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A simple to use, feature rich route planning and optimization software

$39 Per driver/ month (Paid annually)$46.80 Per driver/ month (Paid monthly)Let’s talk

No credit card details required

  • Plan 500 stops at once

  • Driver web app (No need to install / download)

  • Import with excel

  • One-click driver dispatch

  • Proof of delivery (Photo / Signature)

  • Analytics and smart reports

Frequently asked questions
  • What is the primary purpose of Upper Crew?

    Our mission is to save time and money to business owners who drive to multiple stops in any given day.
    The software is designed to drastically cut down planning time and decrease time spent on the road through automated route planning and optimization.

  • I have 2 or more drivers, can I automate route planning for all of them?

    Yes, you can customize our knowledge base platform with your brand name.

  • Can I use Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze or other apps with your app?

    Absolutely. These are apps are excellent for point to point navigation. Our app is complementary as it is used for the planning, optimization, and dispatching. When you start navigating to your stops, you will be prompted to use your favourite navigation tool.

  • Can I increase or decrease the number drivers for “surge” times like Christmas or Special Events?

    Absolutely. We put the customer first. We know that you as a business owner have slower and busier months. We want you to pay for what you need. Need 4 extra drivers for one month to meet demand for the Holidays? Sure! Need to go back down after the Holidays? Sure! (If you didn’t notice, we like to please you, our users).

  • Is there a cancellation fee?

    Nope! Nobody likes cancellation fees, so we don’t want you to pay them either. If you no longer need the service, you can cancel anytime and at the end of the billing period, your account will go dormant. You’ll be able to start again in the future if need be.

  • I have an excel sheet, can I import my addresses from there?

    Oh yes. We know that most of users have an excel list of all their stops for the day. We’ve made the import process lightning-fast and user friendly.

  • Are there any hidden fees?

    Heck nope! Ain’t nobody got time for that!
    We don’t like hidden and neither do you. We have a flat rate and you can change it anytime. We think sneaky business is bad business. We’re in the business of serving you. : )

  • Do you have an API or web link to upload or import addresses?

    Yes. This is typically reserved for our higher tier users. If this is crucial to you, we can help you integrate the import API with your existing systems like e-Commerce, etc.

    Please reach out to us at, or book a demo and let’s chat!

  • Can I Request a New Feature?

    Um… yes! We are there to serve you. If there’s something we can do to make your experience better, we’d love to hear about it. Chances are, it would help someone else too!

  • Do you have support?

    Absolutely! That being said, a good user experience is one where you don’t need support (because it’s so intuitive). However, if you do need support, we are more than ready to help serve.
    (Notice a trend here?: we are customer-focused business!)


It’s made my planning and scheduling the routes efficient. Running around the town as and when a new appointment drops in has reduced a lot after using Upper Route Planner app.

Luis and Danielle Rivera

Luis and Danielle Rivera

Managing 4 team members and their routes has never been easier. Simple, easy to use and optimizes effectively. Saves time compared to earlier methods. Love the bulk import function

Jordan Zwicker

Jordan Zwicker

Upper Route saves us time. We deliver frozen goodies. So the fastest route allows us to add more deliveries every day. The mobile app makes it possible to accommodate last-minute changes. While ensuring we still get the most out of our route.They are always finding ways to save us time and money with new features and a proactive support team.

Tim K.

Cynthia & Phred

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