Streamlined Multi-Constrained Logistics Route Planning

Streamlined Multi-Constrained Logistics Route Planning

Streamlined Multi-Constrained Logistics Route Planning

Are you struggling to manage time, distance, and vehicle constraints while planning your transportation routes? Upper can help.

Our logistics route optimization software lets you consider traffic, preferred time slots, drivers’ schedules, and vehicle specifics to generate routes that reduce the time on the road and maximize deliveries.

Multi-Stop Routing and Dynamic Route Optimization

Multi-Stop Routing and Dynamic Route Optimization

Whether you have 50 delivery stops or 500, Upper’s smart routing algorithms help you create the most efficient sequence to cover them all.

Not just that, Upper’s intuitive interface enables you to drag and drop stops in your dispatched routes or swap them between drivers to handle priority changes, drivers’ unavailability, or emergencies effectively.

Multi-Stop Routing and Dynamic Route Optimization

Upper has redefined our logistics.

Client element

Managing our logistics routes has never been so easy for us. Since implementing Upper, we have been able almost to double our deliveries per route – that too with lowered fuel consumption. Can’t thank Upper’s next-gen routing algorithms that helped us achieve this milestone!

Bryan Jones, Delivery Manager, MoveUrGoods Ltd.
Bryan Jones, Delivery Manager, MoveUrGoods Ltd.

Upper’s Features to Ensure Seamless Logistics Management

Want to dispatch routes to your drivers, track their real-time locations, or notify customers of delivery statuses? Upper can do it all and more for you.

Benefits of Upper’s Logistics Route Planning Software


Quick and accurate routing

Upper’s bulk import expedites the stop-input process. Upload your long list of addresses from Excel/CSV files while avoiding duplication or typing errors.


Greater mobility

Whether your drivers are beginning their day or in the middle, empower them to view their schedules and mid-route changes on the go with driver app.


Reduced operational costs

Execute deliveries using the shortest and most fuel-efficient logistics routes, cut fuel costs, and reduce vehicle upkeep expenses.


Improved resource usage

To optimize resource allocation and utilization, allocate routes among drivers based on their shifts, break durations, and vehicles’ volume/weight restrictions.


Reinforced compliance

Set driver-specific constraints like maximum legal speed or weight they can carry to comply with transportation laws and ensure safe driving practices.


Informed decision-making

Track your driver metrics, such as idle time, mileage, or completion rates, to spot operational inefficiencies and make informed decisions.

Speed Up Your Logistics Routes Now!

Cut through delivery constraints, create super-efficient routes, and deliver products on time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is logistics routing software?

    Logistics mapping software is a solution designed to map multiple stops and create optimized routes to reach them. It is used for logistics and transportation. Businesses in courier services, freight and cargo, e-commerce, and retail distribution use it for the shortest and most fuel-efficient routes.

  • How does logistics management software work?

    Logistics fleet management software helps manage your logistics operations centrally. It lets you input order information, create driver profiles, and add delivery addresses. The software then uses algorithms to optimize delivery routes, considering real-time traffic updates, time windows, drivers’ availability, and vehicle specifics like capacity or weight. It also determines the maximum legal speed and access-based constraints like curbside pickup or delivery. It also provides real-time tracking and notifications to inform customers about delivery progress.

  • What are the benefits of logistics routing software for logistics companies?

    Implementing logistics route planner software solutions provides various benefits for companies involved in supply chain and delivery or transportation services. This software helps increase delivery efficiency and reduce operating costs by choosing the most efficient routes.

    It also helps adjust delivery sequences quickly based on priority changes or drivers’ unavailability. Last but not least, it helps improve customer satisfaction through real-time ETAs and timely delivery.

  • What are the key features to look for in logistics routing software?

    The essential features to consider when picking logistics routing software are automated routing and scheduling, one-click route dispatch, real-time visibility into drivers’ movements and delivery statuses, customer notifications, proof of delivery, and reporting & analytics.

  • Can logistics route optimization software integrate with existing business systems?

    Yes, Upper’s logistics optimization software solutions offer an open API that allows you to integrate easily with existing business systems. This integration helps exchange data smoothly across different business aspects and build connected and efficient workflows.

  • How long does it take to implement logistics routing software?

    Modern logistics route planners, like Upper, offer a user-friendly interface and a streamlined onboarding process. It can help you get started with logistics routing for your business within a few minutes.