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GSO stands for Golden State Overnight Delivery Service, founded in 1995. This regional shipping carrier provides its services to the western part of the United States. The western coast package delivery was bought by an international shipping company GLS (General Logistics Systems), in October 2016.

GLS is a British-owned logistics company that employs nearly 19,000 people. This company is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. According to a report by Statista, the annual revenue of GLS was around 3.6 billion euros in 2020.

GSO (GLS) offers a variety of delivery options from Ground to Freight, including Priority Mail, at a lower price than other national carriers. They provide the options such as scheduled pick-up and drop-offs at a particular location. Moreover, you can also collect the parcel at your convenient time.

GSO Package Tracker is now renamed Advanced Tracking, which is a good way to keep track of your parcels.

How Do Upper Package Tracker and GSO Work?

The Upper Package Tracker is an advanced tracking software to track packages from anywhere in the world. You can use it from the comfort of your home or office.

You can track your GSO package with the Upper Package Tracker. This tracker is simple and easy to use, and it only needs a tracking number. The customers can track their package right from pre-shipment till final delivery.

NOTE: You will need to enter the tracking number and click on the “track my package” button for full tracking information.

The package tracker ensures that tracking is smooth for a better customer experience. If you are also concerned about parcel delivery, you can try Upper Package Tracker for free now.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to track the GSO package without a tracking number?

You cannot track a GSO (GLS) package without a tracking number. All the GSO parcels have an express tracking number associated.

Does Upper offer better tracking than the GSO package tracker?

Upper Package Tracker is comparable to the GSO Advanced Tracking. You need to enter the express tracking number on the website to find the exact update about your parcel.

How late does GSO (GLS) deliver?

GLS delivers its packages from Monday to Friday between 8 AM to 5 PM. The deliveries on Saturdays are based on the request, which is available at an additional cost.

The GLS packages are usually delivered within 1 to 2 days after it is shipped. You can track your package using the Upper until it reaches its destination.

How long does it take for international delivery with GLS?

Generally, the GLS international packages are delivered within 3 to 4 days. You can keep track of your parcel through the Upper Package Tracker.

How to track your GSO parcel with the Upper Package Tracker?

You can track the progress of your GSO parcel with the Upper. You simply need to enter the tracking number in the search box, and the tracker will automatically fetch the courier and tracking updates.

How to sign up for the GSO (GLS) package?

You must sign to receive your GLS package. If someone else receives a parcel on your behalf, they would need a letter from your end.

You need to check with the GLS drivers before delivery if there is any signature required for the parcel.

What if I do not receive my GLS package?

If the estimated delivery is passed and you did not receive the package, you need to contact GLS. They usually deliver it to a nearby store or leave your package in the mailbox, if you are not present to collect the parcel.

What to do if GSO (GLS) lost the parcel?

The GLS packages are usually delivered within one to two business days.

But, if your package does not show up for seven days, contact GLS customer service with your tracking number.

How do I contact GSO customer care?

You have the below options to contact GLS customer care:

  • Customer Service Timings:
    Monday to Friday (7 AM to 7 PM PST) and Saturday (7 AM to 4 PM PST)
  • Call at 1-800-322-5555 and select the appropriate option