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Colissimo is part of the La Poste brand, the French postal service and package delivery service for private customers. It is France’s top-ranked package delivery service. The official postal service of France, Colissimo, provides delivery to all of Europe, the French overseas territories, and foreign nations. In addition to ready-to-ship packaging and pre-paid labels, Colissimo provides regular postage at counters, machines, and the delivery of online transactions.

Colissimo’s benefit is that they offer home delivery or regional pick-up locations in France along with global shipping. Also, the delivery to local addresses takes two business days.

By selecting Colissimo as your package delivery partner, you are choosing a company dedicated to quality and fast package delivery service.

The Professional Delivery Service in the French Nation

Colissimo, a specialist in delivering parcels and last-mile deliveries, makes every effort to ensure quick parcel deliveries of under 30 kg. The company delivers the product to nearby shops, parcel facilities, and post offices with the utmost care. It presently has more than 19 parcel platforms. It can handle up to 4 million packages daily during peak times if you have an e-commerce business and want to connect with the maximum number of customers using the Colissimo package delivery service.

Colissimo Enterprises provides:

  • Return services
  • Home delivery or pick-up options
  • Other crucial features for e-commerce websites include

Colissimo allows clients to choose a re-delivery date and location to serve the service better. If the recipient is not there, a delivery notification is left in the mailbox instructing him to pick up his package from the closest La Poste drop-off location.

How Do Upper Package Tracker and Colissimo Work?

Upper has introduced package tracking software to track your parcels. This tracker is user-friendly and provides the most recent and accurate tracking information.

Upper Package Tracker can track parcels from more than 75 courier services which include both domestic and international shipments. It shares all the updates from the moment it is shipped till it is delivered to your door. The shipment history also includes custom information along with its live location.

You can track your package at your fingertips without leaving your comfort zone. Hence, results in a better customer experience and retaining more customers. To check the current update of your parcel, you must enter the tracking number and click on the ‘track my package’ option. The tracker will display the entire details of the parcel.

You can use the Upper Package Tracker now to trace your parcel from Colissimo.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I track my parcel through Colissimo?

With the help of the Parcel Tracking Tools system, you can track your packages from the Colissimo Box client area. The tracking tool allows you to track 20,000 packages over 90 days and is accessible from the homepage. You can also use this tool to contact our online customer service if you have any complaints.

Does Upper provides better tracking than Colissimo?

Yes, Upper offer better tracking services than Colissimo. This is because Colissimo package tracker can track only Colissimo parcels whereas Upper Package Tracker is a universal tracking tool that can track parcels from multiple courier services.

For how long does Colissimo hold my package?

The usual holding period for packages in Colissimo is 15 days. Packages are kept at the post office for 30 days during the summer.

How can I do the signing when I receive the Colissimo package?

A shipment delivered by Colissimo does not require a signature. Even if you cannot pick up the shipment, it will be in the mailbox.

How can I use a tracking tool (Upper) to track the Colissimo package?

Enter the tracking number provided by Colissimo into the Package Tracker and click “Track My Package” to track your package. Then, you may see the present position and earlier shipping updates.

What if I don’t receive my package from Colissimo?

You should use the tracking number you received when you booked Colissimo for the package delivery. If an update is unavailable, you can contact the business using their contact page. When contacting the executives, provide the tracking number to make the process easy.

What if Colissimo loses my package?

There is hardly any such scenario where the package gets lost from Colissimo. However, you can contact the customer executive with the tracking number if it happens. Moreover, you can file a complaint with the company for the loss. There are chances that the package may replace with another one during transit. So it is vital to name your item with the proper packaging. The company will reimburse you for all your package losses within business days.

Where can I find my “Colissimo tracking number?”

When you book Colissimo for the package delivery service, you will receive a tracking number in your mail or SMS. You can use the tracking number to keep complete track of your item during the shipment.

Why isn’t my Colissimo package moving?

When delivering the package to an international location, the package goes through multiple checks before the final delivery. Some of the reasons for your package not moving are:

  • Customs clearance: With overseas shipping, customs clearance is part of the delivery. Your consignment will get stranded en route for documentation purposes. You need to speak with Colissimo for more details to know the exact reason.
  • Incorrect or Incomplete Address: If the provided address is erroneous or lacks certain information, it will not be able to be delivered. Colissimo will let you know if there is a problem with your address that prevents them from delivering your package.
  • If the package is quite big, there are cases where it isn’t moving because it is beyond the limited weight of package delivery. Colissimo delivery packages shouldn’t be heavier than 30 kg.

Why is my package from Colissimo showing pending?

When the package gets the “pending” tag, it signifies that the processing of the package is postponed. You can keep checking the package tracking system by Colissimo to see how your shipment is doing even though it is still waiting. You can track the progress of your package when the status has been changed to “processed.”

What customs documents are required to deliver my package with Colissimo?

Since the United Kingdom is a non-EU country, one must enclose the following customs paperwork with your packages:

  • Customs declaration CN23
  • The pro forma or commercial invoice—2 copies each