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Rakesh Patel

Founder of Upper Route Planner

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Rakesh Patel isn’t just a Founder; he’s an industry luminary with 28 years in IT and for over 10 years, working on reverse geotagging technology. Before leading Upper Route Planner, he authored two defining books on reverse geotagging, setting the standard for the field. His credentials go beyond a stellar resume; they serve as a seal of trust and expertise in routing.

At Upper Route Planner, Rakesh has turned his expertise into actionable solutions, simplifying logistics for businesses big and small. His commitment to innovation and efficiency has earned him recognition, making him a trusted name for anyone facing route optimization challenges.

Beyond his professional achievements, Rakesh is a leader committed to sharing his extensive knowledge. Whether through insightful blogs or industry talks, he continually contributes to the broader understanding of modern-day logistics challenges, making him an invaluable resource in the field.

A step was taken towards success by Rakesh and his team

  • Rakesh backs his entire team to analyze the root of the cause resulting in delivery delays. In fact, they make a collective effort to reduce the burden of manually planning the routes and assigning them as per the driver’s availability.
  • Besides route planning, the team provides round-the-clock support to clients working on small or large delivery projects across the globe.
  • On the other hand, Rakesh keeps having healthy conversations with many business runners handling time-sensitive delivery operations.

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Wondering How it All Got Started? Here’s a Sneak Peak into Rakesh’s Journey

Stepping into the world of technologies

Rakesh volunteered for the India Hackathon event organized at Mountain View, CA, by providing technical support. Then, Rakesh joined Skymax Laboratories Ltd, where he used to implement and give training on ERP in early 2004. Later, he joined IndiaNIC as Sr. project manager in June 2007, and after 2 years, he got promoted to AVP in the IT service department.

In 2010, Rakesh Patel founded Space-O Technologies to provide custom mobile applications for iPad, iPhone, Android, and Blackberry for clients across the US, Canada, and major European countries.

Laying a foundation stone

Having a team of IT experts, Rakesh Patel founded Upper Route Planner to set drivers, dispatchers, and admins free from manually route planning hassles. His ultimate goal was to fix the delivery issues and disperse communication gaps between drivers and the backend team. He led the charge to provide delivery owners with a simple routing solution to overcome route planning hassles and eventually help them achieve their targets in a minimum time.

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Regarding sponsored content, Rakesh is happy to post more than one piece of content in the Upper’s blog section only if it is intended for a high level of engagement. In simple words, he needs a sponsored post written by an expert who has detailed knowledge of the product.

Also, the content will be internally linked to the other blogs as we want to get it to the right audience. We will also earn affiliate commissions via content promoted or purchased through our website. So, in case you are interested in writing for Upper, below are the criteria you should follow.

  • Do in-depth research about your article
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  • Avoid writing long paragraphs
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Parting words

Rakesh is more than happy to share his thoughts on delivery-based companies, the industrial revolution, automated routing process and about raising cut-throat competition via daily blogs and guides.