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OSM Worldwide is a logistics and delivery company in the United States, delivering domestic and global parcels to millions. The company offers data-driven domestic and global shipping amenities to save time and money. OSM Worldwide has collaborated with USPS for last-mile delivery on its domestic packages. The team of the company has expertise in USPS coverage to offer precision and efficiency, reducing the shipping expenses of your company.

The company aims to deliver 98% of its domestic packages in 1-5 business days and offers round-the-clock tracking and invoicing services.

With 50 years of experience, OSM Worldwide enjoys an extensive network of logistic partners to reach 180 countries. It offers express delivery to Canada, while other international countries are delivered within 4 to 10 days.

OSM Worldwide has strategically positioned its regional hubs in Las Vegas, Dallas, Atlanta, York, and Chicago. Every center has state-of-the-art processing centers to weigh, scan and route to the nearest USPS facility, ensuring quick and efficient deliveries.

Because of different delivery options, from standard delivery to next-day delivery, OSM Worldwide is an ideal partner for eCommerce, retail storeowners, and mail solutions.

History of OSM Worldwide

Founded in 2003, OSM Worldwide serves several industries. The company started by delivering in the United States but currently delivers in more than 180 nations.

It was recognized for excellence and has been included in the Inc. 5000 list of the US for being the fastest growing company since 2011.

How do Upper Package Tracker and OSM Worldwide Work?

We firmly agree that tracking services should be simple and convenient for everyone. Upper Package Tracker offers efficient and reliable tracking services for global customers.

We help you get up-to-date and precise tracking data for all your couriers. It is a user-friendly service, offering to track for a good customer experience.

You just have to enter your tracking number and click “Track my package,”. You will get an accurate update.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the OSM Worldwide tracking numbers and USPS tracking numbers the same?

Yes, because our tracking system depends on USPS tracking numbers, the tracking numbers are the same. All USPS tracking numbers will work on our website.

How long will OSM Worldwide take to deliver my package?

OSM Worldwide doesn’t provide delivery services. As soon as the package leaves our facility, USPS makes the final delivery to your home within 1 to 5 days.

What is last-mile delivery, and what does it do with OSM Worldwide and USPS?

Last-mile delivery is the last delivery process when a package is sent from a transportation facility to its destination- usually a residential address. OSM teams up with USPS for last-mile delivery on its domestic packages. Using USPS shipping, OSM helps to deliver faster and more effectively at a reduced price.

Does Upper Package Tracker offer better tracking than OSM Worldwide?

Though the OSM Worldwide package tracker is good, Upper Package Tracker offers a detailed view of the complete delivery process. It helps you know the exact location of your package and when it is expected to reach your destination.

Upper Package Tracker will also let you know if there are any delays and the reasons behind them. It helps you to calculate the estimated arrival time and plan your day accordingly.

How late will my OSM Worldwide parcel come?

OSM Worldwide delivers only on weekdays between 7 am to 6 pm. The time sometimes changes, depending on domestic and international packages. If OSM Worldwide has used USPS for the last-mile delivery, they will notify you of the last delivery times.

How long does OSM Worldwide take to make international deliveries?

OSM Worldwide offers international deliveries within 4 to 10 business days. However, the time depends on your chosen service. Also, not all international journeys are the same. So, delivery from the US to Canada will take lesser time than delivery from the US to Australia.

For better updates on your package, make use of the Upper Package Tracker.

How long can OSM Worldwide hold my parcel?

Your package will be stored at the nearest OSM Worldwide center for 7 business days before it is returned to the sender.

What benefits can you get from Upper Package Tracker?

Some of the benefits that Upper Package Tracker offers include:

  • It offers customers the liberty to choose their preferred delivery time.
  • It offers facilities like automated route planning to the package delivery driver.
  • It offers precise directions to the delivery driver.
  • It offers notifications about the estimated time of arrival and the status of the parcel.

What if I haven’t received my OSM Worldwide package?

If you haven’t received your package by the estimated delivery time, check its current location using Upper Package Tracker. You will know the location of your package and when you can expect it.

If a few days have passed and you still haven’t received your parcel, you can contact the customer service team at OSM Worldwide to get detailed information.

What happens if my OSM Worldwide package is lost?

Firstly, you should contact the sender and let them know about it. You should also contact the customer service team of OSM Worldwide and ask for an investigation. They would start the claim process if the package were insured.

What if I was unavailable to take my parcel?

OSM Worldwide will leave a note stating they attempted delivery and will return the next day. They will keep your parcel at their nearest location for seven business days. Then, you can pick it up from there.

Does OSM Worldwide deliver on weekends?

You can choose express deliveries and pay additionally to get your package on the weekend.