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EstaFeta is a Mexican logistic solutions company. The company was established with the aim of providing the best services to small businesses. EstaFeta is committed to identifying the areas of opportunities in the existing supply chain. The company runs domestic cargo charters in Mexico and US with more than 25 interline agreements, offering connecting amenities to Europe, Asia, and America.

With the latest tools and infrastructure, businesses can grow faster. EstaFeta has the vision to provide quality services and deliver shipments across Mexico. Other than Mexico, the company delivers packages in more than 220 countries.

History of EstaFeta

The company was founded in 1979, emerging as the first to provide door-to-door and same-day delivery amenities in Mexico. The company now ships almost every product, from personal packages to commercial and automotive parcels, proving to be a leading package courier company in Central America.

Services Provided by EstaFeta

EstaFeta cares for the integrity of people and their shipments. Identifying the potential risks and taking responsibility to remove that risk from the shipping management is the main vision.

In addition to the above, EstaFeta believes in promoting diversity. The use of the latest technology to make things more seamless and easier for the customers is the EstaFeta’s policy.

EstaFeta has a world-class infrastructure and innovative shipment management techniques.

How do Upper Package Tracker and EstaFeta Work?

One always looks for hassle-free parcel delivery and easy tracking. You can enjoy convenient and simple tracking with Upper Package Tracker. All you need to do is enter your tracking number of Upper Package Tracker website and click on search.

Within seconds, you will get the real-time status of your package. The website will also present the details about the estimated arrival of the package and the route delivery driver should take.

With these information in your hand, recipient can ideally be present to pick their parcel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I Miss My EstaFeta package delivery?

If the delivery driver attempted a delivery during your absence, they will leave the package in your mailbox or at your doorstep. If the parcel is a high-value product, or has confidential data, or needs a signature, it is returned to the local EstaPeta Package Center.

You need to contact the shipment center and arrange a re-delivery attempt or self-pickup of the package to get it back.

How can Upper Package Tracker help me to track my EstaFeta Package?

If your EstaFeta package is missing, you can log in to Upper PackageTracker and track your package without hassle. Upper Package Tracker provides the quick tracking of shipments.

Go on the Upper Package Tracker website and put the tracking ID in the search box. Select EstaFeta from the drop-down menu, and hit the track button to get the latest information about your package.

How Long Will EstaFeta Hold My Package?

Usually, EstaFeta delivers the package to your door. Suppose you are unavailable or the EstaFeta delivery person missed reaching your door.

In that case, they will hold your package before returning it to the sender, depending on if there is a nearest EstaFeta Package Center. You will get the ‘missed you’ note. You can follow the instructions written on that note to self-pick up the package.

If you are unable to accept your package at home, you can contact EstaFeta for any information regarding your package.

Why is My EstaFeta Package Stuck?

Since most shipments have milestone tracking, your package may be stuck due to bad weather, an incomplete address, or a missed slip.

The package tracking will be updated when there is any major shipping event. Major events include festival seasons, weather conditions, and sales and shipments stuck in customs for checking.

Even though your package is on its way, milestone tracking may seem like it’s stuck and not moving.

What are EstaFeta Delivery Timings?

Delivery timings of EstaFeta may vary depending on the region and location of the address, as the timings for rural areas are earlier than the ones for urban areas. EstaFeta provides a door-to-door next-day delivery service as well. You can opt for this service if you need urgent delivery.

You may also schedule a delivery time at the time you want your package to be delivered as per your convenience at the time of shipment booking.

How Do I Track My EstaFeta Package?

You must visit the EstaFeta website, go to the tracking page, and enter the tracking number. EstaFeta will work for you, and in seconds, you will know the location of your shipment. No matter where you live, this works for both domestic and international packages.

Where Can I Find My Tracking Number?

You can find the tracking number for your package in your email or SMS inbox. The merchant or online store usually sends the tracking and package details in the email confirmation message.

In the case of online shopping, you can check the tracking number in the order history after login into your account.

If you have ordered from a physical storefront and they have still not provided you with an e-tracking number. You can contact the merchant or storefront and ask them for the package details and tracking number.

Can I Track My EstaFeta Package Without a Tracking Number?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to track your package without the tracking number. You will need a tracking number from EstaFeta. Fortunately, there are ways to find your tracking number; you can contact the merchant or storefront if they have not sent you the tracking details via email or SMS.

Usually, merchants and stores send an email confirmation, so check your inbox for complete information about your shipment. Orders made through physical stores may have given you the receipt containing a tracking number.

Where is My EstaFeta Package?

You can know your shipment details by entering your tracking number into the ‘search box’ on the tracking page. Packages arriving from an international seller or online storefront may take a few weeks to arrive, depending on the country of origin and country of delivery.

If your package status shows pending, it simply means it has not been shipped yet or going through customs in case of international shipment.

How Long Does EstaFeta Take To Deliver an International Product?

Usually, EstaFeta takes 3 days, on average, to deliver an international package. However, it largely depends on the location, and time may vary depending on the country of delivery and origin.

Certain circumstances can cause a delay in the delivery, such as customs, weather conditions, and operational backlogs.

When Will I Receive My EstaFeta Package?

EstaFeta Package delivery time depends upon the sender. You can easily schedule your package delivery for a time convenient to you. The package could be delayed in case extreme situations arise, such as bad weather, customs, or transit delay.

Connect with the customer care of EstaFeta, or put your tracking number in the Upper Package Tracker and get the real-time status of your shipment.

What if EstaFeta loses my package in transit?

If you receive a message that your package has been delivered, but in reality, you have not received it, contact EstaFeta immediately. It might happen because your delivery person has scanned the package too early and may have forgotten to deliver it.

In such a situation, share your tracking ID with EstaFeta, which will update you with the exact information about your package. Usually, they will surely provide you with the package; if the package is missed for any reason, EstaFeta will compensate you for it.

What time will my EstaFeta Courier arrive?

If you are worried to know about your EstaFeta package, then use the Upper Package Tracker and get the all the information you need related to it.

Delivery time is pre-defined by EstaFeta for domestic and international package delivery. To get the exact time information, you can use the Upper Package Tracker and get real-time information about the package.

Where to find my EstaFeta Tracking number?

Always check your email to get your EstaFeta package tracking number. Your sender must have provided it if you have purchased anything online. Even if the package is coming from a storefront, then check your SMS for the package tracking ID. Storefronts provide the printed receipt for the tracking number.

If your tracking information is still missing, then contact your storefront or merchant to provide you with the tracking number to track your EstaFeta Package.

Why My EstaFeta Package is showing pending status?

If you have ordered at the time of sale or festivals, then your package will be delayed. Delayed packages show the status pending in the tracking app.

It might be possible your seller has sent the parcel, but due to an overload of orders, it is stuck in the warehouse of EstaFeta. In such a situation, it will show the status ‘pending’ while checking it on the tracking page.

If you are waiting for the package and want to get the package status, try Upper Package Tracker for free and get the exact status.