Scheduling Routes in Just a Few Seconds

Optimize and schedule pickups & deliveries for weeks ahead, ensuring weekly schedules are given to drivers or professionals ahead of time.

Dynamic Scheduling

Easily adjust routes on the go for unexpected situations or last-minute orders.

smart analytics

Recurring Route

Set up recurring stops for efficient repeated deliveries.


Drag & Drop Flexibility

Fine-tune schedules easily. Just drag & drop to adjust routes for optimal efficiency.


Mult-Driver Scheduling

Easily manage multiple drivers and routes. Optimized planning leads to unmatched efficiency.

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Adaptable to Last-Minute Changes

Instantly respond to last-minute changes or emergencies and ensure operational continuity.


“Upper’s route scheduling has significantly
helped us in reducing our fuel consumption by
optimizing delivery routes.”

David Lee

Operations Manager, Best Deliveries

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How far in advance can I schedule routes using Upper’s route scheduling feature?

    Upper’s route scheduling allows you to plan routes months in advance, giving you the flexibility to schedule routes based on your business needs.

  • Is it possible to archive and access previously scheduled routes with Upper?

    Yes, Upper provides proactive route planning and archiving. You can plan routes in advance and easily access archived routes, ensuring swift operations and historical reference when needed.

  • Can I schedule routes for multiple drivers and vehicles simultaneously?

    Absolutely. Upper’s route scheduling is designed to manage multiple drivers and vehicles efficiently. You can optimize planning to achieve unmatched efficiency in your route management.

  • How does Upper’s route scheduling adapt to last-minute changes in routes or drivers?

    Upper’s route scheduling is adaptable to last-minute changes. Whether responding to vehicle issues or unexpected driver changes, the system’s flexibility ensures operational continuity without disruption.

  • Is there a limit to the number of routes I can schedule at once with Upper?

    Upper is scalable and accommodates businesses of various sizes. The number of routes you can schedule is typically unlimited, ensuring flexibility for businesses with diverse operational needs.

  • How does Upper integrate with my existing software?

    Upper offers integrations with popular delivery management platforms and eCommerce software. So you can easily integrate Upper with your existing software.

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