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APC Overnight is the UK’s biggest package delivery service with more than 100 special, entrepreneurial delivery and collection professionals. Specializing in overnight parcel delivery, the company delivers to people and organizations. It doesn’t just deliver in England, Wales, and Scotland but in more than 200 nations globally.

APC Overnight works as an amazing substitute for faceless delivery. The company truly cares and makes the best effort that your package arrives pristine and at the desired time. It excels in fragile, safe, and liquid items delivery.

Because of its dedicated overnight delivery services, APC Overnight was awarded the Network of the Year award in 2013. It was also the first company to be recognized with the Business of the Year award by Express & Star.

History of APC Overnight

APC Overnight was established in 1994 by a group of professional delivery companies dedicated to offering remarkable parcel delivery service in the UK during the night. The company gradually managed to expand and remains loyal to its founding principles.

  • Providing top-notch services
  • Using the most advanced and best technology
  • Consistently investing in efficiency and safety

Overall the company guarantees a friendly service and streamlined coverage. For more information on APC Overnight, you can email [email protected].

How do Upper Package Tracker and APC Overnight work?

We all understand that time is money, and APC Overnight acknowledges it to the core by providing overnight delivery to ease your work.

Upper Package Tracker comes in handy in this. The tracking services it offers help customers stay updated and gain precise tracking details for all couriers across the globe.

It allows customers to add, optimize and make quick delivery with ease. Upper Route is a customer-friendly service, offering end-to-end tracking for a good experience.

The customer needs to enter the tracking number, choose the “Courier Service Company” from the drop-down menu, and click the “Track my package” option. Within seconds, you will have accurate details on your package.

If you have a package coming from APC Overnight and wish to know where it has reached? Just check it on Upper Package Tracker for free and get all the details.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I choose the right APC Overnight Depot?

APC Overnight runs several depots with exclusiveness in their area. Users cannot use a depot from another area apart from a special arrangement with their local area depot. To find your area depot, you should take the help of a depot finder. Type your postcode, which will direct you to the depot’s contact page.

What are late hours when APC Overnight can deliver?

The time for delivery differs as APC Overnight customizes delivery according to the needs of its customers. The sender should choose the time 9 am, 10 am, 12 am, or 4 pm and the parcel will reaches between 8 am and the chosen hour on the next day.

A major point to note is APC Overnight offers delivery from Monday to Friday, and the Saturday deliveries cost an additional fee.

But, the service is only applicable for domestic deliveries in the UK. If the package is international, the arrival time works as per the local courier delivery. APC Overnight just checks the parcel through customs in its native nation and hands it to the local courier.

Can I collect my package on my own?

Yes, in case you got a “sorry we missed you” card, and you want to collect your package, you can contact the local depot to identify if the package has arrived back there and then go and collect it. Make sure you check the depot’s opening times before you pick it up. Also, bring the card we left along with your identity proof and address confirmation.

How is Upper Package Tracker better than APC Overnight?

Upper Route Planner helps people track their package as soon as possible because we know how important the safety and whereabouts of your package are for you. With Upper Package Tracker, you must enter your package tracking number and allow us to do the rest.

We will track your package using the tracking number and show its exact location. We also offer this service on our app for convenient tracking, even while you’re on the go.

What is the time for delivery of an international parcel with APC Overnight?

The delivery time of international packages differ on the service taken and the distance of the destination country to the UK. Usually, global shipping from the UK takes less than 14 days. But sometimes, it can get delayed because of bad weather, national vacations, and weekends. Another reason a package may get delayed is that the customs are still assessing your parcel before letting it enter the country.

What gives Upper Route Planner an upper hand?

Some of the advantages you get with Upper Route Planner are:

  • The luxury to pick your preferred delivery hour.
  • We offer instant notification when there are any changes to your delivery
  • We offer a complete journey of your package through the map view
  • The route planner provides precise directions for your package delivery.

How can I add my signature for an APC Overnight courier?

If the package has important information or a high-value product, you may need to sign before the parcel is released. Sometimes, the delivery person will ask you to sign by electronic means on the tablet with an e-pen. Sometimes, you may have to sign using a pen on tracking paper. In both situations, you can keep a document copy with yourself stating that you have received the parcel.

What should I do if APC Overnight has lost my parcel?

Before you file a lost parcel report, track your package on Upper Package Tracker to know its last location. Sometimes the package may be tied in customs. However, if your parcel hasn’t gone out for delivery, you should contact the customer support of APC Overnight.

Get the tracking details from them and see if they are able to locate your parcel or compensate you for the items. You should contact your local courier if the parcel was shipped internationally and was last tracked in the destination country. A similar process is followed, and they will ask for details to assess the next step that should be taken.

How long can APC Overnight hold my package?

Sometimes APC Overnight may fail to complete a delivery because the parcel possibly needed a sign and you were unavailable or because they were unable to reach your place. Under such a situation, APC Overnight will keep your package for 5 business days before it is returned to the sender.

So, there are 5 business days to reschedule the delivery. The rules are the same if you wish to pick up your package. You can pick up the parcel by 7 pm from your APC Overnight depot.

Can I track my APC Overnight package without using a tracking number?

No, you cannot track your APC overnight package without a tracking number.

Why can’t I see my APC Overnight package moving?

When your courier is international, most companies choose milestone tracking. Under this system, it may appear that your package is not moving. Milestone tracking updates your package position only when the package hits the milestone in shipping.

Is Upper Route better than APC Overnight?

Yes, Upper Route offers more precise and real-time tracking information. It keeps you updated till the final stage of delivery.

Why do I see my APC overnight parcel pending?

If you notice a pending sign, it means your parcel is out for pickup from the store you ordered. It simply means your package hasn’t been scanned to initiate the delivery process.

Where can I look for my APC Overnight parcel?

Using Upper Package Tracker, you can track your package location, regardless of its site. If your package is showing a pending status, it is yet to be picked up. If your arrival date is passed out, you’re experiencing a delay because of bad weather, weekend, or operational logjams.

What if I don’t know my APC Overnight parcel tracking number?

You can find the tracking details at some places. Usually, it is available in the order confirmation email sent by the online merchant. It is also available in the SMS sent by the online store owner on your phone.

If you can’t find it there, go through your purchase history. You can also find it on the receipt of your purchase.