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Janco began freight services as a global freight company in 1990. They started handling freight at pallet, container, and carton levels. Janco Freight has developed customized logistics solutions for online and offline retail businesses. They targeted both B2B and B2C and fulfilled orders on time, making the end customer happy.

Janco Freight has developed an extensive network globally and distributes freight all across the globe. They have four warehouses in Hong Kong with approximately 300,000 square feet of area. They also have the biggest B2B and B2C fleet network for domestic deliveries.

They also have a handling and fulfillment center in the USA, which is again a major strength for them. Janco Freight has created a global presence with a strong freight forwarding network.

How do Upper Package Tracker and Janco Freight Work?

If you miss your package with Janco Freight and are worried about tracking it, then use the Upper Package Tracker and get the complete transit journey of your package.

Upper Package Tracker provides the real-time location and information about your Janco Freight package in no time. Use the provided tracking ID number and select Janco Freight from the drop-down menu.

Hit the ‘track’ button, and your package information is right in front of your laptop or mobile screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Janco Freight take to deliver an international product?

Transit and reaching time largely depend on the location and may vary depending on the country of delivery and country of origin.

Certain conditions can cause a delay in the delivery, such as customs, weather conditions, and operational backlogs which are not in Janco Freight’s control.

Where is my Janco Freight package?

You can know your shipment details by entering your tracking number into the search box on the tracking page.

Packages arriving from an international seller or online storefront may take a few weeks to arrive, depending on the country of origin or country of delivery.

Certain Circumstances can also cause a delay in delivering the package, such as customs, weather conditions, or operational backlogs.

Can I track the Janco Freight package without a tracking number?

No, tracking Janco Freight shipments is impossible without a tracking number. You may contact the merchant or storefront to know the tracking details.

Please check your email or SMS inbox in case of online shopping, as the tracking number may be there. You may have received an additional SMS confirmation with the tracking number from your merchant.

What if my Janco Freight package delivery is missed?

When the delivery is attempted, and if you are not at home, the delivery man will leave your package at your doorstep or in your mailbox.

If the package is of high value, contains confidential or sensitive information, or has a ‘request’ attached, your package will be returned to your local Janco Freight Package Center, if you are not available to receive it (by signing your affirmation). You may contact them and arrange a delivery attempt or pick up the package yourself. In case of any issues or misunderstandings, you can connect with the customer care of Janco Freight.

When will I receive my Janco Freight package?

The delivery time of the Janco freight package largely depends on the sender. You can easily schedule your package delivery for a time convenient to you.

The package could be delayed in case extreme situations arise that are out of Janco Freight’s control, such as weather, customs, or operational backlogs.

Stop worrying about the Janco Freight Package Tracking; use the Upper Package Tracker and get the live status of your package without any delay.