Unlock a new level of efficiency in gas delivery with Upper

Route Optimization for Food Delivery Business

Delivering food always has to be on time to keep your customers happy with your services. Despite having traffic, weather conditions, and limited drivers, you need to be on your toes to serve hot and fresh food with the best route optimization algorithms. To make delivery operations smoother, Upper, food delivery routing software, is here to bring excellence with a set of benefits:

Unlock a new level of efficiency in gas delivery with Upper
  • 4x More Meals Delivery
  • Save up to 12 Hours of Planning Time
  • 85% Increase in Driver Productivity
  • 40% of Fuel Cost Savings
Emily anderson

Upper has been a game-changer for us. Thanks to real-time tracking, we’ve achieved impeccable delivery precision, impressing our customers and elevating our reputation.


Emily Anderson,

Founder of FreshBites
Emily anderson

Top Food Delivery Routing Software Features

Import Stops with Spreadsheet

Import Stops with Spreadsheet

Directly import up to 500 delivery addresses from Excel and CSV files. Filter duplicate addresses and verify incorrect addresses before optimizing routes.

See Food Spreadsheet Import
Import Stops with Spreadsheet
Precise Route Planning and Optimization

Fastest Route Planning and Optimization:

Precise Route Planning and Optimization

Effortlessly manage multiple deliveries with multiple constraints:  priorities, time windows, and much more with Upper.

See Food Delivery Route Planning

Route Scheduling

Route Scheduling

Schedule routes in advance for all the meal deliveries that you get on a regular basis. Scheduling routes in advance for particular dates, times, and drivers will help you save end-time rush.

See Food Delivery Route Scheduling
Route Scheduling
Reliable Proof of Delivery

Reliable Proof of Delivery

Reliable Proof of Delivery

Maintain transparency and trust with your customers while significantly reducing the risk of fraudulent refund claims.

See Proof of Food Delivery

Dynamic ETAs and Customer Notifications

Dynamic ETAs and Customer Notifications

Send customer notifications and dynamic ETAs: Keep your clients updated and content with the timely status of their orders.

See Food Delivery Notifications
Dynamic ETAs and Customer Notifications
Real-Time Visibility

Real-Time Visibility

Real-Time Visibility

Enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction by ensuring real time visibility for both dispatchers and consumers.

See Food Delivery Live Tracking

Top Food Delivery Route Planning Software Accredited By

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How does Route Planning Software
help to grow your food delivery business?

Boosting Efficiency

Boost Efficiency

Serving more customers without adding more drivers, resulting in increased overall efficiency.

Happy Customers

Happy Customers

Keep your customers happy and satisfied with timely deliveries of fresh food and meals.

Improving Daily Operations

Improve Daily Operations

Get control over dispatch operations with real-time visibility of delivery status.

Ensuring Punctuality

Ensure Punctuality

On-time deliveries using an advanced food delivery route planner.

Keep Your Customers in Loop

Keep Your Customers in Loop

Notify your customers and keep them updated about their orders and the overall status.

Customized Experiences

Customized Experiences

Personalized food delivery experiences with custom delivery instructions.

Which Food Businesses Can
Benefit from Upper?

green-tick Restaurants & Cafes
green-tick Ghost Kitchens
green-tick Meal Prep & Subscriptions
green-tick Catering
green-tick Food Trucks
green-tick Farm to Table
green-tick Bakeries & Pastries
green-tick Ice Cream Shops
green-tick Specialty Food Stores
green-tick Groceries
green-tick Seafood
green-tick Butchers
green-tick Dairy
green-tick Coffee Roasting
green-tick Beverages
green-tick Health Foods
green-tick Ethnic Foods
green-tick Confectioneries

How to Improve Your Food Delivery Service
With Smarter Routes

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Know How Chef Nicole Miamis

Know How Chef
Nicole Miami’s

Discover how Chef Nicole increased daily deliveries by 4x with the same number of drivers.

Integrate with Your Software

Integrate with
Your Software

Integrate with your existing food ordering system easily. Book a demo to know more.

Frequently asked questions

  • How can I Integrate Upper with my existing food ordering and tracking systems?

    To integrate the Upper Route Planner app with your existing food ordering systems, you can make use of the Upper Route Planner API that seamlessly integrates with most food ordering and tracking systems. This integration will streamline your workflows, ensuring efficient route planning and real-time updates across all platforms.

  • How does GPS tracking in Upper enhance the food delivery experience?

    Upper’s GPS tracking helps you to get real-time visibility of each driver and delivery, allowing you to update precise ETAs to your customers and improve route management for drivers. Overall, this multi-stop route planner will improve the delivery experience by ensuring timely and transparent service.

  • How do customer notifications work with Upper for my meal delivery business?

    Upper’s customer notifications feature allows for automated and customizable updates via text and email. This feature keeps your customers well-informed about their meal deliveries, from dispatch to doorstep, enhancing transparency and customer satisfaction.

  • How can Upper help our food delivery service ensure timely deliveries?

    Upper optimizes delivery routes in real-time, considering factors like traffic, distance, and delivery windows. This ensures that the most efficient paths are chosen and users save time, leading to faster, more reliable delivery times.

  • Can Upper help our food delivery business make data-driven decisions?

    Yes, absolutely. Upper provides detailed analytics and reports on delivery performance, including route efficiency, delivery times, driver productivity, and turn directions data. Through this data, you can make informed and strategic decisions for continuous improvement.