• Searches for online gift delivery have grown up to 80%.

  • Food gifting will grow by a 4.2% compound annual rate in 2024.

  • Support for local & independent gift businesses is growing.

  • U.S. Gift & Incentive Card market to cross $221 Billion by 2024.

Inspire Expression, Connection, & Celebration With Timely Gift Deliveries

Inspire with timely gift deliveries

The gift-buying and giving behavior of the customers is constantly changing. New trends are introduced to us every now and then. From last year, people are overcompensating to make up for lost experiences during the pandemic.

Food gifts, as a token of appreciation and affection, are gaining a lot of traction. Food gifts are also preferred as the most practical option.

In addition to that, the overall experience matters a great deal. Late deliveries, stolen goods, gifts reaching the wrong address, damaged packages are not tolerated. To reach your customers on time and keep them happy, you need the right route planner and optimizing software at your disposal.

Think beyond traditional gift delivery service

Thinking Beyond The Traditional Gift Delivery Service

According to the customer trends, your customers are thinking beyond traditional gift-giving

This pushes gift basket delivery businesses to offer something beyond the traditional gift delivery process to match the customers’ demand.

It is possible to meet modern customer demands with efforts to make deliveries faster and communication easier. Upper Route Planner helps you create a memorable gift delivery experience to delight your customers.

  • 8 hoursof planning time saved per week.
  • 100+Deliver packages each day.
  • 40%order capacity increased.
  • 500 stopsPlan up to for each route.

Avoid Late Deliveries & Deliver Right Goods To The Right People

  • Automate Route Planning

    Automate Route Planning

    During the holiday season, the deliveries do not come at par with the increasing demand for gift cards and packages due to manual planning. With Upper, they can plan delivery routes in less than 5 minutes and have their drivers be on their way.
  • Boost Driver Efficiency

    Boost Driver Efficiency

    Save your drivers from the trouble of manually looking for each address on Google Maps. Instead, empower them with savvy software like Upper that offers optimized routes, package location in the car, and notes from customers.
  • Informed Customers Are Happy Customers

    Informed Customers Are Happy Customers

    Clients expect accurate information for the deliveries they will receive. Keeping them informed with accurate ETAs, delivery notifications through email or SMS, and live package tracking link to keep them in the loop helps immensely in creating a delightful customer experience.
  • Prioritize Gift Delivery Addresses

    Prioritize Gift Delivery Addresses

    Managing priority deliveries is often a challenge for a gift delivery service during the busy festive season. Upper helps you prioritize certain delivery stops over others and plan the route accordingly, thanks to its savvy route optimization algorithm.
Elevate gifting experience with upper
Elevate The Gifting Experience For Each Of Your Customers With Upper

Whether it’s Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or Mother’s Day, ensure all your gift deliveries reach the right customers on time.

Sort Out Delivery Planning Chaos & Boost Efficiency With Our Savvy Features

Optimize Gift Baskets Delivery Instantly

  • Gift Delivery Route Optimization

    Gift Delivery Route Optimization

    Uppers powerful optimization algorithm optimizes up to 500 delivery stops at once. Optimize routes for multiple drivers in less than 5 minutes.

  • Import Routes from Excel

    Import Routes from Excel

    Dispatchers can easily save hours of planning time by simply uploading a sheet full of addresses with our Excel Import feature.

Import gift delivery routes from excel
Optimize gift delivery routes according delivery constraints
  • Optimize According Delivery Constraints

    Optimize According Delivery Constraints

    All delivery stops will be arranged according to delivery constraints like delivery time windows, urgency, service time, driver availability, and road closures.

  • One-click Driver Dispatch

    One-click Driver Dispatch

    Send out routes to your delivery drivers through email or text with a single click. Optimize & dispatch instantly.

Improve Birthday Gift Delivery Experience

  • Customer Notifications

    Customer Notifications

    Customers receive delivery notifications through email or text. These include accurate ETAs to keep your customers informed at all times.

  • Package Location for Customers

    Package Location for Customers

    Provide your customers with the package location to help improve visibility into the delivery operations.

Improve birthday gift delivery experience
Package location for gift delivery drivers
  • Package Location for Drivers

    Package Location for Drivers

    Provide your drivers with the location of the package in the vehicle. It makes their job easier for every delivery.

  • Customer Notes for Drivers

    Customer Notes for Drivers

    Customers can send delivery notes for drivers directly. Notes keep your drivers informed about how the delivery needs to be done.

Documenting Gift Delivery Services

  • Get Electronic Proof of Delivery

    Get Electronic Proof of Delivery

    Drivers can now take more responsibility and accountability for each delivery by capturing and presenting customer signatures or images as delivery proof.

  • Generate Insightful Reports

    Generate Insightful Reports

    Gauge efficiency by generating daily, weekly, or monthly reports for each delivery. Reports help you reflect on your daily delivery tasks & take less time to plan for payroll.

Documenting gift delivery services
Get access to fast dynamic route optimization software
Get Access To Fast, Dynamic Route Optimization Using Upper

Our powerful routing technology helps you plan routes in minutes to quickly get your drivers on the road.

Here’s How Upper Manages Your Gift Delivery Business

Look After Your Drivers

Look After Your Drivers

Arrange gift packages according to the route followed for delivery. Drivers receive package info details like number of packages and location of the package in the vehicle.

Offer Great Delivery Experiences

Offer Great Delivery Experiences

Recipient notifications, package location, notes for drivers, & delivery proof help you elevate the delivery experience for all your customers.

Fairer Compensation System

A Fairer Compensation System

Know the number of hours your drivers worked with daily delivery reports. The reports help you establish a straightforward compensation system.

Reduce Back  Office Load

Reduce Back Office Load

Saving up to 10 hours of time in planning activities every week, helps you reduce back-office load. It helps improve dispatcher productivity.

Charter Unfamiliar Localities with Ease

Charter Unfamiliar Localities with Ease

Your drivers get a well-defined route map with all the right details for each customer and stop. Delivering to unknown localities is easier now.

Offer Curbside Delivery to Your Customers

Offer Curbside Delivery to Your Customers

Facilitate curbside delivery option for customers with a specific demand for the package to be delivered at the sidewalk. It also helps your drivers save time on the road.

Prioritize Specific Deliveries

Prioritize Specific Deliveries

Prioritize delivery stops as Crucial, High, Medium, & Low. Set priorities to distinguish between high-priority stop tasks and the stops that could be left unfulfilled.

Generate Daily Reports

Generate Daily Reports

Get daily insights into the inspection jobs done throughout the day. You can generate daily, weekly, or monthly reports for each inspector individually.

Create A Memorable Gift Delivery Experience For Your Customers

Deliver each gift package with a seamless delivery experience every time only with our gift delivery software.