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You are here because you want to be efficient. We want to help you:

  • Save up 95% of your planning time
  • Save up to 40% of time on the road
  • Reduce your costs of Gas
  • Reduce your salary costs

Our mission is to help businesses with teams of 2 to 10 driver to grow their business. Get started with Upper Route Planner and grow your business.

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 Upper Delivery Route Planner
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What is Upper Route Planner and Who is it For?

Upper Route Planner is a route planning and optimization software to help manage and streamline your delivery operations.

Our user-friendly and simple route planning software is designed with the end user in mind. It is ideal for couriers, meal kit delivery, retail delivery, flower delivery, and any other small business that requires a driver to make multiple stops in one day.

  • Automated Route Planning
  • Import Stops via Excel
  • Import Stops via API
  • One Click Driver Dispatch
  • Drive Mobile App
  • Analytics and Smart Reports

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Experience simple and hassle-free route planning

What Upper Route Planner can do for you?


Add Hundreds of Stops in Seconds

Create your route plans quickly and easily. Instead of wrangling with spreadsheets and printouts, simply import the stops, and let our software do its magic.

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Add Multiple Stops for Route Planning
Get the Shortest Routes

Save 25%+ of Driving Time

Get the shortest Routes

When you plan in pen and paper or excel, your drivers will be wasting time on the road. Using our optimization algorithms, you should be able to cut time on the road, saving gas and drivers’ salaries.



Dispatch Your Drivers
in One-Click

No more headaches in dispatching, communicating, and managing your drivers. One click and you’re ready to roll!

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Dispatch Driver Management
Route Planning App for Drivers


Driver App – Mobile,Android, and Web-based

Your drivers will be in total control. Once they receive their route, all they need to do is click “start”, and they are off. No hassle. No room for mistakes.



Add Photos, Signatures,Notes and More

What happens if a customer complains about the delivery not being made? Need a signature from the user before delivery? We got you covered.

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Proof of Delivery
Routes Data and Analytics


Data and Analytics

Gone are the days of being left in the dark. Get instant answers to all relevant questions to your business.

  • How many stops were delivered yesterday?
  • What stops took the longest time?
  • What stops did we miss?



It’s made my planning and scheduling the routes efficient. Running around the town as and when a new appointment drops in has reduced a lot after using Upper Route Planner app.

Luis and Danielle Rivera

Luis and Danielle Rivera


Managing 4 team members and their routes has never been easier. Simple, easy to use and optimizes effectively. Saves time compared to earlier methods. Love the bulk import function

Jordan Zwicker

Jordan Zwicker


Upper Route saves us time. We deliver frozen goodies. So the fastest route allows us to add more deliveries every day. The mobile app makes it possible to accommodate last-minute changes. While ensuring we still get the most out of our route.They are always finding ways to save us time and money with new features and a proactive support team.

Tim K.

Cynthia & Phred

Experience SIMPLE delivery management today!

Whether your business specializes in delivery of goods, products, food, or services, manual route planning takes way too long and is too inefficient. We are here to help. Upper Route Planner makes route planning a breeze, and will save a surprising amount of time and money, so you can focus on what you want: grow your business and free up your time.

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