• 35% of U.S. households now rely on eCommerce to purchase groceries.

  • Grocery stores are implementing contactless delivery options.

  • Customers demand more visibility into the delivery process.

  • Grocery orders through eCommerce reached $9.3 billion this year.

Avoid Late Deliveries & Customer Unavailability With Upper

  • Tackle Late Deliveries

    Tackle Late Deliveries:

    The biggest customer complaint of late deliveries can be easily tackled with accurately optimized delivery routes using Upper Route Planner. Now you can reach your customers on time.
  • Handle Customer Unavailability

    Handle Customer Unavailability:

    Drivers often face customer unavailability due to poor or no communication. Reduce miscommunication with Upper’s recipient notifications & drivers’ notes.
Online Grocery Delivery Business

Enhance Customer-Driver Communication and Visibility into the Delivery Process

Fast Grocery Delivery

On average, a grocery delivery driver wastes hours every week in the attempt to get in touch with the customers. On top of that, manual entries for successful or failed deliveries also waste 4-5 hours each week for your delivery drivers.

Not just your delivery drivers, your customers also spend a lot of their time trying to contact the delivery person. Being unable to identify the whereabouts of the delivery package hinders the customer experience.

With the help of Upper, you can scale your high-volume deliveries, meet customer demands, improve communication, and boost customer experience.

Make On-time Deliveries for Your Same-day & Scheduled Grocery Deliveries

Ensuring high-volume grocery deliveries reach customers while its still fresh can be quite stressful. Upper Route Planner wipes that stress away for you by helping you plan efficient schedules and deliver on time.

  • Reduce Planning Time

    Reduce Planning Time

    Saving time on the road starts by saving time in the back office. Instead of manually adding stops and planning routes, automate the planning process and save hours of time.
  • Empower Your Drivers

    Empower Your Drivers

    Keep your drivers updated at all times by sharing optimized routes prior to the delivery start time. Drivers can access the delivery routes and customer details directly on their mobile.
  • Set Priority Stops & Time Windows

    Set Priority Stops & Time Windows

    Grocery businesses often deal with priority orders & strict time windows. Manage these constraints easily with a robust route optimization algorithm.
  • Keep Your Customers Informed

    Keep Your Customers Informed

    Create a delightful experience for your customers by keeping them in the loop with the help of recipient notifications & package location.
Boost Grocery Delivery Business

Avoid Failed Deliveries & Boost Delivery Productivity With Upper

Upper streamlines planning and ensures communication flows smoothly to ensure successful deliveries.

Streamline Grocery Delivery Operations With Upper

Plan and Dispatch Instantly

  • Import Stops

    Import 500 Stops in an Instant

    You can choose to manually add each stop to the software. Or you can upload an Excel sheet of up to 500 stops in a zap.
  • Dynamic route optimization

    Dynamic Route Optimization

    Upper’s dynamic route optimization capabilities generate delivery routes for multiple drivers in a matter of seconds.
Plan and Dispatch Instantly
Optimize Driver Routes and Instant Delivery

Optimize Driver Routes For Instant Delivery

  • Optimize Stops According to Delivery Constraints

    Optimize Stops According to Delivery Constraints

    Our optimization algorithm considers multiple delivery constraints like time windows and priorities while creating routes.
  • Recipient Notifications & Notes for Drivers

    Recipient Notifications & Notes for Drivers

    Keep your customers informed at every step of the delivery process with recipient notifications. Your customers can also leave specific notes for drivers.

Documenting Deliveries & Results

Documenting Deliveries & Results
Plan and Optimize Grocery Delivery
Plan & Optimize Grocery Delivery Routes & Deliver For Orders!

Upper Route Planner makes available smart technology to help take control of your grocery delivery operations.

How Does Upper Route Planner Help Boost Your Grocery Deliveries?

Scale Your Business

Scale Your Business

Upper helps scale high-volume grocery deliveries effortlessly and uplifts your business operations.

Boost Driver Productivity

Boost Driver Productivity

Upper’s perfectly optimized routes let your drivers stay on track and help them deliver more packages in less time.

 Boost Customer Experience

Boost Customer Experience

Create a delightful customer experience with features like recipient notifications, delivery notes for drivers, and proof of delivery.

Reduce Back Office Load

Reduce Back Office Load

Dispatchers save precious back-office hours in creating delivery schedules for drivers with the help of automated route planning.

Maximize Delivery Resources

Maximize Delivery Resources

Our route optimization function helps you save time, achieve better results, and expand the potential of all your delivery resources.

Save Time on the Road

Save Time on the Road

Optimized routes and customer instructions help your drivers save time on the road and reach their destination on the intended time.

Offer Curbside Delivery

Offer Curbside Delivery

Dispatchers can choose the Curbside Delivery option for customers demanding for the package to be delivered at the sidewalk.

Generate Insightful Reports

Generate Insightful Reports

Avoid micromanagement and get insights into each delivery task carried throughout the day with customized delivery reports using Upper.

Check Out Upper’s Optimization Capabilities in Action

Get in touch with us and see how Upper helps boost your grocery delivery operations.