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Save Time. Deliver More.With Automated Route Planning, Optimization and Dispatch.

Let’s be honest, no one wants to plan routes for hours and still end up spending more time on the road! Upper Route Planner (a.k.a smart route planner) helps you plan efficient routes with multiple locations in just a matter of seconds. With our most efficient route planner, you can:

  • Save up to 95% of your planning time
  • Serve 40% more customers by optimizing time spent on the road
  • Get an eagle-eye view of your delivery operations

Don’t just believe our words, experience it for yourself…

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 Upper Delivery Route Planner

What is Upper Route Planner and Who is it For?

Upper Route Planner is a route planning and optimization software to help small to medium-size businesses manage and streamline daily delivery operations.

Who Is It For?Ideal for couriers, meal kit delivery, retail delivery, flower delivery, and other small businesses that require delivery drivers to cover multiple destinations in one day. We have designed this software to eliminate the chaos of manual route planning and help you scale your business more profitably with optimized routes and turn-by-turn driving directions.

Why Should You Give It A Try?Trusted by 500+ businesses, our simple route planning software delivers many benefits like

  • Automated Route Planning
  • Import Stops via Excel or API
  • One Click Driver Dispatch
  • Driver Mobile App
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Analytics and Smart Reports

Simple solutions for every business

Flower Delivery Business

Flower Delivery

Making same-day fresh flower deliveries easier for you.

Food Delivery Business


Speedy food deliveries with improved visibility for customers.

Pharmacy Delivery Business

Pharmacy Delivery

Timely and reliable pharmacy deliveries with automated route planning.

Courier Delivery Business

courier Delivery

Planning and optimizing high-volume courier deliveries simplified.

Healthy Meal delivery Business

healthy meal Delivery

Deliver healthy meal kits in the stipulated time window with optimized routes.

Sea Food Delivery Business

sea food Delivery

Automate delivery planning for fresh meat and seafood orders & save time.

Grocery Delivery Business

Grocery Delivery

Save time on the road & improve customer experience with speedy deliveries.

Inspection Services Business

Inspection Services

Plan & optimize complex routes for your inspection services in just a few minutes.

Retail Delivery Business

Retail Delivery

Add flexibility and ease to your retail distribution planning tasks.

What Can Upper Route Planner Do For You?

Upper Route Planner can help you automatically optimize routes, considering many factors like service time, time windows, real-time traffic, and avoiding ferries, tolls, and highways.


Add Hundreds of Stops in Seconds

Create efficient route plans with multiple locations quickly and easily. Instead of wrangling with spreadsheets and printouts, simply import the stops, and let our routing software create multiple routes in less than 5 minutes.

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Add Multiple Stops for Route Planning
Add Parcel Info


Add Parcel Info

Dispatchers can add Parcel details for easy identification. Attach information like Parcel Placement in Vehicle, Parcel Count, & Parcel Photo to a particular stop. It helps your drivers save time when delivering orders.


Save 25% of Driving Time

Get the shortest Routes

When you plan in pen and paper or excel, your drivers will be wasting time on the road. Our optimization algorithm will give you the most efficient routes using which you should be able to cut time on the road, saving gas, and drivers’ salaries.

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Get the Shortest Routes
Dispatch Driver Management


Dispatch Your Drivers in One-Click

No more headaches in dispatching, communicating, and managing your drivers and last minute deliveries. Just one click and you’re ready to roll!



Driver App – Mobile,Android, and Web-based

Your drivers will be in total control. Once they receive their route, all they need to do is click “start”, and they are off. No hassle. No room for mistakes.

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Route Planning App for Drivers
Proof of Delivery


Add Photos, Signatures, Notes, & More

What happens if a customer complains about the delivery not being made? Need a signature from the user before delivery? We got you covered.



Data and Analytics

Gone are the days of being left in the dark. Get instant answers to all relevant questions to your delivery services.

  • How many stops were delivered yesterday?
  • What stops took the longest time?
  • What stops did we miss?


Routes Data and Analytics

A Single, Best Value Plan For All Your Delivery Needs

One simple pricing for all core features to manage your delivery business.

Billed Monthly

Billed Annually

Get 20% OFF!
  • Plan 500 stops at once
  • Driver web app (No need to install / download)
  • Import with excel/csv
  • One-click driver dispatch
  • Proof of delivery (Photo / Signature)
  • Analytics and smart reports
Pay annually and get 20% OFF


$39.99 Per driver/ month (Pay annually)Pay only $479.90 per annum per driver

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I took a part time position at Canada Post during the fall/winter peak parcel delivery season. I decided to try Upper Route Planner and honestly found it to be exactly what I needed. It saved me stress finding delivery locations that were new to me. It saved me time and gas dollars as it optimized my route. Bottom line, I could not imagine completing my daily deliveries without it. It made the parcel delivery job enjoyable!

Darrell May

Darrell May

Managing 4 team members and their routes has never been easier. Simple, easy to use and optimizes effectively. Saves time compared to earlier methods. Love the bulk import function

Jordan Zwicker

Jordan Zwicker

Upper Route saves us time. We deliver frozen goodies. So the fastest route allows us to add more deliveries every day. The mobile app makes it possible to accommodate last-minute changes. While ensuring we still get the most out of our route.They are always finding ways to save us time and money with new features and a proactive support team.

Tim K.

Cynthia & Phred

Experience SIMPLE delivery management today!

Whether your business specializes in delivery of goods, products, food, or services, manual route planning takes way too long and is too inefficient. We are here to help. Upper Route Planner makes route planning a breeze, and will save a surprising amount of time and money, so you can focus on what you want: grow your business and free up your time.

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