Make Your Flower Delivery Business a Success

Make Your Flower Delivery Business a Success

Make Your Flower Delivery Business a Success

As flowers are perishable and time-sensitive, delivering them on time is imperative for you as a flower business owner to prevent them from withering and ensure they reach customers fresh.

On top of that, you must keep your customers informed on their order statuses in real time. Upper’s routing software can be your go-to solution to make this happen. Its advanced routing capabilities help optimize and adjust routes to handle unforeseen changes and keep deliveries on track.

Upper transformed our flower deliveries!

Mark Anderson

Since using Upper, we can’t tell you how incredible our flower delivery management has been. We can now create the best routes and edit them in seconds. It also allows us to align our delivery schedules with customers’ time preferences to minimize failed deliveries. Thanks to this amazing software, we are making flower orders on time every time while keeping them fresh.

Mark Anderson, Dispatch Manager at FlowerDreams
Mark Anderson

Hassle-Free Flower Delivery Management for Retail Florists

Managing a floral business requires you to deliver fresh flowers on time. Plus, you need to save on your delivery costs for profits.
Upper can be your best flower delivery software to help achieve all this.

Upper Software for Florists: Reach More Customers to Reap More Revenue


Routing accuracy

Replace manual data entry with Upper. Upload hundreds of delivery stops with Import Spreadsheet while avoiding address duplication or errors.


Increased profitability

Utilize advanced routing algorithms to create the most flower delivery routes. Minimize your distance and fuel costs to boost your profit margins.


Effortless dispatching

Inform your multiple drivers of their delivery schedules with a single click. Dispatch planned routes via email or text for them to view on the fly.


Performance insights

Find out the total tasks completed and missed per route and driver. Leverage this information to spot and address major issues to maintain delivery efficiency.


Elevated accountability

Collect photos of floral arrangements or decorative items delivered and customers’ e-signatures to minimize disputes.


High customer loyalty

Turn first-time buyers into loyal clients with personalized communication. Send automated, real-time status updates to reduce support queries.

Manage Flower Deliveries Seamlessly

Use Upper to deliver flowers fresh and on time with optimal routes. Keep your customers engaged with real-time ETAs till their order reaches them.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is flower delivery software, and what is it used for?

    Flower delivery software streamlines the process of managing flower deliveries. This software lets you handle orders, schedule delivery jobs, plan routes, and dispatch them to drivers. It also enables tracking route progress and delivery performance to send real-time alerts to customers and make data-driven decisions. Individual florists, flower shop owners, and flower delivery services typically use it to boost their operational efficiency and customer service.

  • How do flower shops ensure timely delivery with flower delivery management software?

    Upper’s software provides optimized multi-stop delivery routes to ensure your flowers reach customers quickly. It also lets you track the progress of routes in real-time to identify and address issues like accidents or emergencies through mid-route edits and avoid delivery disruptions.

  • What are the benefits of flower delivery management software?

    Using an automated flower delivery platform for local florists provides these primary benefits: 1) Increased efficiency and reduced fuel costs through multi-constrained routes 2) Flexible route adjustments based on changes through dynamic scheduling 3) Continuous delivery progress monitoring and quick issue resolution through GPS tracking. 4) Enhanced customer satisfaction through preference-based deliveries and real-time ETA updates.

  • How do you choose the best florist software for florists?

    The features worth considering when picking the florist software for small florist business owners are: 1) Bulk address import, 2) Dynamic delivery scheduling, 3) Multi-constrained route planning and optimization, 4) One-click route dispatch, 5) Live delivery tracking, 6) Real-time delivery notifications, and 7) Floral-specific reports & analytics

  • How does automated route planning work?

    Upper’s florist management software utilizes advanced algorithms to automate route planning. It takes into account various constraints, such as delivery times, priorities, locations, and other time and distance-related constraints, to create the most efficient routes.

  • Can I make changes to my route plan after it has been optimized?

    Yes, you can change Upper’s florist POS system anytime you need. You can add, edit, and delete any stop, even after optimization. To make changes in the optimized route, you can: 1) First, click on the stop you want to edit, and it will open the stop details 2) Then, click on the edit icon to make the required changes 3) Similarly, if you want to delete any stop, click on the “delete” icon 4) Now, in case of adding a stop, click on “Add Stop” and fill in the required details

  • Can I integrate flower delivery software with business systems like the florist point of sale system or inventory management?

    Yes, Upper flower delivery software allows integration with existing systems like invoicing tools, floral POS systems, florist inventory management, powerful marketing tools, or CRM. This integration ensures a seamless exchange of information across different aspects of your business, ensuring uninterrupted workflow and unmatched agility.

  • Does flower delivery software offer potential customers free trials or demo options?

    Yes, Upper provides a 7 days free trial without requiring credit card details. You can test the features during this trial period to make an informed purchasing decision.