Secret to Happy Customers

Send automated delivery notifications that build trust and enhance customer experience.

Multi-Channel Communication

Send notifications via email, text (SMS), or both for maximum flexibility.

smart analytics

Tailored Communications

Add your custom messaging and branded notifications for a consistent experience.


Set It and Forget It

Automate notifications based on route status, eliminating manual tasks.


Targeted Delivery Updates

Choose which notifications are sent via which channel.


Real-time visibility

Send notifications with a real time tracking link, for up to minute updates

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“Our customer feedback has improved dramatically
since implementing Upper’s notifications. People feel
informed and less anxious about deliveries, which
translates to happier customers overall.”

Emily Jones

Customer Success Manager, Bloom Express

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I customize delivery notifications for my customers using Upper?

    Customizing notifications for your customers with Upper is simple. Navigate to the settings, click on the “Delivery Notifications” tab, and easily customize each notification to suit your preferences and brand messaging.

  • What types of notifications can I send to customers with Upper?

    Upper’s customer notifications feature offers a range of communication options. You can send notifications in the form of text or email for various stages such as “Out For Delivery,” “After Delivery,” “Missed Delivery,” and “Notify to Next Customer.” These notifications include real-time updates with dynamic ETAs, ensuring your customers stay well-informed about the status of their deliveries.

  • How does Upper’s customer notifications capability benefit customer communications?

    Upper’s customer notifications capability transforms customer communications by ensuring that the right message is delivered at the right time. This leads to a reduction in ‘Where is my order?’ inquiries and ultimately contributes to increased customer satisfaction.

  • Can I provide real-time tracking to customers using Upper’s customer notifications?

    Absolutely. With Upper, you can provide real-time tracking to your customers through notifications. These notifications include dynamic Estimated Time of Arrival (ETAs) and updates, empowering your customers to stay in control and enhancing their overall service experience.

  • Why do I need to top up my balance to send text notifications with Upper?

    Topping up your balance is necessary to cover the costs associated with sending text delivery notifications. The competitive text message rates offered by Upper vary based on the destination country. Simply visit the Text Notifications page for more details on pricing and to top up your balance visit the “Marketplace” section in the software.

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Keep customers informed, reduce inquiries, and boost satisfaction with Upper’s notifications.