Trace Your Package Without Leaving
Your Comfort Zone

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Finding packages is now at your fingertips

At Upper, you can track your package anytime. No matter which shipping service you choose UPS, FedEx, or XPO Logistics, just type your tracking number and find out where the parcel is.

Get updated delivery
status instantly

Drop your tracking ID
on the search bar to know
soon it will get delivered.

Ideal for top
courier services

The tracker works for popular
shipping services worldwide
like DHL, FedEx, and others.

Access delivery status
within seconds

Know when your parcel will
come out for delivery
with a single click.

No more hassles
about parcel delivery

Discover where your parcel
is lying and at what time
it will get delivered.

Package Tracker FAQ

How do I know if my package is out for delivery?

To know the package delivery status, you need to enter your tracking ID number on Upper’s package tracker. Once you enter the details, then click on the finder and you will get the updated status regarding the delivery of your parcel. Some delivery businesses also use automated notifications when the delivery process is taking place. By doing so, they can inform the customers when their package is estimated to arrive via text or email.

What is the tracking ID number?

A tracking ID is basically a number or code assigned to you at the time of placing an order. This tracking ID helps you to know the progress of the delivery. In case you don’t have a tracking ID, you can scan a barcode on your smartphone and check the current delivery status.

How does Upper’s package tracker work?

Upper’s package finder is a user-friendly feature that helps you know where the parcel has reached or how soon it will be delivered. For that, all you just need to do is enter your tracking ID, choose the name of your courier company and get the current status of your parcel delivery with just a few clicks.

What’s the difference between tracking ID and order number?

A tracking ID can be used to trace and track the parcel to get the updated delivery status. Whereas the order number is just an assigned number to your purchased order to schedule deliveries and can’t work as a parcel tracker ID. The order number is used for transaction purposes at the time of invoicing. .