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Aramex originated in Jordan, offering logistics, courier, and parcel delivery services. It is based in Arab and is the first Arab-based company to get a NASDAQ stock exchange listing.

It has 5 locations in the US, with offices in California and NY. The company is dedicated to transparency and trust with its customer base. Aramex is a Global Distribution Alliance member, bringing together more than 40 leading express and logistics service companies worldwide.

Aramex provides national and international express delivery, logistics, online shopping services, freight forwarding, and warehousing facilities.

Aramex delivers to over 240 nations and has 300 offices in 58 nations. Because its works with the GDA, it helps to provide quick shipping services. So, you can deliver your package at a FedEx location and send it with Aramex to the UK, Australia, Germany, Italy, and many more nations. If Aramex has an office to the destination location of the package, it will deliver it immediately.

History of Aramex

Fadi Ghandour founded Aramex in partnership with Bill Kingson in 1982. Kingson owned a small courier company in NY, and when Fadi expressed his interest in the business, they set up a courier business in the Middle East.

It initially started its operations in Amman, Jordan. Arab America Express was the first company in the Middle East. And its first international delivery was Housing Bank for Trade and Finance document sent from Jordan to NYC. In two years, Arab America Express was called Aramex.

In 1985, Aramex shifted its headquarters to Dubai, UAE; in 1997, it was listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

How do Upper Package Tracker and Aramex work?

Aramex was the first courier company in the Middle East and has consistently grown since then. The company ensures to offer clear and transparent services to its customers globally.

Aramex is the 15th most popular on the internet regarding the selection of shipping providers. With effective services, tracking should also be flexible.

Upper Package Tracker provides efficient and precise tracking services for customers globally. We help you get real-time tracking details of your package. You can get notified about the same so that you’re available to receive your parcel.

If you are sending or waiting for your parcel through Aramex, you can track it using Upper Package Tracker for free.

Just enter the tracking number and tap the “Track my package” button. It will detect the location of your package and display the courier information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What payment methods can be used for Aramex services?

You can use three payment modes:

  • Cash payments
  • Credit card (MasterCard or Visa) payments
  • Monthly Invoices systems for business customers using an Aramex account.

How can I Track my Aramex package with Upper Package Tracker?

It is simple to track your Aramex package using Upper Package Tracker. You just need to enter the tracking number in the search box and tap “Track my package.” The courier will be immediately detected, and its current location will display information.

Does Aramex have a customer support system?

Yes, Aramex has a customer support system that ensures that we are responsive to our customers and continue to deliver our promises.

Does Upper Package Tracker offer better tracking than Aramex?

Both are equally efficient, effective, and accurate.

Can I track my parcel without my Aramex parcel tracking number?

No, you cannot track your package if you don’t have a tracking number. Also, Aramex cannot provide you with a tracking number if you have lost it. They are not allowed to share shipment records because of privacy reasons.

However, you can get your tracking number from your online vendor if you have lost it. You can also check the online storeowner’s shipping confirmation email or SMS to search for the tracking number.

How late can Aramex deliver?

The time Aramex takes to deliver your parcel is based on the shipping service you have used and your destination country. It can take as less as one day or 4 to 10 days for the delivery based on where the parcel is collected and sent to. Use Upper Package Tracker to track your parcel using the tracking number.

How long does Aramex take to deliver an international package?

The time for Aramex delivery depends on the origin nation and the shipping method chosen. It may vary from 4 to 10 days to get your Aramex parcel. Ensure to keep a check on your package using the Upper Package Tracker. Just enter your tracking number and check the location of your package in no time.

For how long can Aramex hold my package?

Aramex can hold a parcel for 48 hours in their drop box after informing you about the arrival. If the parcel reaches an Aramex location, there are 5 days to collect it before it is couriered back to the sender. Using Upper Package Tracker, you can keep track of your package and be available to receive the delivery.

How can I find out if my shipment is Freight or Express?

To get an express shipment, it should meet these conditions:

  • Weight of 30 kgs
  • Length of not more than 108 inches
  • Dimensions of 62 inches
  • The limit of shipment is USD 50,000
If the shipment doesn’t meet these conditions, it is not express.

Differentiate between volumetric weight and actual weight?

Actual weight considers the package weight, while volumetric weight is the dimension of the package. For instance, if you purchase a vase, you can calculate its volumetric weight using length x breadth x height divided by 5000.

The actual and volumetric weights are calculated at the facility of Aramex. And whichever figure is bigger is applied to the parcel.

Is my private data safe with Aramex?

At Aramex, we take security very seriously. We ensure all your private details such as identification information, addresses, contact details, and any other information submitted on our website will not be shared with any person or third party.

What should I do if I haven’t got my parcel from Aramex?

First and foremost, track your package using Upper Package Tracker to get its current location. Then contact Aramex and check their tracking system to ensure it has shipped and been checked at a different location. If the package is still missing, contact the shipper to ensure that everything went well at the pickup.

What to do if Aramex loses my parcel?

If Aramex loses your package and you have taken their Shield Service security, you can claim, and you will be given the declared value of the shipment only if the claim is valid. You can use the Shield Service only when the package hasn’t been sent to Aramex, and no damage has occurred. If your package doesn’t have an invoice, Shield Service cannot be given to it as you need to declare the value of the shipment.

When will my Aramex parcel come?

The time taken for your Aramex parcel to come is based on the shipping method you have chosen and the destination where the package will be delivered. Aramex offers delivery depending on the type of delivery you have chosen. Aramex offers domestic drop boxes in a few locations where the parcel will be delivered mostly by 10.30.

How to look for my Aramex package?

You should first get the tracking number from the retailer you’ve bought the product from. If the package is shipped, you will find it in the email or receipt from Aramex. You can also contact the shipper to get the details of the tracking number. Once you get the tracking number, you can use Upper Package Tracker to track it.