Track Everything, In Real-Time

Get real-time insights into your driver team, scheduled deliveries, and overall operations from the comfort of your laptop.

Live Driver Tracking

Track the driver’s location, progress, and stops on a map in real time.

smart analytics

Streamline Dispatch Operations

Gain complete control and improve dispatch efficiency with real-time insights.


No Additional Devices of Tracking

Convenient real-time tracking ensures privacy and efficiency without additional devices.


Stay in the Loop

Receive real-time alerts for delays, unexpected stops, and stop status updates.


Optimize On-The-Go

Easily adjust routes for unexpected situations or last-minute orders.

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“Since using Upper’s GPS tracking, we’ve significantly
gained real-time visibility into our deliveries and their
activities, improving overall efficiency.”

Sarah Jones

Logistics Manager, Green Meadows Delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can Upper’s GPS tracking help improve driver performance?

    Real-time insights on their activity and total covered routes allow for coaching and route optimization, leading to reduced delivery times and improved efficiency.

  • What kind of data can I track with Upper’s GPS tracking?

    You can track driver location, progress, stops, estimated arrival times, and even traffic conditions in real time.

  • How can Upper’s real-time tracking benefit owners and dispatchers?

    Upper offers complete real-time route visibility, enabling owners and dispatchers to ensure seamless planning and execution and maintain ultimate control.

  • Can real-time tracking improve customer communication for deliveries?

    Absolutely! Upper allows you to provide accurate ETAs and proactive updates to customers, enhancing their delivery experience.

  • What are some of the benefits of using Upper’s real-time tracking for drivers?

    Real-time tracking can benefit drivers by providing them with clear routes, improved communication with dispatchers, and potential route optimization opportunities.

Take Control of Your Deliveries

Keep customers informed, reduce inquiries, and boost satisfaction with Upper’s notifications.