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Canpar Express is a reliable, innovative, and cost-effective shipping solution company. This courier service provides shipping solutions across Canada, the USA, and internationally. Canpar Express has served customers for the past 40 years and is Canada’s leading small parcel delivery company.

They have three services across the country: ground, select, and express delivery. Canpar Express provides Pickup on-demand service to non-account holders so that they can ship their packages, without any hassle.

Canpar provides a transit time calculator on their website to get an approximate delivery time. They also gave a rate calculator to check the estimated rate for package shipping.

History of Canpar Express

Canpar Express was founded in 1976 by John Cyopeck. Within no time, it became Canada’s leading package delivery company. This courier company now has 1700 dedicated members contributing to the company’s growth.

Canpar Express has over 55 terminals and major sort facilities in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal. Canpar has 800 SmartSpots across Canada. Canpar Express offers adaptability and innovation in finding the best solutions for customers’ changing needs.

Canpar Express was purchased by TFI international in 2002 and created value for unit holders. TFI invested in the growing network of independent companies. Now TFI International is the leader in the field transportation and logistics industry.

TFI International has comprehensive and unique solutions for package delivery and package tracking. Canpar Express has a unique combination of resources and capabilities for geographical coverage and international markets.

How do Upper Route Planner and Canpar Express work?

At Upper Route Planner, we believe that tracking service should not be a trouble for the end user. Customers should be at ease to find or track their package information. The upper route planner generates the best routes and provides accurate information about the package.

Get the best tracking solutions and advanced customer experience. You need to use your Canpar Package tracking number and use the tab “Courier service provider” from the drop-down menu.

Now click on the “Track My Package” and receive accurate information about your package. If you are looking for any information about your Canpar Express Package tracking, try Upper Package Tracker for Canpar Express Package Tracker.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Canpar owned by Canada Post?

Canpar Express is owned by TFL, not by the Canada post. Canpar Express is a Toronto-based courier company that was established in 1976. These services include the parcel, LTL, and FTL.

Can I track the Canpar Express package without a tracking number?

No, one cannot track the package on Canpar Express without a tracking number. To track a package, you need to have a valid tracking number.

How long does Canpar Express take?

Canpar Express takes 1 to 2 days for residential deliveries, and they deliver till 7 PM.

Does Canpar Express deliver on weekends?

Yes, Canpar Express delivers on weekends but on a limited basis, for a few selected postal codes within Canada. To avail of this tracking facility, you need to select this option at the beginning of the order placement, or else your package will be delivered between Monday to Friday.

Does Upper Route planner provide better tracking than Canpar Express?

Yes, Upper Route Planner is connected with many systems and can generate real-time package tracking; on the other hand, Canpar Express has limited tracking solutions to track the package.

How late can Canpar Express deliver?

Canpar Express delivers business packages between 9 AM and 5 PM, and they work till 7 PM for residential deliveries.

How long will Canpar Express hold my package?

Canpar Express holds the package for 5 days. You can get your package on the same day from pick-up point till noon. If you want to reschedule the delivery, then check the Canpar Express website.

How to make a sign for a Canpar Express Package?

If your package does not require you to sign its delivery, then the delivery person will leave it at the indicated place. If you are unavailable to receive, then leave a note for the same.

If your package requires a signature, then you have to present it for the package receiving.

How can you track a Canpar Express Package?

You can track the package on Canpar Express’s website or use the package tracking tool from Upper Route Planner and track your package hassle-free.

Use the provided tracking number and use it in the tracking tool; press the button to track your package and see the real-time position of your package.

Your Canpar Express package tracking number will start with the alphabet, followed by numeric digits. Use this number and get your package details in no time.

Other than the tracking number, you will see pick-up and delivery numbers on the package. Use the correct one.

What to do If My Canpar Express package is not delivered?

Track your package with Upper Route Planner by using the tracking number and determine the location.

What if I lose my package with Canpar Express?

You need to contact Canpar Express immediately and inform them that you lost your package. Follow the provided information from customer care.

What if I miss my package delivery?

If you missed the decided delivery and you get a notice for the same, check the website page of Canper Express for more information. You can attempt the self-pickup till 12 PM. These pick-ups are available at SMARTSpot.

These SmartSpot will hold your package for 5 days; you can go and collect your package without any issues.

How many delivery attempts are provided by Canpar Express?

Canpar Express provides one delivery attempt for residential deliveries, but if required, one can connect with Canpar Express customer care for alternative arrangements.

At what time my Canpar Express package will arrive?

The estimated delivery time is available on the Upper Route Planner tracking tool. Usually, delivery is attempted between 9 AM to 6 PM on the defined day.

My Canpar Express Package is missing?

It might be possible due to certain reasons you might miss your Canpar Express package delivery. Use your tracking number on the Upper Route Planner and check the status.

If you don’t see any result, contact the customer care professionals of Canpar Express Package delivery.

Are you worried about the Canpar Express Package delivery? Connect with Upper Package Tracker and put those worries to rest!