10 Best Delivery Route Planner Apps for 2024

  • The blog reviews 10 delivery route planner apps, evaluating them based on user interface, route quality, and user ratings.
  • Upper is highlighted for its features like route optimization, real-time tracking, and automated notifications for businesses of all sizes.
  • Other notable apps include DynoRoute for solo drivers, Routific for small to medium businesses, and Onfleet for enterprise-level companies.

Is planning your daily delivery routes getting out of hand?

Are you overwhelmed with frequent manual routing inefficiencies?

Or are you hitting the wall while using Google Maps or Waze for multi-stop route planning?

If so, it is time to switch to a delivery route planner app and end all your routing woes. 

However, finding the right app from a plethora of options available on the market can be hard, especially when they all claim to be the ‘best.’ 

This is why we have compiled a list of the 10 delivery route planning apps in this blog to help you make the right choice. , as follows.

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How We Evaluated These Delivery Route Planner Apps for You?

buyers guide to route optimization software
Best Route Planning Apps

We are humans. And so are delivery drivers. This is why we relate to what they go through, and probably better, as we have been in the delivery industry for a long. So, here we are – with an exhaustive rundown of the top 10 delivery driver apps that can simplify their routes.

Coming to how we finalized this list, we started by spending hours researching the most popular delivery apps worldwide: review platforms, forums where real users interact, social media sites, and articles.

Our quest didn’t end here. We wanted to select apps based on both what we heard from others and what we experienced firsthand. 

Hence, we decided to put our picks to rigorous testing. 

With this in mind, we signed up for their free trial to test features by creating routes with roughly 200-600 stops, subject to trial-period limitations. We ensured all these apps provide route optimization, quick dispatch, GPS tracking, and customer notifications, which are essential for delivery businesses.

To find out how these delivery route planning apps stand out, we compared them based on:

User interface: How easy is using the app productively without external assistance?

Route quality: Are the routes straightforward and easily navigable, or are they criss-crossing, overlapping, and tangled?

User ratings: We considered reviews on independent review sites, including Capterra.

1. Upper

Best for: All types and sizes of delivery businesses, ranging from startups to enterprises

User rating: 4.5 (37)

Upper ecosystem
Upper’s Ecosystem

Upper for Teams

Upper is a comprehensive delivery route planner app focusing on accuracy, speed, timeliness, and adaptability. 

For accuracy, our route planner app enables importing up to 500 stops from the Excel spreadsheet and flags incorrect or duplicate addresses. This solves the problem of manual routing errors and makes a driver’s job easier.

For speed and timeliness, we provide sophisticated routing algorithms to create the shortest and most efficient routes based on delivery time windows, traffic, or drivers’ availability. 

For adaptability, our platform allows mid-route edits to handle priority changes, emergencies, last-minute orders, or cancellations. 

We prioritize drivers’ well-being to boost their retention. This is why we facilitate reassigning the remaining stops along a route to another available team member when a driver calls in sick. 

Here are a few more features that you’ll love.

Upper New Route Plans
Upper for Teams Intuitive Dashboard

Pricing for Teams: 

Upper for Teams starts at $150 per month for 3 users (billed annually) and includes 250 stops, route optimization and planning, and one-click dispatch.

Upper for Solo Drivers

If you are an independent driver who doesn’t have a team but wants the shortest and most cost-efficient routes to complete your daily deliveries, you can consider Upper Solo. 

Upper solo app
Upper for Solo Drivers

User Interface: It is easily navigable and has clear instructions to guide first-time users through how it works and help them utilize the features efficiently. 

Route Quality: Upper may take a little time to generate routes, especially if you have many stops. However, the end result is worth your wait as it not only creates 20% more efficient routes but also avoids crisscrossing and ‘spaghetti’ paths that may be shorter but messier. 

Free Trial: 7 days


Android & iOS

Pricing for Solo Drivers: 

Upper for Solo drivers starts at $4.99/week with options on monthly and yearly plans.


  • Simple and bulk address upload through the spreadsheet import
  • High routing accuracy with address validation ability
  • Robust live tracking, offline navigation, and extensive integration capabilities
  • Excellent customer support during onboarding 


  • No barcode scanning
  • Limited features in the free trial version

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2. DynoRoute

Best for: Independent or solo drivers who need optimal multi-stop routes

User rating: 4.9 (71)

Download DynoRoute!

If you are looking for a flexible pricing model for planning multi-stop delivery routes, DynoRoute can be a good option. Every credit you buy strengthens your claim for better rates. 

DynoRoute credits
DynoRoute Credits

We also loved the freedom it provides to customize stops by adding special instructions or delivery preferences. It can be the best multi-stop route planning app for drivers working as independent contractors looking to simplify daily routing.

Their latest version has also introduced support for two more languages, Spanish and Portuguese, increasing its cross-border usability.  

User interface: Clean and user-friendly navigation that doesn’t require a steep learning curve.

Route Quality: Straightforward and driver-friendly routes with no overlapping and crisscrossing.  


Starts at $9.99 and provides 500 credits




  • Intuitive interface to ensure smooth onboarding
  • Detailed reporting to expedite data-driven decisions
  • Enhanced route visualization for better analysis


  • Not available for Android users
  • Doesn’t function without stable internet 

3. Routific

Best for: Small to medium-sized local delivery businesses

User rating: 4.9 (126)

Small to medium-sized local delivery businesses

Routific stands out for its real-time traffic-based routing, which optimizes routes based on up-to-the-moment traffic patterns, which OptimoRoute doesn’t do. We also loved the timeline view it offers to track the route progress throughout the day.

If drivers are well-acquainted with a region, they can complete deliveries faster and more efficiently. Routific takes care of this by letting you define and assign territories to drivers based on their knowledge of local routes. 

Everything was smooth until we tested customer notifications. As Routific allows limited characters and logos, it restricts their customizability. If order-taking and barcode scanning are deal-breakers for you, this app lacks them. 

User interface: The interface appears clean but has too few instructions to guide users, especially first-timers.

Route Quality: Adequate but not outstanding. While it helped shorten delivery distances, overlapping or crisscrossing between routes was noticed.

Free Trial: 7 Days


$49 per vehicle per month


Android, iOS


  • Predefined route templates to define constraints faster
  • Bulk delivery address import to accelerate routing


  • Integration problems hampering workflows
  • Missing in-app chat that limits mobile communication 

4. Circuit

Best for: Small businesses with basic routing requirements

User rating: 4.8 (99)

Small businesses with basic routing requirements

Circuit Route Planner lets you upload delivery destinations from a CSV file via postcodes, camera scan, and voice search. This allows you to add stops the way you like and expedites address entry (unless you choose to enter stops manually!).

You can also set priority stops to plan routes accordingly and use the “vehicle loading” functionality to note the position of each package in the vehicle. This saves you time finding and unloading the desired parcel at the intended delivery destination. 

While Circuit allows for modifying routes in real time, this app may feel like a drag without a high-speed cellular data connection. 

User Interface: Clean and intuitive interface – good for even beginners.

Route Quality: While the routes are not bad, they are not as acceptable and navigable as desired. Also, in some cases, we had to calculate the length of routes manually, as the system failed to show their length. We couldn’t edit in-progress routes, which was aggravating our inconvenience.

Free Trial: 7 Days


It includes 10 free stops and then starts at $20 per month for up to 500 stops. The price varies by country.


Android, iOS customer satisfaction delivery services fastest route


  • Detailed delivery analytics to evaluate overall performance
  • Multi-depot management to manage multiple depots efficiently


  • Missing CSV file upload function for iOS users
  • Occasionally, messy and tangled routes frustrate drivers

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5. Route4Me

Best for: Large delivery businesses looking for flexible pricing models

User rating: 4.5 (388)

Large delivery businesses looking for flexible pricing models

Route4Me is a feature-rich stand-alone delivery app for drivers best known for its customizability. Unlike other software like Routific or Circuit, this cloud-based route planning solution offers add-ons to meet your unique business needs. 

We could easily resequence our routes anytime using it, making navigation flexible and adaptable to real-time changes. 

Equipped with features like geocoding and territory mapping within the app, Route4Me helps save you the hassle of entering stops manually and making territories out of them to distribute them among drivers. 

However, testing revealed serious issues with its speed as it slows down due to the continuous collection of data. Customers also found the process of marking a route ‘Complete’ tedious in their latest app update as they had to press multiple buttons for it (as our tests revealed).

User Interface: A little clunkier compared to apps like Routific or Upper

Route Quality: Routes may be shorter than Upper but with many overlapping instances. Moreover, journey times are mostly underestimated, leading to inaccurate ETAs.

Free Trial: 7 Days


Starts at $49 per month


Android, iOS


  • Free 10 stops per route
  • In-app voice navigation


  • Driver tracking and delivery analytics are absent 
  • Frequent messy and tangled routes

6. RoadWarrior

Best for: Independent drivers and courier services

User rating: 4.5 (52)

Independent drivers and courier services

Equipped with robust routing, RoadWarrior offers both a mobile app for drivers and the RoadWarrior Flex web app for teams, making it suitable for individuals and businesses alike. The ‘drag-and-drop’ functionality to move stops for route adjustments is pretty cool. 

We also liked how it allows for merging different routes into one to ensure deliveries within stipulated time windows.

Though the RoadWarrior Flex web app supports uploading manifests from FedEx, UPS, OnTrac, and Amazon, that doesn’t match the convenience of spreadsheet upload that Route4Me, Circuit, or Upper offer. 

User Interface: Cluttered and unintuitive, making it hard to navigate.

Free Trial: 7 Days

Route Quality: It facilitates considering multiple variables, including traffic, school zones, tolls, or one-way trips, while optimizing routes, making route optimization mostly reliable. However, it doesn’t flag duplicate or incorrect addresses that may lead to routing inaccuracies.


Starts at $14.99 per month per team member, includes 200 stops per route, and allows 500 optimized stops daily per driver


Android, iOS


  • Efficient route optimization 
  • Bulk order import/export to 


  • Confusing interface making navigation challenging
  • Expensive add-ons starting at $10 for as important functionality as Proof of Delivery

7. Zeo

Best for: Driver fleet management 

User rating: 4.6 (29)

Driver fleet management 

Zeo has the potential to manage last-mile deliveries end-to-end. The flexibility to edit, delete, or reroute your dispatched routes is simply great.

Talking of the features, it lets you:

  • Upload stops from a spreadsheet along with stop-specific notes, 
  • Navigate routes using your preferred GPS app
  • Capture the digital signatures or photos of delivered items
  • Note the position of each parcel to expedite its unloading at the desired destination.

However, we faced difficulty uploading delivery manifests automatically, forcing us to upload them manually. Despite signing up for a premium subscription, the app prompted us to pay again when trying to navigate, revealing the flaws in using the free trial. 

User Interface: A little more complex to use than Upper or Routific.

Route Quality: Despite being adequate, it gave problems that required us to add a fake address when rerouting. We also faced some bugs that led us to restart the app a few times to continue navigation.

Free Trial: 7 Days


$11.97 per seat per month


Android, iOS


  • Extensive feature set good for versatility
  • Ease of editing stops


  • Confusing interface
  • Occasional bugs and glitches

8. Onfleet

Best For: Mid-market to enterprise-level companies 

User rating: 4.6 (93)

Mid-market to enterprise-level companies

Onfleet bills itself as a “complete last-mile delivery solution” that can handle your end-to-end delivery processes. Testing this claim revealed that route optimization was satisfactory but offset by the inability to flag duplicate addresses while importing stops in bulk. 

We found solace in the auto-assign functionality that forms a perfect fit for on-demand businesses, though. This feature auto-allocates tasks to drivers based on availability, location, or skills, to save time and increase fleet dispatching efficiency. 

Unlike Routific or Circuit, Onfleet provides more features, including barcode scanning, but may be more expensive, especially if you have a small delivery business with a handful of customers. 

User interface: Complex at first glance. Onfleet consolidates dispatching and routing operations to give a unified view that may simplify delivery management, though arguably. This is because we found it cluttered with many features that confused us.

Route Quality: Routes created are okayish, if not bad, but there is no color coding to indicate stops along different routes, making it hard to distinguish them. 


The Launch Plan starts at $550/month, which is ideal for small teams, and the Scale Plan starts at $1,265/month, which is suitable for growing operations. 


Android, iOS


  • Integrated forms to collect customers’ feedback
  • Real-time visibility into drivers’ locations


  • Missing route visualization to tell routes apart
  • Address import inaccuracies causing routing errors

9. OptimoRoute

Best for: Businesses with extensive multi-day routing needs

User rating: 4.6 (153)

Businesses with extensive multi-day routing needs

If you seek flexibility in setting up multi-day routes to handle a high volume of pickups and deliveries, OptimoRoute may come in handy for you. The speed of planning – around 1000 routes in minutes, as it claims and our tests found, is really impressive. 

What came as a dampener was criss-crossing and overlapping between routes that were a little beyond ‘acceptable’ (at least that’s what we felt) and inaccurate ETAs to make matters worse.

The’ Return to Depot’ functionality is quite valuable for businesses with multiple stops to cover daily and need drivers to restock their vehicles at least once a day. It allows you to add the depot automatically as a stop on a driver’s route. 

You can also input the number of minutes your driver needs for reloading to plan routes accordingly. However, we couldn’t find geofencing or cash-on-delivery options.

User interface: A little clunky but packed with powerful features at first sight.

Route Quality: While OptimoRoute plans routes in the blink of an eye, some routes were longer than normal, and there was evident crisscrossing in quite a few places, which repulsed us.

Free trial: 30 Days


The Lite Plan’s monthly fee is $39, and the Pro Plan’s fee is $49, with custom options available.


Android, iOS


  • Efficient route scheduling capabilities
  • Multiple driver management


  • Unintuitive interface confusing users
  • Imprecise ETAs causing customer dissatisfaction

10. Logistia

Best for: Businesses requiring core route management functions

User rating: 4.7 (15)

Logistia route planner

Logisita simplifies and optimizes delivery route planning using intelligent algorithms. It also helps define delivery areas to ensure focused and efficient routing for each. 

Customizing routes based on unique driver preferences or familiarity with areas can help ensure better delivery management with minimal issues. 

We liked how it allows for adding product details to drivers’ orders to help them verify their contents before heading out for the day. Financial reports that display the total amount received and payment methods can also be an asset in monitoring financial performance. 

However, loading maps when in use didn’t work well for us as it was too slow. Moreover, picking one order at a time instead of moving all the desired orders to the next day tested our patience. 

The base plan is expensive, considering it doesn’t provide live tracking and ETA notifications.

User Interface: Quite modern and interactive with instructions but has a few glitches and bugs here and there, especially in real-time driver tracking.

Route Quality: Overall, it’s decent, but there are some issues loading and displaying generated routes (and that’s a problem if we prioritize high speed).

Free Trial: 14 Days


Starts at $19 per driver per month (250 addresses/driver), doesn’t provide tracking


Android, iOS


  • Flexible route management 
  • Proof of delivery


  • Glitches with live tracking 
  • Slow loading of maps hampering operational speed

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Frequently Asked Questions

A multi-stop delivery route planner is software that helps businesses plan the most efficient routes for their delivery drivers. It may also provide advanced features like live tracking, live driver tracking, delivery notifications, and proof of delivery.

A route optimization software solution considers constraints like time windows, stop duration, drivers’ working hours, break durations, and traffic to create the most efficient routes. This helps complete deliveries on time while reducing the extra miles and time wasted on the road, maximizing profit margins, and keeping customers happy.

All delivery route planners must provide multi-constrained route optimization to create the most efficient sequence of stops based on delivery distances, business hours, drivers’ start and end times, or priorities. Advanced delivery driver apps like Upper also provide vehicle capacity optimization, live tracking, and proof of delivery.

For a few stops, several free delivery route planners, such as Google Maps, Waze, and MapQuest, can be used.

You can use a multi-stop route planner app to plan and create optimized routes. You input the addresses of your stops, and the app optimizes the route for the most efficient path, considering factors like traffic, time windows, speed limits, business availability, school zones, and specific delivery options and constraints.

Upper is the best delivery route planner that allows delivery businesses to plan, optimize, and schedule unlimited routes with up to 500 stops. The driver app allows you to manage routing operations with simple taps, saving time, effort, and fuel costs.

Streamline Your Daily Delivery Operations with Efficient Routes

Before you complete your daily delivery schedules, you can lay the groundwork for a successful day by choosing the most optimal routes. Using a delivery route planner app can help here.

While several apps are available on the market, your choice of a mobile route planner app depends on your company size, unique feature requirements, budget, and how it helps you address your pain points. 

One thing you must consider is that not every mathematically efficient route turns out to be a practically ‘good’ route. It may involve lots of tangling, overlaps, and crisscrossing, causing drivers to keep circling in the same areas without progress.

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