Reduce last-mile delivery costs with optimized routes

Reducing Last-mile Delivery Costs with Highly Optimized Delivery Routes

Our route scheduling and optimization capabilities help you reduce miles traveled, minimize fuel costs, and boost revenue

Our real-time routing technology enables much faster delivery planning and scheduling. It analyzes not only static road conditions but also dynamic traffic patterns for efficient route optimization.

Furniture retailers can quickly rearrange their delivery plans to fit in unplanned events or priority requests. Such dynamic needs require a dynamic software like Upper Route Planner.

Focus On Efficiency & Optimization To Scale Your Deliveries

Wondering how your competitors or other furniture businesses expand their operations? It is only possible when they focus on efficient processes and optimized outcomes.

Scaling a business is not only about selling or delivering more orders. It is about doing more and saving more with each sale i.e. making more customers happy and saving more time and resources.

To successfully run a furniture delivery operation, you need a route planning software that helps you:

  • Speedy route scheduling

    Avoid time-consuming planning activities

  • Reduce fuel and labor expenses

    Reduce fuel and labor expenses

  • Offer personalized delivery experience

    Keep your customers happy

  • Expand your operations without expanding yourself

    Expand your operations without expanding yourself

Focus on efficiency and optimization
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Upper Route Planner – The Brain Behind Your Furniture Delivery Operations

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  • Automate Delivery Scheduling

    Automate Scheduling

    ​​Organize delivery schedules for months in advance and create optimized routes with our furniture delivery software to improve back-office efficiency and save up to 6 hours each week.
  • Optimize Time & Resources

    Optimize Time & Resources

    Create consistently optimized routes that slash travel time, cut costs, and optimize resources – while minimizing any risk to your business. Our user-friendly & intuitive system ensures you are not wasting time anymore.
  • Impressing Your Customers

    Impressing Your Customers

    Don’t you love it when businesses keep you in the loop and inform you about the whereabouts of your package? Your customers want the same thing from you. Our customer notification feature helps you keep them updated and happy at all times.
  • Scale Your Deliveries

    Scale Your Deliveries

    Deliver furniture to more customers every hour of every day with our easy-to-use, time and cost-efficient furniture delivery route planner. With the support of your industry-leading technology, you are bound to scale your operations.

Get Your Hands on Upper Route Planner to Balance Efficiency & Customer Satisfaction

Our powerful route optimization technology saves time, increases customer satisfaction, and improves your bottom line.

Get your hands on upper route planner

Schedule Deliveries, Dispatch Routes, and Improve Customer Experience With Upper Route Planner

Furniture Delivery Scheduling

  • Route Scheduling in Advance

    Route Scheduling in Advance

    Our advanced scheduling algorithm is designed to help you automate the planning of your furniture deliveries.
  • Instant Route Optimization

    Instant Route Optimization

    Optimize delivery routes for multiple drivers instantly. Automating route planning and optimization helps you save up to 6 hours of manual optimization time every week.
Furniture delivery scheduling optimization
Build the routes as per your priority

Build Tighter Routes

  • Set Priority Stops

    Set Priority Stops

    Prioritize your delivery orders and ensure timely delivery of urgent orders. All your stops are arranged according to the priority order you allocate to each stop.
  • Delivery Constraints & Other Details

    Delivery Constraints & Other Details

    To build tighter routes, we ensure factors like time constraints, delivery time windows, and driver availability are considered. The route produced then will be the most optimized result.

Offer Exceptional Customer Service

  • Customer Notifications

    Customer Notifications

    Keeping your customers informed is key to exceptional service. Our customer notifications through email or SMS help you maintain that level of customer service.
  • Proof of Delivery

    Proof of Delivery

    Customer signatures and images of furniture delivered helps you create evidence of successful delivery. False claims and customer complaints can be easily countered with proof of delivery.
Offer exceptional customer service
Make it easy for your drivers

Make It Easy for Your Drivers

  • One-click Dispatch

    One-click Dispatch

    Your drivers can receive their daily delivery tasks on their phone through SMS or email. With a single click, you can send out optimized routes to all your drivers.
  • Parcel Information

    Delivery instructions

    Dispatchers can provide important instructions directly to the furniture delivery drivers to ensure timely deliveries. Drivers can easily check them out on their mobile phones instead of receiving a phone call.
Industry leading solution to support all businesses

Industry Leading Solution To Support Businesses of All Sizes

Try out our route optimization software and you will see what we mean.

Why Use Upper Route Planner for Furniture Delivery?

Scheduling Chaos Solved

Scheduling Chaos Solved

Why take hours to plan your daily delivery tasks when Upper Route Planner can do it for you in minutes? Upper Route Planner helps schedule all your delivery tasks for months in advance.
Use Delivery Resources to Full Potential

Use Delivery Resources to Full Potential

Take full advantage of all the resources at your disposal like multiple vehicles, drivers, and fuel with an efficient and smooth-running process.
Optimize Time & Resources

Optimize Time & Resources

Our route planning software is a time-effective and cost-effective tool to help furniture delivery businesses use their resources (people and money) wisely.
Make Your Customers Happy

Make Your Customers Happy

With accurate ETAs, customer notifications, and timely deliveries, you can impress your customers and keep them happy.
Fitting in Last-minute Requests

Fitting in Last-minute Requests

Adding last-minute requests in your driver’s schedule is possible. Optimize the route in less than 2 minutes to fit in the last-minute changes requests without delaying the start time.
Avoid False Claims

Avoid False Claims

You’re bound to get complaints about damaged furniture long after its delivered. Proof of delivery helps you against any false claims arising from customers.
Helps Make Better Decisions

Helps Make Better Decisions

Our detailed reports provide you with all the insights like number of furniture pieces delivered and total number of driver hours per week.
Planning For The Future

Planning For The Future

Swamped with delivery orders for the next 4 months and absolutely no time to plan? That’s where Upper Route Planner can jump in and automate the planning for months in advance.
Start Optimizing Your Furniture Delivery Operations Today

See Upper Route Planner’s optimization capabilities in action.