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Deutsche Post is a German postal delivery service and is the world’s biggest courier service. Deutsche Post AG is known as Deutsche post-DHL. Deutsche Post is the king of the hill of courier services and is backed up with a rich history. Their history reaches back even further than British postal couriers.

Like CanadaPost and United Kingdom’s Royal Mail, Deutsche Post started as a public venture of the state, and later in the year 1990, it became a private limited company. Since then, the company has been rapidly growing and absorbing multiple small ventures.

Deutsche Post handled the domestic holdings earlier, but it is now a global name. Deutsche post works as a DHL; this name is acquired from one of the taken-over companies. DHL was a transcontinental and international shipping company.

Structure of operation

After acquiring DHL, DP has become a titan of the industry and operates from Bonn, Germany. DP gained revenue of USD 60 billion in the year 2014.

Here is the structure of the operations:

  • Mail Communication to manage mails
  • Press services: like magazines and newspapers
  • Retail outlets
  • Parcel Germany
  • Global Mail
  • Dialogue marketing

Services offered by Deutsche Post

Postal code systems have been used by Deutsche Post with a 5-digit code since 1983. The first and second code represents the regional area. The remaining three digits explain the postal district.

Here is the list of services offered by DP:

Deutsche Post

DP is the brand name used for all domestic services in Germany. This traditional name has been used for many years and is loved by the Germans. Deutsche Post manages all kinds of shipping within Germany.

Power Packaging

This is a packaging and manufacturing company, and it operates outside Germany, including the European Union. This is a branch of DP and has shown fundamental growth with a great reputation.


DHL is a significant portion of DP and handles all the logistics and other courier services. It provides international shipping and expresses shipping.

DHL Express

This company is a subgroup of DHL and handles the express parcels, couriers, and posts via ground or air. DHL Express works in Europe, Asia Pacific, America, and the Middle east. It covers almost 220 countries and many more.


Forwarding freight is the best arm of DHL; it includes the water /air/rail for the transport where wheels can’t reach.

Supply Chain

The supply chain and CIS take care of the logistics and offer to the warehouse, including transport. This wing also provides storage, archival solutions, and data entry.

How do Upper Package Tracker and Deutsche Post work?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Deutsche Post and its working procedures.

Can I track my Deutsche Post package without a tracking number?

Unfortunately, you can’t track the Deutsche Post package without a tracking number. In such a scenario, try to connect with the merchant or find help from an online store and get your tracking number. Always check your email and SMS for the complete information about your package if you buy it from any online merchant.

Does Deutsche Post offer better service than Upper Route?

With the help of Upper Route, you can track the DP packages anywhere in the world. Track all the movements internationally and get easy access with Upper Route. You can track all packages in one place and get complete information about shipping.

How much time Deutsche Post takes to deliver?

Deutsche Post runs the deliveries till as late as 10 PM local time and varies for different regions. Sometimes, it is between 6 PM to 8 PM local time. Delivery time changes according to a residential and commercial address. If you select the express delivery service from Deutsche post, it will be delivered at a specific time.

How much does it take to deliver an international package with Deutsche Post?

It takes 1-2 weeks for an international package to ship from Germany to a non- European Union country. If the country is in the European Union, it might take only 2-3 days. Express delivery is offered on small packages like letters and magazines only.

How long can a package be held by Deutsche Post?

DP will hold your package for a maximum of 7 days. If you are unable to pick up your package within this duration, then DP will connect with the seller for the new instructions. If the package is not delivered to the given address, it will be returned to the sender.

How to sign for a Deutsche Post Package?

High-value packages and sensitive information require signatures. Signatures are also required for the packages insured against loss or theft. An electronic device will be used for the signature. If you are not present, then Deutsche Post will inform you.

How should I track a Deutsche Post package with Upper Route?

To track the DP package with Upper Route, find the tracking number and put it in Upper Route Tracker. In a few seconds, you will get complete information about the package. Get the information about the shipments without any delay. You can track the information for any international shipments.

What to do if I have not received my package from Deutsche Post?

If your package is missing or stolen, then connect with Deutsche Post via an Online Form. All the DP post packages are insured for up to 50 euros. Sometimes packages may be delayed because of weather conditions or logistic backlogs. In case the delivery is missed, check the delivery note and follow up with further instructions on pick up.

What if Deutsche Post loses the package?

Connect over the telephone or online contact form to report the package lost. Wait for some days before filing a complaint of a lost package as delivery might get delayed for several reasons.

What if I miss receiving my Deutsche Post delivery?

If you missed the Deutsche post delivery, check the information messages provided by DP. Visit your nearest Deutsche Post for further information. Your package will be held for the next 7 days without any extra charges.

When will my Deutsche Post package arrive?

Your package arrival will vary from region to region; it may arrive as early as 9 AM and last by 9 PM. Your package will arrive at the selected time if you have paid for express delivery. Contact the nearest Deutsche Post office or online customer care support if your package is delayed by a few days.

Where to find my Deutsche Post Package?

Put your tracking information on Upper Route Tracking and track the location of your Deutsche Post Package and get the package details in no time. At Upper Route, we know how important your package is.

Where to find my Deutsche Post tracking number?

Check your DP tracking number in the confirmation email of the shipment. The merchant or online storefront generated this email. Usually, it will be given in the generated email; however, it will also be given in the SMS.

Why is my Deutsche Post package not moving?

Package Delivery is dependent on the delivery mode selection. International shipments will take a little longer to reach their destinations, and local shipments will be delivered in less time. If there is an operation backlog or weather condition, your package will be delayed. Contact Deutsche Post via the online contact form.

Why is the Deutsche Post package pending?

If the store or online merchant does not deliver the package, it might be displayed as delayed or pending on the online tracking over Upper Package Tracker. Always remember that if you have ordered anything on holiday or weekend, you might experience a delay. Try Upper Package Tracker and check your Deutsche Post package details in no time. Get hassle-free and real-time shipment tracking with with our tracker. Get ETA (estimated time of delivery), proof of delivery (POD), and customer notification with Upper Package Tracking with simplified tracking experience.