Ecommerce delivery stats
  • E-commerce sales are projected to increase from $4.9 trillion to $6.4 trillion in 2024.
  • B2B customers demand the same experience as B2C customers.
  • 57% consumers are willing to purchase from independent businesses.
  • Over 50% consumers emphasize on personalized shopping experience.

Automate Your Ecommerce Delivery Route Planning & Scheduling

Scheduling multiple deliveries throughout the day, tackling priority orders, keeping your customers informed, cutting down transportation costs, and many more challenges befall ecommerce businesses daily.

Ecommerce businesses need to add more flexibility to their driver schedules. To adapt to these challenges & other last minute adjustments, you need a software solution that helps you in the moment of crisis.

Let Upper take the lead for your ecommerce logistics operations to tackle all your scheduling & delivery challenges.
Automate ecommerce delivery route planning and scheduling
Cut down planning time and delivery costs

Cut Down Planning Time & Delivery Costs With Upper

Uppers powerful route optimization and scheduling algorithm help you create optimized route schedules. Dispatchers can add up to 500 stops and create routes for multiple drivers simultaneously.

Tackling complicated, high-volume delivery schedules for your eCommerce logistics operations becomes easier with the support of Upper Route Planner.

  • Save up to 90% of your planning Cut down planning & scheduling time by 80%.
  • Boost pick up and delivery capacityBoost pick up & delivery capacity by 40%.
  • Record proof of delivery for all ordersRecord proof of delivery for every order delivered.
  • Get recipient notificationsImprove customer communication and experience.
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Offer Faster Deliveries With Enhanced Visibility

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  • Save time in planning and scheduling

    Schedule High-volume Deliveries

    Ditch the manual scheduling and planning process. Instead, adopt a more streamlined approach with automated route planning and scheduling. Planning high-volume delivery routes with specific delivery constraints become a breeze with Upper.
  •  Offer A Transparent Delivery Process

    Offer A Transparent Delivery Process

    Ecommerce industry deals with evolving customer demands. One demand that needs to be met at all times is clear communication and a transparent delivery process. Provide your customers with more visibility into the delivery process with Upper Route Planner.
  • Cut Down Costs

    Cut Down Costs

    Making your donors or recipients wait is bad enough. Not being able to inform about the delays affects your image further. With communication tools like recipient notifications, accurate ETAs, and tracking link, your donors and recipients are kept informed at every stage of the pickup and delivery process.
  • Blend Pick-up & Delivery Orders

    Blend Pick-up & Delivery Orders

    Combining and scheduling hundreds of pickup and drop-off points in the same route is key for any ecommerce business. Upper helps you blend pickup and delivery orders in the same route effortlessly whether you’re serving B2B or B2C customers.

Mold An Effective Delivery Experience For Your Customers

Upper ensures your e-commerce deliveries are on-time and your customers are updated at all levels.

Mold effective delivery experience
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Combine Powerful Route Scheduling & Smooth Communication For A Top-Notch Delivery Experience

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Optimize & Dispatch Delivery Routes

  • Plan & Optimize up to 500 Stops

    Plan & Optimize up to 500 Stops

    Upper’s intelligent route optimization algorithm helps dispatchers optimize routes for multiple drivers throughout the day.
  • One click driver dispatch

    One-click Dispatch

    Drivers can receive daily delivery routes from dispatchers on their phones through email or text. Dispatchers can send out route schedules with a single click.
Optimize and dispatch delivery routes
Add specific details

Add Specific Details

  • Delivery Constraints

    Delivery Constraints

    Set specific delivery constraints and optimize each stop accordingly. Get optimal routes by taking into consideration delivery constraints like delivery time windows, service time, and curbside delivery.
  • save time

    Service time

    Simply add your service time to your preferred stop and let the route planner generate the most efficient routes based on the given details. By doing so, your on-field team will know how much time they need to complete the service at the particular stop.

Improving Customer Experience

  • Customer Notifications

    Customer Notifications

    Customers receive delivery notifications through SMS or email. The notifications include accurate ETAs along with a package tracking link to help improve visibility into the delivery operations.
  • Package Tracking Link

    Package Tracking Link

    A package tracking link at every stage of the delivery process is provided to the customer. It helps boost the overall customer experience.
Improving customer experience
Keep records and measure efficiency

Keep Records & Measure Efficiency

Enhance ecommerce delivery process

Enhance E-commerce Delivery Process With Upper Route Planner

Get access to all the functionalities you need to escalate your pick up and delivery process.

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How Does Upper Manage E-commerce Deliveries?

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Avoid Backtracking

Avoid Backtracking

Steer clear of backtracking and omitting stops from the route. Upper provides realistic scheduling so you know what to expect on the route in a given time frame.
Improved Flexibility

Improved Flexibility

Making changes to plans made in advance is easier with Upper. Upper Route Planner makes your logistics process flexible to accommodate last-minute changes.
Reduce back office time

Reduce Back Office

Saving up to 10 hours of time in planning activities every week, helps you reduce back-office load. It helps improve dispatcher productivity by helping them focus on urgent matters.
Reduce Fuel Costs

Reduce Fuel Costs

Optimized routes help your drivers save time on the road. Less time on the road means less fuel used and more money saved with each route.
Performance Reports & Analytics

Performance Reports & Analytics

Create detailed performance reports to help you understand the working of your delivery process. Detailed reports & analytics help you make better decisions as well.
Plan for weeks in advance

Plan for Weeks in Advance

Upper helps you reduce time in scheduling and delivering more orders per route. You can create multiple route schedules for future deliveries and save them for later use.
Boost Visibility for Customers

Boost Visibility for Customers

Customer notifications, accurate ETAs, and package location help your customers be informed at all stages of the delivery process.
Prioritize specific deliveries

Prioritize Specific Deliveries

Prioritize delivery stops as Crucial, High, Medium, & Low. Set priorities to distinguish between high-priority stop tasks and the stops with lower priority.
Save Costs, Boost Revenue

Reduce cost-per driver for your e-commerce business with Upper and increase overall revenue!