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Interlink Express is a very successful parcel delivery firm in the UK, which was renamed DPD Local in February 2021 to develop better brand consistency. The company has ventured out and covers more than 90 local depots across Great Britain and uses state-of-the-art technology with services like same-day dispatch. It offers services like:

  • DPD pickup
  • Follow my parcel
  • Predict service

History of Interlink Express

Founded in 1979, Interlink Express was a motorcycle courier service that began delivering overnight parcels in 1981. In 2000, Interlink Express was owned by La Poste Group, a renowned portal service group in Europe. But later, GeoPost purchased it along with UK’s Parceline in 2001. Though Parceline was renamed DPD, Interlink Express retained the name even after its acquisition.

How do Upper Package Tracker and Interlink Express work?

Interlink Express is one of the best package delivery companies in the United Kingdom, offering efficient services at competitive prices. The company helps you to ship domestically and internationally across the UK. Thus, it means you can deliver a package anywhere around the world.

When you’re delivering a parcel, you wish to be flexible with tracking. Upper Package Tracker plays a major part here. It helps you get real-time delivery notifications about your parcel.

If you are sending your parcel through Interlink Express, try Upper Package Tracker for free to know its delivery status.

Frequently Asked Questions

How late can Interlink Express deliver locally?

Interlink Express usually makes deliveries between 8 am and 6 pm. Customers who need an ‘assured next-day delivery can use Interlink as a reliable option as it guarantees delivery the next day, before 1 pm, for an additional charge.

Does Upper Package Tracker offer better tracking than Interlink Express?

Upper Package Tracker has more reliable and efficient features than Interlink Express. You can see your package’s real-time location when it is out for delivery. You can enjoy a detailed view of different stages post collection and the estimated arrival of the package.

How long can Interlink Express hold your parcel?

Interlink Express will keep your package till the next working day and try to make the delivery again. It will hold your parcel for as long as 10 working days, after which it is sent to the sender. However, Interlink Express suggests contacting them before this period to take suitable action.

How can you track your Interlink Express parcel with the Upper Package Tracker?

You can track your Interlink Express courier through Upper Package Tracker. These are the steps to follow:

  • Visit the website on your phone, or you can also download the Android or iOS app.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Enter the username and passcode.
  • Click on the “Tracking” option on the page’s right-hand corner.
  • Choose “International Pickup” or “UK Collection” from the Pick-Up menu.
  • Add your tracking number details and click on Track Now to witness the location.
  • Within a few seconds, you will notice the details of your package.

What if Interlink Express lost my package?

If you are unable to find your package, then follow these steps:

  • Check with your neighbor or housekeeping if the package has been delivered to them and if they forgot to leave a note for you.
  • Contact the Customer Care team of Interlink Express to inquire about your missing package.
  • If your parcel is not found, they will investigate, but they will not refund you till the investigation is fully resolved.