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Columbus Delivery & Logistics, CDL, is a family-owned company that started in 1955. They are the regional carrier from the Northeast to the Mid Atlantic, with its headquarters in New York, United States.

Columbus operates with seven distribution centers reaching 50 million customers every day. CDL Last Mile Solutions provides services to different industries like healthcare, perishable items, pharmaceutical, payroll, dental, and eCommerce. They are the leader in time-critical delivery, because of flexible pick-up options, lower pricing than the national carriers, and a 98% on-time delivery performance.

CDL has developed the Columbus Last Mile Package Tracker, which gives real-time mapping to find the location of delivery trucks. The dynamic routing feature helps to monitor the traffic conditions and predict the arrival time for each truck. The package tracker also ensures that the parcels are delivered with minimum delays.

How Do Upper Package Tracker and Columbus Last Mile Work?

Upper Package Tracker is a tracking software designed to streamline the tracking and delivery process. The tracker is simple, easy to use, and not limited to tracking one package only.

This package tracker provides tracking information for 75+ services across the globe. If you have the tracking number, you can use the Upper Tracker to find the status of your parcel.

The additional details like the entire journey of your package along with delivery date and time can also be known. This helps to avoid unnecessary calls and increases the successful delivery rate.

To find out exactly where your package is on its journey, use Upper Package Tracker for free now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to track the CDL package without a tracking number?

No, you cannot track a CDL package without a tracking number. You will have to contact the sender of the package for the tracking details (Order ID or Package reference number).

Where is my CDL tracking number?

You can find the tracking details of CDL Last Mile in the shipment confirmation email sent by the seller.

How to track my CDL package?

To track your Columbus last mile package you have the below options:

  • Check on the “Track a Package” button on top of the CDL website
  • Use Upper Package Tracker

Does Upper offer better tracking than CDL?

Upper and CDL both offer tracking details accurately. If any of the tracking services are not working you will need to contact the respective customer service team.

What is the delivery time for Columbus’s last-mile packages?

Being the leader in time-critical delivery, they provide services between 8 AM to 9 PM from Monday to Friday. They exclude deliveries on holidays and Sundays.

What is the delivery time for the international package with CDL?

International deliveries usually take somewhere between 5-8 business days, depending on the distance between origin and the destination country.

Is it possible for someone to collect the CDL package on my behalf?

On delivery of the CDL package, the local courier will ask for a valid government-issued photo ID to verify your identity.

How to track a CDL package with the Upper Package Tracker?

You can track the Columbus last mile package with the Upper tracker in a few seconds just with the help of a tracking number.

What if I do not receive my CDL package?

CDL usually delivers between 8 AM to 9 PM, but if you do not receive it within this time frame, you can contact the driver directly. You can also contact CDL customer service at, [email protected] to open a claim.

What if CDL loses my package?

If your parcel is lost by CDL, contact customer support to check what best can be done. If they still fail to locate your parcel contact [email protected] and raise a claim for a replacement for your package.

What if I miss Columbus’s last mile delivery?

If you miss the CDL delivery, they will attempt to deliver it again the following day. If you even miss the second delivery attempt, the package will be held for two days before returning to the sender.

How do I contact CDL?

You can contact CDL via email or chat through the contact page on the website.