Simplify Your Pool Service Schedule with Upper

Simplify Your Pool Service Schedule with Upper

Simplify Your Pool Service Schedule with Upper

Managing a busy pool service schedule can be a drag. Upper is here to simplify your day and help you service more pools.

We help you plan smarter routes, stay on track with ease, and keep your customers happy by updating them with real-time ETAs and notifications. No more wasting time with maps, as Upper optimizes your stops to save you time on the road. Focus on what matters most – making pools sparkle and keeping your customers happy.

Optimized Multi-Stop Routes

Optimized Multi-Stop Routes

Upper utilizes advanced algorithms to plan the most efficient routes for your pool technicians, considering real-time traffic and your service priorities.

Simply import customer addresses and job details in bulk – Upper will automatically create optimized multi-stop routes, minimizing drive time and ensuring technicians arrive at each pool on schedule.

This eliminates wasted time on backtracking and allows you to maximize pool cleanings per day.

Optimized Multi-Stop Routes
Route Scheduling, Dispatch, and Chemical Management

Route Scheduling, Dispatch, and Chemical Management

Route Scheduling, Dispatch, and Chemical Management

Upper provides real-time GPS tracking of drivers and vehicles, allowing businesses to accurately calculate Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) for deliveries.

This feature also offers live visibility into the progress of routes and the current status of deliveries, enabling better management and decision-making.

Before Upper, pool schedules were a mess. Now, everything’s clear.


Automatic alerts for clients and real-time updates worked great for us. No more missed appointments or wasted trips- Upper has proved to be the best pool service software for BlueWave Pools!

Sarah K., Pool Technician, BlueWave Pools

Powerful Features for Streamlined Pool Service Operations

Achieve optimal pool service management with Upper’s feature-rich platform. From route planning to pool technician dispatching and customer notifications, Upper allows you to streamline workflows to deliver exceptional service to customers.

How Upper Optimizes Your Entire Delivery Workflow


Enhanced efficiency

Optimized routes minimize travel time, reduce fuel consumption, and enable drivers to complete more deliveries in less time.


Customer satisfaction

Deliver a superior customer experience by providing customers with accurate estimated arrival times and timely notifications.


Streamlined operations

Streamline delivery operations with features like proof of delivery, live driver tracking, automated scheduling, and seamless integration.


Efficient resource use

Upper optimizes resource allocation based on demand and operational requirements, reducing idle time and maximizing productivity.


Insightful decisions

Analytics feature provides valuable insights into delivery performance and inefficiencies, enabling informed decision-making.


Scalability and adaptability

Upper’s customizable features accommodate business growth and changing needs, ensuring adaptability for courier businesses of all sizes.

Stop Wasting Time on Routes, Start Serving More Pools

Upper’s pool service software plans optimized routes, saving you time on the road and maximizing your daily cleanings. Focus on what matters – sparkling pools and happy customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is pool service route software?

    Pool service route software refers to a specialized type of software designed to help pool service businesses efficiently manage and optimize their operations related to route planning, job scheduling, technician dispatching, customer communication, billing and invoicing, and job tracking.

  • What features does pool service route software typically offer?

    Swimming pool service route software typically offers features such as scheduling for recurring maintenance tasks, route optimization to minimize travel time, customer management for personalized service, billing and invoicing, inventory tracking, and reporting for data-driven decision-making.

  • How does Upper pool service route software help optimize routes?

    Upper pool service routing software optimizes routes by analyzing factors such as customer locations, service requirements, technician availability, and travel times. It then generates the most efficient routes for technicians to follow, reducing fuel costs and increasing productivity.

  • How does pool service route software benefit my business??

    Pool service software app benefits your pool service company by streamlining operations, improving scheduling accuracy, optimizing routes for efficiency, enhancing customer management, automating billing processes, and providing insightful reports for better decision-making.

  • Can pool service route software handle scheduling for recurring maintenance tasks?

    Yes, Upper pool service route software can handle scheduling for recurring maintenance tasks. You can set up schedules for regular pool cleanings, chemical adjustments, or equipment checks, automatically assigning them to technicians based on optimized routes.

  • Is it possible to integrate pool service route software with other business systems, such as invoicing or inventory management?

    Yes, Upper pool service dispatch software offers integration options with other business systems, such as invoicing, inventory management, CRM, and more. This integration ensures seamless data flow between different aspects of your business for enhanced efficiency.

  • How much does pool service route software cost?

    The cost of pool cleaning software varies depending on factors such as the provider, features included, number of users, and customization requirements. Some offer subscription-based pricing, while others may have tiered plans with different feature sets. It’s recommended to explore the pricing plans and consider using a free trial to find the best fit for your business needs and budget.