• The floral industry in the United States is worth $5 billion.

  • The global market for ornamental plants and flowers is estimated at 6.3% CGR in 2025.

  • 65% of American customers like to receive flowers as gifts.

  • Valentine’s Day is said to be the biggest floral event of the year.

Which solutions are you opting for in order to make the most of this vast, ever-growing industry?

Delivering flowers to your customers is no more a small companion piece to your flower business.

Half of your floral arrangement orders now rely on home deliveries.

route planner for online flower delivery

Upper is the one-stop solution

that simplifies the planning of your daily delivery route. Create delivery routes for multiple drivers simultaneously, ensuring the flowers reach your customers while they are still fresh!

  • With Upper Plan Different Routes

    Plan and optimize different routes for multiple drivers simultaneously.

  • Upper Helps to Boost Flower Delivery Order

    Boost order capacity and productivity by up to 40%.

  • Upper Helps to Deliver Flower On Time

    On-time delivery at your customer’s doorstep.

  • Florist can Collect Proof of Delivery

    Record proof of delivery for every order delivered.

Route Planner for Daily Flower Delivery Route
Deliver Flowers Using Upper Route Planner

Upper Helps You Deliver Flowers and Smiles To All Your Customers On Time

Managing multiple deliveries for multiple customers is a tedious task. Upper makes planning and delivery easier by optimizing daily delivery routes in just a few minutes.

  • Save Time in Planning

    Free your drivers and dispatchers from manually planning all their delivery routes. Instead, plan and optimize up to 500 stops in less than 5 minutes with features like Import Excel, route optimization, and delivery constraints.

  • Plan in Advance

    Do you need to plan all your deliveries in advance for the month of December? Upload your list of addresses and run the routes in our optimization algorithm. Upper will generate your routes for a specific date in December.

  • Prioritize Delivery Locations

    A particular customer wants their floral arrangements urgently, how do you manage that manually? Optimizing stops according to urgency is easier with Upper. You can optimize your routes to make sure all your urgent orders are given priority over others.

  • Multi-Driver Route Dispatch

    Want to instantly dispatch multiple route plans among 5 of your drivers? Our one-click driver dispatch can send out perfectly optimized routes to your drivers through text or email in the blink of an eye.

Streamlining Delivery of Floral Arrangements Has Never Been This Easy

Save Up to 40% planning time and accommodate more orders with Upper.

Floral Delivery With Upper Route Planner

Upper Takes Your Flower Delivery Business To the Next Level

Plan and Dispatch Instantly

  • Import All Flower Delivery Stops

    Import All Your Delivery Stops Instantly

    Your dispatchers can import and plan up to 500 stops using an Excel sheet. Planning for multiple stops can be done in just a few seconds.

  • With Upper Optimize Multiple Stops for Multiple Drivers

    Optimize Multiple Stops for Multiple Drivers

    Upper’s intelligent optimization algorithm helps optimize 500 stops for multiple drivers in just a few minutes.

Route Planner App for Flower Delivery
Details of Delivery Flower

Details Help You Be More Accurate

  • Upper Help to Set Specific Delivery Constraints

    Set Specific Delivery Constraints

    Dispatchers can set specific delivery constraints and make sure that each stop is optimized accordingly. Delivery constraints like time windows, service time, and curbside delivery are taken into consideration.

  • Upper Helps to Add Delivery Stop Details

    Add Details for Each Stop

    Adding delivery details to each stop helps dispatchers and managers be more specific about each delivery. It helps drivers get distinct information regarding how to carry out a delivery.

Daily Delivery Analytics Made Easy

  • Driver Can Collect Proof of Delivery

    Generate Electronic Proof of Delivery

    Managers can improve accountability in drivers by allowing them to generate electronic proof of delivery by way of capturing pictures, collecting customer signatures or adding specific notes.

  • Upper Provide Flower Delivery Reports

    Reflect Over Your Daily Delivery Tasks

    Reports and analytics help dispatchers and managers get an overview into the deliveries carried out throughout the day, week, or month. It is a useful tool for measuring efficiency.

  • Upper Reassigns the Same Route to Another Driver

    Route Reallocation

    If the driver is not available or not able to fulfil the deliveries on the same day, Upper reassigns the same route to another driver. So, no more chances for flowers to wither and no compromise to affect the flower’s freshness.

Daily Analytics of Flower Delivery
Get Optimized Delivery Route for Flower Deliveries
Champion Your Daily Deliveries with Flawlessly Optimized Routes

Upper brings convenience to your dispatchers and delivery drivers, helping them focus on providing fresh and timely floral delivery services to your customers.


How Does Upper Manage Your Flower Delivery Business?

With Upper Avoid Backtracking

Avoid Backtracking

With the support of Upper’s route planning and optimization abilities, your drivers can make sure that each stop on the route is covered. By doing this, it becomes easier for the drivers to manage all deliveries within a route and steer clear of backtracking.

Upper Manage Delivery

Manage Tight Delivery Schedules

Having a busy time delivering floral arrangements for the festive season? Upper manages to fit in multiple stops in a single route by helping you cut down time in planning and delivering more orders per route.

With Upper Reduce Back Office Load

Reduce Back Office Load

Thoroughly optimized routes not only improve driver performance and help you save time on the road, but it also reduces the back office and improves dispatcher productivity by taking over most of the planning burden.

AWith Route Planning Drivers Can Focus More On The Road

Allow Your Drivers to Focus on the Road

Let your drivers pivot each stop without having to worry about missing a priority or taking the wrong route. With optimized routes, your drivers will focus better on the road, not be burdened with pressure of missing out on a stop and reach their destination on time.

Route Planning Help to Covering Deliveries in Unknown Areas

Charter Unfamiliar Localities with Ease

Covering deliveries in unknown localities is not a problem anymore. Your drivers get a well-defined route map with all the right details for each customer and stop.

Easy Reporting for Flower Deliveries

Easy Reporting for Successful Deliveries

Daily reporting for all your floral arrangements not only improves reporting on the part of the drivers but also reduces extra work for the managers and the need for micromanagement.

Upper Allows More Flower Delivery Orders

Fit in More Orders Seamlessly

Upper allows you to accommodate up to 500 stops in a single route, thanks to its accurate route optimization capabilities. Just put in the addresses, set your delivery constraints and optimize.

 Customer Experience

Enhance Customer Experience

Fast and problem-free delivery is essential when delivering something as delicate as a flower bouquet. Upper helps you optimize all the delivery routes to make deliveries on time and in pristine condition.

Deliver Floral Arrangements in The Right Place at The Right Time

Upper allows you to optimize daily delivery routes and save 95% of your route planning time.