route Planner Apps to Consider in 2024 (Updated List)

Delivery Route Planner App Key Features User Ratings
  • Multi-constrained route planning & optimization
  • Route scheduling
  • Unlimited routes
  • Import Spreadsheet
  • Proof of Delivery
  • GPS tracking (Detailed live tracking)
  • One-click dispatch
  • Customer notifications
  • Actionable reports & analytics
  • Open API integration
  • Delivery attempt verification
  • Vehicle capacity constraints
  • User-friendly interface
  • Integration with Apple Maps
  • Route Reports
  • Delivery preferences
  • Multi-language support
  • App Store – 4.8 (59 reviews)
  • App Store – 4.8 (59 reviews)
Google Maps
  • Voice navigation
  • Automated rerouting
  • Public transit information
  • Multiple route options
  • Offline access
  • Google Maps Street View
  • Capterra – 4.7 (1579 reviews)
  • G2 – 4.6 (411 reviews)
  • Real-time traffic-based routing
  • Engine API
  • Route information
  • Delivery status updates
  • Capterra – 4.9 (124 reviews)
  • G2 – 4.7 (30 reviews)
  • Avoidance options
  • Favorites
  • Up-to-date satellite imagery
  • Real-time information
  • Flexibility in adding stops
  • Capterra – 3 (1 review)
  • G2 – 4 (1 review)
  • Constraint-based route optimization
  • Delivery/service customization
  • Proof of delivery
  • Dynamic customer notifications
  • Dispatcher view & driver app
  • Capterra – 4.8 (98 reviews)
  • G2 – 4.4 (148 reviews)
  • Multiple constraints
  • Email & text notifications
  • Analytics
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Driver management
  • Capterra – 4.5 (388 reviews)
  • G2 – 4.6 (102 reviews)
  • Delivery time windows
  • Drag-and-drop route adjustments
  • Manifest uploads
  • Route mergers
  • Capterra – 4.5 (52 reviews)
  • G2 – 3.9 (10 reviews)
  • Route readjustments
  • Custom status messages
  • Route tracking
  • Operating zones
  • Real-time communication
  • Capterra – 4.6 (25 reviews)
  • G2 – 4.7 (41 reviews)
  • Route planning
  • Proof of delivery
  • Real-time reports
  • Analytics
  • Capterra – 4.7 (93 reviews)
  • G2 – 4.6 (121 reviews)
Badger Maps
  • Lasso tool
  • Entire-day routing
  • Stats & mileage tracking
  • Detailed reports
  • Capterra – 4.6 (198 reviews)
  • G2 – 4.7 (204 reviews)
  • Multi-stop route planning & visualization
  • Cloud integration
  • Customized multi-routes
  • Save routes
  • Capterra – 4.6 (105 reviews)
  • G2 – 4.5 (10 reviews)
  • Fleet optimization
  • Safety management
  • QR/barcodes
  • Exhaustive reporting
  • Capterra – 3.5 (2 reviews)
  • G2 – 4.2 (3 reviews)
  • Versatile navigation apps
  • Advanced algorithm support
  • Smart routing
  • Capterra – 4.7 (127 reviews)
  • G2 – 4.5 (35 reviews)
GSM Tasks
  • Custom meta-fields
  • Proactive scheduling
  • Live tracking
  • Drag-and-drop route adjustments
  • Capterra – 4.7 (27 reviews)
  • G2 – 4.5 (3 reviews)
  • Advanced planning
  • Billing management
  • No-contact delivery
  • Financial reports
  • Driver settings
  • Capterra – 4.8 (15 reviews)
  • G2 – 4.8 (94 reviews)
  • Route optimization
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Proof of delivery
  • Mobile app for drivers
  • Capterra – 4.6 (153 reviews)
  • G2 – 4.8 (30 reviews)
Speedy Route
  • Scenario planning
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Routing alerts
  • Route simulation
  • Capterra – 3.9 (6 reviews)

1. Upper

Best last-mile route planner for all types and sizes of delivery businesses

Upper is one of the best delivery routing software solutions for delivery businesses looking to plan multi-stop routes. It lets you import multiple addresses up to 500 and create an optimal route to cover them.  

Upper’s USP lies in sophisticated routing algorithms that optimize routes, considering multiple constraints including time windows, delivery distances, traffic constraints, or drivers’ availability. Another competitive advantage is Upper’s detailed live tracking, which not only indicates drivers’ real-time locations but also helps determine whether a delivery attempt is fake or genuine.

Even when your delivery drivers go offline while reaching their destination, Upper keeps sending and saving information on their locations every 10 seconds. This enables you to access their route history the moment they are online and identify whether they followed the predefined path, unlike Routific or Route4Me on the list that doesn’t offer it.

However, Upper may not be the right choice if you are looking for barcode scanning or multi-depot planning. You may also need to pay extra for Shopify integration or premium features that are not included in the free trial.

Key Features:

  1. Create unlimited routes: Upper allows you to create unlimited routes, providing the flexibility to accommodate varying schedules and locations.
  2. Import spreadsheet: This feature enables importing multiple delivery addresses directly from spreadsheets in XLS or CSV formats to save time and effort and expedite route planning.
  3. Proof of delivery (POD): Allows you to capture your customers’ digital signatures, photos of delivered items, and notes for delivery confirmation. It helps enhance transparency, reduce lost parcel liabilities, and minimize fake delivery attempts.
  4. GPS tracking: Tracks the real-time progress of routes through visibility into drivers’ live locations to ensure better control over delivery operations and proactive issue resolution.
  5. One-click dispatch: Facilitates sending your optimized routes to multiple drivers in one go via email, text, or directly to the driver’s app, unlike Google Maps. Lets you print route manifests for non-tech-savvy drivers to complete deliveries efficiently.
  6. Customer notifications: Keeps your customers informed of up-to-the-moment delivery statuses through automated notifications with real-time ETAs to keep transparency issues at bay and enhance your customer satisfaction.
  7. Actionable reports and analytics: Provides insights into total stops delivered or missed per driver to pave the way for focused improvements.
  8. API integration: Upper provides open API integration, allowing you to effortlessly incorporate multi-stop route planning into your existing business systems. 
  9. Vehicle capacity constraints: This allows you to define your vehicle’s constraints, including area or weight, to schedule loads matching those specifications and send them on routes to maximize their capacity utilization.
  • Multi-constrained multi-stop route planning and optimization
  • Last-minute edits to routes
  • Robust live tracking
  • No hidden charges

User reviews

Tracy S., Office Manager, Consumer Goods, 1-10 employees 

Ease of set up, ease of daily use, live tracking

David G., Owner, Food Production, 1-10 employees

I liked that there were no extra setup costs, their route planner took the excel sheets I used before and made upload seamless. The responsive customer service is helpful.

  • No barcode scanning
  • Frequent pop-ups
  • Premium features are reserved for paid versions

User reviews

Jason D., marketing director, Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)

frequent pop-up chats in the portal is probably the only negative.

Joshua D., Director of Freight & Logistics, Warehousing, 51-200 employees

Upper solved for a unique purpose. Unable to think of cons


1. Essentials: $80 per month for 3 users (billed annually) – Save 20%

Includes: 250 stops, route optimization and planning, priority stops, and one-click dispatch

2. Growth: $160 per month for 5 users (billed annually) 

Includes: Adds custom reports, export to Garmin, and detailed live tracking to Essentials

3. Enterprise: Not publicly available

Includes all the features of Essentials and Growth and offers a dedicated support manager + technical consulting

Transform Your Deliveries

Leverage Upper’s intelligent routing algorithms to plan and optimize your multi-stop routes and boost your delivery efficiency.

2. DynoRoute

Ideal delivery routing software for individual delivery drivers

If you are looking for a flexible pricing model for your multi-stop route planning, DynoRoute can be your go-to option. Every credit you buy paves the way to your claim for better rates. We also found the freedom it provides to add special instructions or delivery preferences to customize your stops along your route. 

If you are a solo driver or independent delivery contractor, DynoRoute can be your best routing partner to take you to your desired destinations in the shortest possible time. Their latest version has also introduced support for two more languages, including Spanish and Portuguese, increasing its cross-border usability.  

However, the problem is that it is useful only if you are an iOS user, restricting its ability for Android users. 

Key Features: 

  1. User-friendly interface: Dyno Routes doesn’t require a steep learning curve, so you can understand how it works and start navigation quickly. 
  2. Integration with Apple Maps: This feature enables seamless integration with Apple Maps to provide in-app turn-by-turn navigation instructions, eliminating the hassle of switching between apps.
  3. Route reports: Provide details like the number of stops assigned, delivered, and missed per day, week, or month. This helps evaluate your overall or individual drivers’ delivery performance and take appropriate improvement measures.
  4. Easy customization: You can choose your preferred distance unit, navigation app, and vehicle type to fit your delivery requirements. 
  • Intuitive interface
  • Pay-as-you-go model
  • Excellent customer support

User reviews


Efficient and easy to use

Efficiency at its finest!

Thanks to Dyno Route’s Route Optimizer, my deliveries are smoother than ever


Simple and easy to use for trash valet routes

It simplifies route planning and boosts efficiency, making it indispensable! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Not available for Android users
  • No free trial or monthly subscription plans


Starter Pack: $9.99 (500 credits)

Optimization Pack: $19.99 (1200 credits)

Advanced Package: $39.99 (3000 credits)

3. Google Maps

Free route navigation app with over 1bn downloads

Google Maps is one of the best free multi-stop route planner apps. This delivery route optimization software helps you find ways and plan trips with multiple stops, including road trips, deliveries, or walking. Based on real-time traffic, you can plan routes with up to 10 stops to reach your destinations faster. 

Another plus is that this route planner works offline as well and allows you to download the maps before you start your trip. This enables your delivery executives to navigate seamlessly in remote areas with poor network connectivity. 

We also found Google Maps Street View amazing, as it lets you explore the surroundings of your destinations to get an immersive experience when searching for a location. However, you can’t use Google Maps for trucks or commercial vehicles like cranes, which necessitates additional constraints, including height clearance and load limits.

Key Features

  • Voice navigation: Google Maps provides turn-by-turn voice guidance, enabling hands-free navigation and allowing you to focus on the road.  
  • Automated rerouting: This feature reroutes you on your trip based on real-time traffic, incidents, or road closures to save you transit time.
  • Public transit information: It is suitable for various travel scenarios, allowing you to plan routes that combine driving, walking, and public transportation.
  • Multiple route options: This section informs you of multiple route options along with ETAs so you can choose the route that fits your urgency or individual preferences.
  • Free to use
  • User-friendly interface
  • Mostly accurate and real-time data

User reviews

Jenna W., Teacher, Education Management, 11-50 employees

Google Maps is so user friendly! The app remembers your frequently gone to places and reroutes quickly when needed.

Gretchen M., Co owner, Food & Beverages, 1-10 employees

Easy to read and understand directions with visual and sound cues. Accurate maps.

  • Inadequate information on blocked or closed roads
  • Reported incidents of imprecise toll avoidance
  • Missing load capacity planning

User reviews

Karima A., Supervisor, Leisure, Travel & Tourism, 11-50 employees

That sometimes it doesn’t show blocked or closed roads

Verified Reviewer, Counsellor, Health, Wellness and Fitness, 501-1,000 employees

Even if I select no tolls, it takes me through a toll. Root re calculation all the time!! GPS signal lost all the time! Turn left at the next intersection, get to the intersection to find a bug sign saying no left hand turn. Takes me on unessessary routs where I end up doing a giant circle.

4. Routific

Ideal for automating your route planning

Routific stands out for its algorithm, which avoids “spaghetti” (overlapping) routes that other delivery route planners like Route4Me or MapQuest fail to provide. These non-overlapping routes prevent multiple drivers from traversing the same delivery area and crossing paths frequently.

Another feature that we liked is its ability to sync orders from e-commerce platforms to automate workflows. We were also able to accommodate new stops and assign drivers to the territories they are familiar with, using Routific.

However, we experienced less freedom of customization when it comes to customer notifications due to the limited number of characters and logos they provide. Also, the app doesn’t allow for scanning different types of barcodes and order-taking functionality.

Key Features:

  1. Real-time traffic-based routing: This lets you optimize your routes based on up-to-the-minute traffic patterns (unlike OptimoRoute) to avoid congestion and maximize successful deliveries.
  2. Engine API: Allows you to integrate their route optimization algorithm in your existing tech stack or business software.
  3. Route information: Enables viewing your route details, including start and stop locations, travel distance, time, and specific delivery instructions. 
  4. Delivery status updates: Convey real-time delivery notifications to your customers to help them stay informed throughout the delivery process.
  • Easy onboarding
  • Bulk import of delivery locations
  • Predefined route templates

User reviews

Ricardo V., CEO, Health, Wellness and Fitness, 11-50 employees

We like the ability to load routes using a template

Daniel B., Solution Consultant, Information Technology and Services, 1-10 employees

Routific is really easy to use, especially when uploading addresses via csv. We went for a ‘simple’ integration approach of exporting orders from our website into csv and importing them into routific. Only brand new addresses (that aren’t even on google maps yet) had a bit of difficulty – but for context, it’s about 10 in every 2000 deliveries we made where we had to manually adjust those addresses. Overall, super pleasant app!

  • Limited customization of customer notifications
  • Integration issues at times
  • Issues with automated vehicle constraint-based route optimization

User reviews

Verified User in Recreational Facilities and Services, Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)

It’s harder to automatically optimize the route because we have to take into account the number of items that fit in our van. This is not easy thing to automize via the Routific.

Swier P., Account Manager, Logistics and Supply Chain, 11-50 employees:

Missing in-app communication with drivers


Essential: $49 per vehicle per month

Professional: $69 per vehicle per month

Professional+: $93 per vehicle per month

5. MapQuest

Ideal for small-sized retail companies

MapQuest has been a prominent name in online mapping services since its inception in 1996. It stands out for its detailed street-level maps and turn-by-turn driving directions so you can navigate different cities or countries. 

We liked the flexibility it provides to add stops in multiple ways, either line-by-line, through copy/paste functionality, or by importing addresses from a spreadsheet. Another feature worth noting is the comparison of prices at nearby gas stations to help choose the most cost-effective filling station. However, unlike MapQuest, which allows it, you may not be able to add stops beyond 26. To overcome that limitation, you can opt for advanced MapQuest alternatives.

Key Features

  • Avoidance options: This enables you to avoid toll roads, highways, or seasonal roads, helping you customize your delivery routes based on your unique needs. 
  • Favorites: It lets you save your favorite (most frequently used) routes to some recurring stops for quick referencing as required. 
  • Up-to-date satellite imagery: Provides up-to-date satellite images of different places for better visualization while analyzing routes. 
  • Real-time information: Allows you to access not only real-time traffic conditions but also local temperature to plan trips accordingly.
  • Interactive design
  • Points of interest

User reviews

Micah L., CEO, Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)

It has a refreshing new design and, in most cases, is easier to use than Google or Apple

Justin K., Teacher, Primary/Secondary Education, 51-200 employees

I like the quick link buttons at the top for finding common places quickly (restaurants, hotels, etc).

  • Frequent ads obstructing the map view

User reviews

Justin K., Teacher, Primary/Secondary Education, 51-200 employees

I don’t like the adds that are present in the taskbar on the left as well as covering parts of the map. Google Maps offers a much more visually friendly and user friendly experience.

6. Circuit for Teams

Ideal for delivery or field service-based businesses

Circuit is a go-to route planner app that helps you factor in all delivery constraints, including order priorities, traffic constraints, delivery distances, and speed. What impressed us was the flexible and customizable data fields, which made our stop entries super-fast and error-free. 

Another feature that we found great is zoning which helped us organize our stops and routes by delivery zones and saved our time managing them manually. However, the accuracy of routing, especially in rural areas, was not up to the mark as reported by users and our tests revealed.

Key Features:

  1. Delivery/service customization: This enables you to set priority levels, specific instructions, or the type of address (home or commercial) to effectively meet your customers’ delivery expectations. 
  2. Proof of delivery: This allows you to collect your customers’ digital signatures or photos of delivered items for a verifiable record and avoid delivery-related issues later. 
  3. Dynamic customer notifications: Facilitates keeping your customers informed on the estimated times of arrival and ensures they are available for delivery or service.
  4. Dispatcher view and driver app: This allows you to modify routes in real time, notify your drivers of changes, and let them add or remove stops as needed.
  • Intuitive and clean interface
  • Reuse of pre-planned routes
  • Detailed delivery analytics

User reviews

Hannah H., Owner, Marketing and Advertising, Self-employed

I love how easy circuit is to use. It is user-friendly and easy to understand.

Steve S., IT Manager, Wholesale, 51-200 employees

The ability to easily map stops, optimize and reuse existing routes. Real time tracking of a delivery driver.

  • Lack of multi-language support
  • Less noticeable “Save Changes”

User reviews

Bradley H., Sales, Furniture, 11-50 employees, (Overall rating: 5/5)

Recently a “save changes” step was added after “re-order all/changed stops”. This extra click is easy to miss and has resulted in a few inaccurate routes when a browser was closed/computer restarted. Though, we are now on the lookout for that.


  • Starts at $20 per month

7. Route4Me

Ideal for last-mile delivery businesses looking for flexible pricing models

If you are looking for a delivery routing solution that offers a flexible pricing model, Route4Me can be a great option. Unlike other software like Routific which provides bundle packages, this cloud-based route planning solution offers different subscription plans and add-ons to meet your unique business needs. 

We were genuinely impressed by a large number of aspects, including drivers’ skills, working hours, capacity constraints, multiple depots, and curbside delivery, that Route4Me considers while optimizing routes. 

However, the basic plan doesn’t have the route optimization feature, making it expensive for small delivery businesses seeking optimized routes. Moreover, we could not find them active on review sites (like Capterra), unlike OptimoRoute, which responds to its customers regularly. 

Key Features:

  1. Multi-stop route planning: This lets you create optimal multi-stop routes to handle increased volumes of delivery orders efficiently. 
  2. Email & text notifications: Keep your customers informed with custom SMS or email notifications for delivery status confirmations, cancellations, schedule changes, and specific instructions to handle deliveries or appointments, if any.
  3. Analytics: Provide detailed insights into mileage, fuel, and drivers’ costs to identify areas for improvement and enhance overall efficiency.
  4. Real-time collaboration: This app enables continuous communication between you, your drivers, and your customers to address any issues, queries, or concerns promptly.
  • Easy driver activity management
  • User-friendly interface
  • Ability to plan routes using pre-set ETAs

User reviews

Robert C., National Field Recall Manager, Automotive, 10,001+ employees

Very easy to use, daily routing, easy to set up and adjust routes once set up.

Cameron B., National Lead | Special Projects, Construction, 1,001-5,000 employees

It is user friendly both on the admin and user side. It has cut our dispatch/scheduling work load down more than half, which allows us to focus on other important items.

  • No proof of delivery (POD)
  • Frequent update popups disrupting routing
  • High prices

User reviews

Kyle J., Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.), 

It is not always obvious when there is an app update, and sometimes the data can come through incorrectly, or drivers will experience issues loading with an old version of the app. Although uninstalling and reinstalling the app fixes the issue 9 out of 10 times, a pop up/alert when there is a new version would be handy.

Shannon L., Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)

I would like to see better pricing for large fleets.


  • Route Management: $200 per month
  • Route Optimization: $300 per month
  • Route Optimization Plus (Business Optimization): $450 per month

8. RoadWarrior

Ideal for delivery drivers, couriers & services

RoadWarrior is a cloud-based multi-stop route planner specifically designed for route operations. Equipped with best-in-class routing, RoadWarrior offers both a mobile app for drivers and the RoadWarrior Flex web app for teams, making it suitable for both individuals and businesses alike.

Used by over 50k drivers, it lets you add or remove your drivers easily and manage access permissions. The ‘drag-and-drop’ functionality to move stops for route adjustments is also smooth as internal testing found. Another interesting feature that we liked is that it let us merge different routes into one if required to ensure on-time completion of jobs.

However, RoadWarriors may be expensive for some basic functionality like Proof of Delivery as it comes as a paid add-on costing $10. Internal testing also found some syncing issues leading to delays in reflecting changes in orders’ schedules sometimes.

Key Features: 

  1. Delivery time windows: Enables you to configure availability time windows and priority levels to minimize failed delivery attempts.
  2. Multi-constrained route optimization: Facilitates considering multiple variables, including traffic, school zones, tolls, or one-way trips while optimizing routes. 
  3. Proof of delivery: Allows you to collect signatures or photos to ensure instant delivery confirmation while eliminating any paperwork.
  4. Manifest uploads: Supports uploading of manifests from FedEx, UPS, OnTrac, and Amazon to boost the versatility and flexibility of optimizing routes.
  • Efficient route optimization
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Bulk order import/export

User reviews

Georgi G., CEO, Logistics and Supply Chain, 1-10 employees

Easy to use for the users. User friendly interface.

Brian R., Owner, Transportation/Trucking/Railroad, 11-50 employees

This program makes it easy to dispatch and track our drivers and orders. The routing feature does a good job routing on it’s own and is easy to override when necessary. It integrates well with Google Maps, phone, and text. It’s easy to upload orders in bulk and download reports. It’s a good value at $5.00 per driver a month. Support is friendly and responsive via email.

  • Poor customer service
  • Error-prone back-end reporting
  • Latency issues

User reviews

Corey O., Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)

Poor customer service. Glitches a lot- loose data, routes, stops. Customer service prefers not to address issues or blame other things at first. When I push back, the lead person seems to get involved when things are addressed.

Albron H., Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)

Back end reporting issues – changes being made without letting customer know

9. Zeo

Ideal for professional delivery businesses, fleet companies, and mobile planning

Zeo is among the leading names in modern route optimization platforms and over 800k drivers across 150 countries depend on it to fulfill their delivery needs. Equipped with the potential of managing last-mile deliveries end-to-end, Zeo route planning software can help you edit, delete, reroute, or manage your already created routes.

Unlike other software like Mappr or RoadWarrior, it provides support for over 40 languages, making it highly valuable for different countries across the globe. The other interesting thing that we found is the freedom Zeo provides to customize status update messages by adding brand-specific logos and colors. 

However, testing revealed issues with uploading delivery manifests automatically, requiring us to take a manual approach. Moreover, unlike the Upper route planner, Zeo doesn’t provide detailed insights into the actual distance from a location to determine whether a delivery attempt was genuine or fake.

Key Features:

  1. Multiple route tracking: This feature allows you to monitor multiple routes for all your drivers through an intuitive layout. You can gain real-time visibility into delivery operations, facilitate proactive resolution of issues, and ensure timely deliveries.
  2. Auto-assign stops: This lets you distribute the unassigned stops automatically among your drivers based on their location, proximity, and drivers’ locations. This minimizes your time and effort in assigning them, boosts your route efficiency, and helps balance the workload among drivers.
  3. Operating zones: Facilitates defining the operational areas for your individual drivers through various methods, such drawing polygons on a map, inputting coordinates, or selecting predefined regions. It helps optimize your drivers’ efficiency and reduce unwanted travel costs.
  4. Real-time communication: This feature enables you to communicate with your drivers while they are on their routes, share necessary documents, or address their concerns through the message section. 
  • Efficient route optimization
  • Easy implementation
  • Intuitive interface and navigation

User reviews

Verified User in Logistics and Supply Chain, Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.) – 

Ease of Use, Ease of Implementation, Customer Support

Zeeshan H., Operations Manager, Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)

This aap is easy to use and optimize perfectly make it more easier to get stops done in less time.i have tried other apps in past but this one much better for myself. 

Zeo Route planner is an app that will make it way more efficient for anyone who needs to routes plan with multiple stops.and i like when i add my time deliveries in the app and set the timer for them so zeo automatically remind me destination arriver time and optimize automatically too to reach in time for my time deliveries.

  • Inability to set different start or end addresses
  • Issues with spreadsheet import at times
  • Reported rerouting issues

User reviews

Gareth D., Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)

It would be great to be able to set different start and end addresses, as I often need to be somewhere other than the shop after delivering. The ability to review the route on a full-screen map before accepting would also be good. It is very hard to see the route in the current version.

Melina S., Founder, Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)

Trouble getting spreadsheets to upload easily


Zeo Route Planner comes with monthly, quarterly, and annual pricing plans for fleet managers and single drivers. 


Monthly: INR 999/month per seat

Quarterly: INR 899/month per seat

Yearly: INR 833/month per seat


Monthly: INR 400/month per seat

Yearly: INR 333/month per seat

10. Onfleet

Route planning software for professional drivers & fleet businesses

Onfleet presents itself as a “complete last-mile delivery solution” that has the potential to handle your end-to-end delivery processes. Internal testing also found this claim to be quite right. While the standard route optimization that all the software provides is good, what makes it stand out is its AI-powered customer notifications and ETAs. 

Another great thing about this app is the multi-industry support it comes with. Trusted by over 1000+ customers, it also helps collect feedback through integrated forms and incorporate it to improve delivery services. 

Another good thing is its versatility and usability across industries. However, it may take you some time before you familiarize yourself completely with its features due to its complex UI. High prices may also be a problem for you if you are a small delivery business owner who has budget restrictions

Key Features: 

  1. Advanced route planning: This allows you to plan routes for multiple weeks ahead of time, which is especially helpful in planning your daily start and stop if you are a long-haul driver. 
  2. Proof of Delivery: This helps you record every successful delivery by capturing photos, signatures, barcodes, or digital notes to reduce paperwork and enhance accountability.
  3. Real-time reports: Gives you insights into on-time rates, service times, feedback scores, and distance traveled to assess your performance and implement improvement measures.
  4. Analytics: Enables you to get insights into each driver’s productivity through detailed task history and performance metrics.
  • Easy onboarding and good customer support
  • Personalized customer communication
  • Real-time visibility into delivery progress

User reviews

Branden H., Logistics Director, Retail, 501-1,000 employees

Onfleet’s set up and onboarding is incredibly simple.Unified dashboard is great, and provides ease of use.Integration with our Point of Sale (Dutchie) works, but leaves much room for improvement.Support from [sensitive content hidden] is great when needed

Kenny I., Operations Manager, Building Materials, 11-50 employees

Easy to use. Helps manage where my fleet is at. Gives me up to the minute updates. I also like the way our customer/s can track the progress of our truck to their job site. Easy to add or delete tasks. Or add or remove users.

  • Inaccurate ETAs at times
  • Expensive add-ons
  • Speed issues

User reviews

Jaime M., Director of Delivery, Consumer Goods, 501-1,000 employees 

The speed once volume is added is borderline unusable.

Robbin C., Distribution Manager & Last Mile Lead, Food Production, 51-200 employees 

My only issue is that things that should be commonplace are considered extra add-ons which can increase your price.


Launch: $550 per month

Scale: $1265 per month

Enterprise: Not publicly available

11. Badger Maps

Ideal for traveling salespersons

Badger Maps can be your ideal routing partner for sales or field service businesses. The Lasso tool that it provides helps circle addresses with a fingertip and define territories. You can also view your entire day routing to filter and prioritize your best opportunities.

Badger Maps supports comparatively more navigation apps than other apps, including Waze, Google Maps, Garmin, and Magellan. Even after adding 100+ accounts, it works seamlessly to let you plan most optimal routes to cover them. 

We also found the ability to find and accommodate new opportunities to compensate for canceled appointments on the fly to maximize the sales trip efficiency. However, our tests revealed the slow loading time and subpar note-keeping ability as two primary concerns that could be addressed.

Key Features: 

  1. Targeted focus: This feature lets you color your points and filter your opportunities based on predefined upselling or cross-selling criteria to maximize your deals.
  2. Follow-up route planning: This allows for checking in to appointment meetings, scheduling next follow-ups, and planning routes to accommodate them on further trips.
  3. Stats and mileage tracking: Enables you to access statistics, including mileage, travel time, and full-day time of their routes. This feature helps understand the overall efficiency and performance of sales routes.
  4. Detailed reports: These provide crucial details, including check-in photos, services completed, and surveys so that you can plan your future trips faster.
  • Impeccable routing
  • Easy custom check-ins
  • Sales territory visualization

User reviews

Crystal H., Account Executive

Routing is my favorite feature. I can visual my travel on the map but most importantly I can plan my time. I couldn’t function efficiently without this app. It calculates the miles for each route, I send my route to my calendar & add the miles for each day which makes tracking my mileage a breeze.

Rowan G., Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)

The fact that it can show me potential clients on the map.

  • Slow loading time
  • Internet connectivity issues
  • Difficulty modifying stops at times

User reviews

Larry C., Territory Manager, Biotechnology, 201-500 employees

Only 2 things that I can think of to improve the service. First, the ability to optimize a map for walking (it currently only offers driving). This comes in handy in big cities where driving is impractical. Second, the ability to add call notes directly in the app would be great. This functionality might already be there; admittedly I have fallen into a rut with my usage. Neither of these shortcomings would prevent me from renewing my subscription.

Anneliese D., Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)

That it stops working with no internet schedule. Some of the addresses I’m looking up doesn’t pop up.


Business: $58 per user per month (billed annually)

Enterprise: $95 per user per month (billed annually)

12. MyRouteOnline

Ideal for field services & sales reps

Whether you are an individual delivery driver or operate a large fleet, MyRouteOnline can cater to your routing needs. Equipped with a user-friendly interface and distance or time-based optimization, this app stands out for route animation. We loved it as it let us visualize and evaluate your routes before starting delivery trips and make necessary changes. 

We also liked how it enables export routes to Google Maps, Garmin, TomTom, or even Excel spreadsheets.  You may also like the functionality of reloading and updating preplanned routes which can save you time planning them every time.

However, while it is based on the ‘Pay as You Go’ model and hence, flexible, it may sometimes be costlier for large businesses. Sometimes, printing of export routes seemed slow as tests revealed and reported by users. 

Key features

  1. Multi-stop route planning: Plan routes with multiple stops efficiently, accommodating up to 1000 addresses in a single run.
  2. Cloud integration: Lets you import address lists fast and easily from cloud storage systems, including Google Drive and Dropbox. 
  3. Customized multi-routing: Enables setting a fixed duration for each stop, maximum route duration, or the number of stops to cover along each route when planning multiple routes. 
  4. Save routes: Facilitates saving an unlimited number of routes online to facilitate easy access as and when needed.
  • Flexible integration
  • Easy route creation
  • Fast Import/export functionality

User reviews

Sebastian F., Pharmacist, Medical Practice, 201-500 employees

Flexible software integrates well with our workflow.

Brock J., Director of Sales & Business Development, Consumer Goods, 51-200 employees

Its so easy to set up and plan a route.

  • Slow at times
  • Issues with turn alerts

User reviews

Erin T., Senior Scheduler, Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

it can be quite slow at times, which impacts efficiency!

Debbie R., Owner, Food & Beverages, 1-10 employees

I found finding some streets hard to find in the software. Also, turns come up quicker than on the map at times.

13. RouteXL

Ideal for small businesses delivering multiple locations

RouteXL is your go-to road route planner for multiple stops. It enables you to organize your address to reduce travel time, making deliveries or pickups speedy and fuel-efficient. A good thing is that it provides a free plan with limitless routes that can include up to 20 stops. For the unlimited stops requirement, you can check out RouteXL alternatives.

We liked the flexibility it provides to choose from popular navigation platforms, including Google Maps, Waze, and Apple Maps. Using RouteXL, you can import multiple addresses from various applications, spreadsheets, or emails, elevating your route planning convenience.

Then, once you have added departure and destination points, the route is calculated with a single button press. 

The generated routes can be printed, exported to navigation devices, or shared via email, offering flexibility in dispatching.

Key Features

  • Versatile navigation maps: Users have the flexibility to choose from popular navigation platforms, including Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Waze.
  • Advanced algorithm support: The algorithm supports time windows, optimizing routes based on specific time constraints such as pickup, delivery, and visit times.
  • Smart routing features: RouteXL goes beyond route planning to offer diverse features, including geocoding, GPS tracking, data sharing, search functionality, route sharing, and QR code scanning.
  • Free to use
  • Easy bulk upload of addresses

User reviews

Verified User in Fund-Raising, Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)

What I like most about Route XL is that it is free. Also the ability to add multiple stops and locations also that there is the ability to save previous routs and add details to each stop

Paul Nathaniel W., Head Of Marketing, Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

Easy to bulk upload multiple stops while calculating the most efficient route. Great for planning product deliveries and maximizing use of labor.

  • Inadequate training materials or tutorials
  • Less intuitive
  • Only 20 stops allowed for free

User reviews

Verified User in Fund-Raising, Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)

I didn’t think that the tutorial was very good at explaining how it works there isn’t much training on how to use

John M., director, Health, Wellness and Fitness, 1-10 employees

I feel it could be more user friendly and intuitive. Hopefully the next update addresses this and then it would be a 5 star program

14. Track-POD

Ideal for proof of delivery and live tracking

With over 10,000+ companies as customers, Track-POD has developed award-winning systems to revolutionize Proof of Delivery (POD), route planning, and live tracking for delivery-based businesses. 

Easily accessible both on desktop and mobile devices, Track-POD allows you to optimize routes. What we liked, in particular, was that it let us capture geotags and timestamps to know when and where our drivers received ePODs. 

However, testing revealed issues with tracking the total number of hours drivers work. Moreover, we couldn’t find truck-specific route optimization that considers height and load constraints. 

Key Features

  1. Fleet optimization: This lets you maximize the capacity utilization of your fleet alongside creating optimal routes to reduce the number of delivery trips and associated fuel and wear/tear costs.
  2. Safety management: This enables you to evaluate your vehicles’ conditions to fix any mechanical issues and ensure they operate optimally on the road. 
  3. QR / barcodes: Allows you to check or input the details of any item or order into your system by scanning printed labels on them.
  4. Exhaustive reporting: Facilitates tracking metrics like task completion time, average driver delivery time, and cost per delivery to evaluate your delivery performance and initiate targeted improvement actions.
  • User-friendly interface
  • Customizable proof of delivery
  • Easy mobile access

User reviews

Xyaria H., eStore and Procurement Manager, Retail, 1-10 employees

Track-POD allows me to better mobilize my team and eliminate a lot of paperwork allowing us to digitize the delivery aspect of the business.

Boyd B., Director, Luxury Goods & Jewelry, 1-10 employees 

How user-friendly it is, and how many options there are available to customize everything according to your needs. And even when it is not user-friendly, the Support team from Track-POD is always there with great support!

  • Missing drivers’ speed history
  • Not-so-accurate real-time tracking
  • Expensive per-driver costs

User reviews

Josh Y., Head of Operations, Food & Beverages, 11-50 employees – Overly sensitive map scrolling, no historic tracking of drivers speeds, etc, can be a little cumbersome & additional drivers are expensive.

Michael E., Project manager, Transportation/Trucking/Railroad, 11-50 employees

The live tracking isn’t exactly in real-time. 


Provides two types of pricing: 

Per Driver

  1. Standard: $29 per month/driver/vehicle (billed annually), doesn’t include ETA live updates, route optimization for stops beyond 24, or priority orders 
  2. Advanced: $49 per month/driver/vehicle (billed annually), includes POD, ETA live updates, service time, and delivery time windows
  3. Advanced Plus: $69 a month per driver/vehicle, allows up to 50 dashboard users and includes analytics
  4. Enterprise: Not publicly disclosed, includes all advanced route planning features

Per Order

  1. S Plan: $285 a month per 1500 orders
  2. M Plan: $510 a month per 3000 orders 
  3. L Plan: $900 a month per 6000 orders
  4. XL Plan: $1440 a month per 1440 orders

15. GSMtasks

Ideal for route planning & task management for last-mile

Renowned for its visual and intuitive interface, GSMtasks form a good solution for service or last-mile delivery businesses. Whether you have service appointments or deliveries, it helps you create the most efficient routes to cover them through automated routing. 

A standout point about GSMtasks is the ‘limitless integration possibilities’ they provide through their RESTful web service API. We also liked how it let us create custom meta-fields to add delivery-specific details like storage temperature or pressure. 

However, GSMtasks doesn’t provide route optimization in their starter plan, making it expensive for small businesses or solo users with limited routing needs and budget constraints. However, testing revealed bugs and crashes while using the smartphone app as users also reported. 

Key Features: 

  1. Proactive scheduling: This lets you group different recurring tasks and schedule them for days, weeks, or months ahead of time to prevent last-minute scheduling hassles. 
  2. Live tracking: Provides you with real-time visibility into your drivers’ movements and locations to track the progress of your tasks and address any issues promptly. 
  3. Fleet analytics: Enables you to track metrics like cost per mile, on-time completion percentage, or utilization rate to analyze your fleet performance and take measures to improve it. 
  4. Drag-and-drop route adjustments: Allows you to change the sequence of your tasks fast and efficiently as required to boost your adaptability and agility.
  • Good customer support
  • Ease of use
  • Customizable PODs

User reviews

Hans A., Marketing Manager, Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)

Customer support is fantastic and product is easy to use !

Heather P., General Manager, Retail, 11-50 employees

Daily use of the software is user friendly and easy to learn. Some great features like route optimisation and customisable PODs. Support team is excellent. Developers are open to requests and are quick to fix any bugs (of which there haven’t been any we haven’t inadvertently created ourselves).

  • Occasional crashes and bugs
  • Expensive add-ons
  • Integration issues at times

User Reviews

Muhammad A., Network Engineer, Telecommunications, 10,001+ employees

It have many issue its many times crashes and not working many vendors like huawei and oppo phones. Many time its not get GPS locations. the second problem is it’s a bit slow.

Scott P., VP, Retail, 1-10 employees

It doesn’t integrate with our current POS system without investing lots of $ and getting the POS developer on board to link them, which I have not been able to accomplish.


Essential per user:  $17 per user/month, doesn’t include route optimization

Professional: $22 per user/month, includes route optimization and offline mobile app

Enterprise: Custom pricing and allows 30+ users

16. Logistia 

Ideal for flexible delivery management system

Logistia is a route planner and optimization app made for professionals that simplifies and optimizes delivery routing through intelligent algorithms. Using it, you can also define delivery areas to ensure focused and efficient routing for each. 

The ability to add products to orders helped us enable drivers to verify the contents of assigned orders before starting their delivery trip. The integrated billing management also provides drivers with payment details, including amount or payment mode to understand the financial aspects of their deliveries. 

However, testing revealed issues with loading maps when in use. Moreover, it was cumbersome to pick one order at a time instead of moving all the desired orders to the next day. The base plan is also expensive, considering it doesn’t provide live tracking and ETA notifications.

Key Features:

  1. Advanced planning: Lets you plan your delivery routes for the long haul to minimize the last-minute chaos and ensure a seamless delivery process.
  2. No-contact delivery: This enables you to indicate to you that a particular delivery is no-contact, ensuring a safe and compliant service at every drop-off location.
  3. Financial reports: This allows you to retrieve detailed financial reports, including details like the total payment collected, payment methods, and any discrepancies, to track your financial performance.
  4. Driver settings: Facilitates customizing your routes based on unique preferences or familiarity of your areas to ensure better delivery management.
  • Flexible route management
  • Proof of delivery
  • 14-day free trial

User reviews

Jorge R., CEO, Logistics and Supply Chain, 1-10 employees

The easy way to generate great routes. Shopify Integration with my clients.

Nazareth B., Manager, Transportation/Trucking/Railroad, 1-10 employees

The way we can organize our customer it is great, and the option to save the picture and the sign of the customer is a plus.

  • Issues with live tracking
  • Slow loading
  • Mapping issues at times

User reviews

Ofer H., Director, Retail, 1-10 employees

live tracker need to be improv – the team already start working on it to improve it

It does not pin to the accurate location on the map. This leads to a different location that is nowhere close to the location uploaded. Excel uploading does not work on hp. Does not have clear instructions on how to. After selecting a location as the “next location”, the route does not reoptimize accordingly.

Jeremy M., CEO, Food & Beverages, 1-10 employees

In the beginning the app was a bit slow, but since then the app has been running smooth!


  • Simple start: $19 per driver per month (250 addresses/driver), doesn’t provide tracking
  • Essentials: $29 per driver per month (500 addresses/driver), includes live tracking, customer notifications, and customer notifications
  • Plus: $39 per driver per month (1000 addresses/driver), includes Reports & Analytics

17. OptimoRoute  

Ideal for delivery route planning and field services

If you are looking for easy-to-use route planning for your daily couriers, then OptimoRoute is the best option for dealing with a high volume of pickups and deliveries to cover daily. What caught our attention was the speed of planning – around 1000 routes in a matter of minutes. 

Serving over 3000 customers globally, OptimoRoute lets you factor in variables, including the number of boxes, volume, or weight to select the right vehicle for your deliveries or pickups. An advanced functionality is the “Return to Depot” that lets you plan the return trip for your driver while optimizing delivery routes. 

The app also offers a real-time tracking feature to compare your planned vs. actual routes. What we found missing is the ability to consider real-time events like traffic patterns, road closures, constructions, and accidents for planning. It doesn’t have barcode scanning and order-taking features like Routific.

Key Features: 

  1. Route optimization: Optimizes routes based on general, vehicle-specific, and driver-specific constraints, including time windows, service areas, requisite skills, vehicle capacity, and required vehicle features.
  2. Real-time order tracking: Lets your customers know the whereabouts of their orders and reduce inbound customer queries about deliveries.
  3. Proof of delivery: Captures your customers’ digital signatures, photos, and notes to document them as a verifiable record and minimize missed delivery liabilities. 
  4. Mobile app for drivers: Allows you to send planned routes directly to your drivers to let them navigate these routes in the navigation app (Google Maps, Apple Maps, or Waze) of their choice.
  • Efficient route scheduling
  • Multiple driver management
  • 30-day free trial (highest among all)

User reviews

Meghana N., Operations Manager, Logistics and Supply Chain, 1-10 employees

1. Ease of uploading data. 2. Makes appropriate routes and can schedule 2 drivers at a time. 3. In some situations, we can schedule 2 delivery timings for 1 driver making the clearer for the user who is live tracking. 4. In case I put an address, it saves it in it’s data base for the next time which makes it easier to not rewrite the whole address again.

Jennifer S., Owner, Consumer Services, 1-10 employees

The ability to copy routes and individual stops is critical to our business. Also the ability with multiple drivers

  • Inaccurate ETAs, especially for rural delivery locations
  • Unintuitive interface
  • Missing customization in delivery reports

User reviews

Alfredo S., Operations Manager & Co-founder, Environmental Services, 1-10 employees

I wish there was a calendar feature. A Google Calendar sync would be amazing. The timeline features make it difficult to see the week or day at a glance. The ETAs in the automatic texts are sometimes off by an hour or more.

Julian Y., State Manager, Consumer Goods, 51-200 employees

Can’t cancel a delivery mid-route. Expensive to send sms to customers. Not always intuitive.


  • Lite: $35.10 per driver/month (billed annually)
  • Pro: $44.10 per driver/month (billed annually)
  • Custom: Varies based on your unique needs

18. Speedy Route

Ideal for delivery drivers and sales people on the road traversing multiple locations

Speedy Route is a powerful route optimization tool designed for individuals and businesses with multiple stops. It meticulously calculates the best route, ensuring each location is visited once before returning to your starting point in the shortest and quickest way possible. 

This web-based route planning platform offers full driving directions between all stops, making it an invaluable asset for optimizing your travel.

Ideal for single or multiple delivery vehicles, Speedy Route adapts to your specific needs. It produces the optimal route for the number of delivery service vehicles available, maximizing efficiency. 

Speedy Route excels at solving the Travelling Salesman Problem, providing free routing software that redefines the delivery and sales route optimization experience.

Key Features

  • Scenario planning: The platform provides scenario planning capabilities, allowing you to strategize and optimize routes based on various scenarios and variables.
  • Vehicle maintenance: You can incorporate considerations for vehicle maintenance into your route planning. This way, you can ensure that routes are efficient while also accounting for the condition and maintenance needs of the vehicles.
  • Routing alerts: Speedy Route includes routing alerts to keep you informed about potential issues, traffic updates, or other factors that may impact your routes.
  • Route simulation: You can simulate routes to visualize and assess the proposed plan and make informed decisions and adjustments as needed.
  • Clean interface

User review

Chad B., Owner, Restaurants, 11-50 employees

Trial worked great with under 20 addresses. Interface is good.

  • Long time to download routes

User review

Benoit C., Director

Can be slow between 7h and 9h am / 5h and 6h pm….Sometimes when routes are long thé folder split that in 2 folder ( gpx )…plus take long to download organize route.


Small Team: $69 per month, includes 5 drivers and 500 stops

Large Team: $99 per month, includes 10 drivers and 999 stops

Frequently Asked Questions

A delivery route planner app is a software tool designed to optimize logistics and route planning for businesses that rely on deliveries. These delivery route planners are used in a variety of industries, such as courier services, food delivery, retail, and more.

There are several apps available for mapping delivery routes, such as Upper, Routease, EasyRoutes, Straightaway, MyRouteOnline, Circuit Route Planner, Onfleet, MyWay Route Planner, Speedy Route, etc.

There are several free delivery route planners, like Google Maps, Waze, and MapQuest, that can be used for a few stops.

Planning a delivery route can be done using a route planning app. You input the addresses of your stops, and the app optimizes the route for the most efficient path, taking into account factors like traffic, time windows, speed limits, business availability, school zones, and specific delivery options and constraints.

No, free tracking of delivery driving routes can only be accessed via paid plans or free trials of most apps. However, it’s important to check the specific features and limitations of each app to ensure it meets your tracking requirements.

Upper is the best delivery route planner that allows delivery businesses to plan, optimize, and schedule routes. The driver app allows you to manage routing operations with a few simple taps, saving you time, effort, and fuel costs.

Delivery route planning apps often provide real-time tracking, allowing you to monitor the progress of your drivers, receive notifications on completed deliveries, and provide accurate ETAs to customers.

Delivery route planning apps usually have features that allow you to easily add, remove, or reorder stops in real time, accommodating any last-minute changes or additions.

Many route planning apps offer built-in navigation or integration with popular navigation apps, providing turn-by-turn directions and voice guidance for drivers.

Delivery Route Planner Apps – Pave the Way to Efficient Delivery Route Planning

A delivery route planner app is key to streamlining route planning for multi-stop deliveries while minimizing manual effort and errors. While numerous delivery route planner apps are available, it is important to identify your business-specific needs and the features you need. Accordingly, you can vet certain options, test them, take their free trial, and pick the one that suits you best.

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