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Established in 1516 by the English government under the regime of King Henry VIII, the Royal Mail earned a top position in the sector. Covering more than 230 countries, Royal Mail is the world’s leading multinational postal company, delivering letters and other personal packages without delay. Customers can now use the Royal Mail app to send and receive items. Royal Mail also deals with class stamps, which are available in different sizes and prices. You can use these stamps for package delivery. Some stamps available are Transformers Half Sheet, Full Sheet, Class Wales, Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, and others.

If you have stamps or business or personal products to send across different places, you can use Royal Mail and its stamp sheets and books. International postage stamps will allow you to use the correct value when sending letters and packages overseas. Royal Mail also deals with gift ideas like presentation packs, framed stamps, coins, and first-day covers.

Get the Best from the Limited Edition

Royal Mail offers some exciting items in this limited edition. Some of these are the DC Collection Gold-Batman Medal Cover, Plated Wonder Women Medal Cover, DC Collection Postcards, League Framed Print, and others. Since the demand for postal stamps is increasing, Royal Mail is adding more stamps to its collection.

How Do Upper Package Tracker and Royal Mail Work?

Upper Package Tracker is a useful tracking tool to monitor your parcel. This tool is updated regularly to provide the most accurate tracking information.

We at Upper have the benefit of tracking both domestic and international shipments. The package tracker helps to track your parcel from store to door. Every detail like where the package was, where it is now, and when you can expect delivery can be traced.

To find the tracking update, you need to enter the tracking number and click on the ‘track my package’ button. The system will automatically fetch courier details and show you the entire information.

Worried about the journey of your parcel? You can use the Upper Package Tracker for free now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to track the Royal Mail package without using the tracking number?

You cannot track your Royal Mail item without the tracking number. The tracking number is available from the merchant or online shop; you can check with them. You can also check your email to see if you made any purchases from the online store. You also get the tracking number when you receive the confirmation mail from the online store. Some retailers and online stores will SMS customers the confirmation message and tracking number.

What if my item is lost or damaged by Royal Mail?

If an item is lost or damaged during delivery by Royal Mail, you can claim for the “real loss,” which is the price you paid to acquire the product. Customers can also add enhanced compensation for an additional cost when purchasing various services. If you have money and jewelry to deliver, you should send them using the Special Delivery service.

Does Upper offer better tracking than Royal Mail?

Yes, Upper has better tracking services than Royal Mail because it can track parcels from multiple courier services, whereas Royal Mail tracker is limited to Royal Mail parcels only.

How will I get the proof of dispatch from Royal Mail?

Royal Mail will send you the proof of dispatch in different ways. You can get the posting certificate as proof for all services, which is free. When it comes to having guaranteed delivery services, you will automatically get proof of dispatch, which you should keep as you’ll need it if you need to make a compensation claim.

How to track Royal Mail parcel with Upper tracker?

To track your Royal Mail parcel with Upper, enter the tracking number (Royal Mail) and hit the ‘track my package’ button. You will be displayed the entire tracking updates like where your parcel was, where it is now, and when you may expect its delivery.

How can I track my items through Royal Mail?

When you use Royal Mail for package delivery, you will get a tracking number from the tracking service. You can track the following services: Recorded Signed For, Airsure, Special Delivery at 9 a.m., Special Delivery Next Day, and International Signed For are all available. It is important to note that products sent internationally signed for can only be tracked until they depart the UK.

How late can my package be by Royal Mail?

The delivery day for Royal Mail employees begins at 7 a.m. local time and ends at 3 p.m. For the rural areas, the time is extended to 4 p.m. Although items often arrive before 2 p.m., if you paid the premium for the express or particular delivery option for your package, it will be delivered before 1 p.m. However, Royal Mail is only liable for delivering your package to its target nation when it is an international delivery. Once the package reaches the postal service, Royal Mail is not responsible for further delivery. You need to keep track of the postal service.

What is the timeline of international package delivery by Royal Mail?

Different countries will have different package delivery timelines from Royal Mail. For instance, the package delivery timeline to Europe is 3-5 business days. Royal Mail retains its responsibility until the final destination is mentioned. Following customs clearance, your local postal service has all control of the parcel. You can track delivery even after it changes couriers by entering your tracking number into the package tracker service.

How long does the Royal Mail hold the package?

Royal Mail usually holds all domestic packages for about 18 days before sending them back to the sender. Before sending an international shipment back to the sender, the recipient will hold it for 15 days. This holding rule applies to parcels received in Britain, though, as they hand off your delivery to a local courier as soon as it arrives in the destination nation. Once your delivery reaches the local courier, you will get an email or SMS confirmation, and you may get in touch with them for more information on how long they retain parcels.

What is the total weight of the package Royal Mail accepts?

The Royal Mail doesn’t ship items weighing more than 200g. If you cannot check the weight of the package at home, the best option is to visit the nearest post office for the same. You can also check the comparison guide on the Royal Mail website. You can use the guidance for rough pricing estimates for things weighing more than 200 g. Do not purchase postage online using mentioned estimates on the site. Remember that you must mail your item to the post office to weigh the item and if it is too large to fit through a letterbox.

What If I don’t receive the package from the Royal Mail?

There are many cases where the package from Royal Mail doesn’t reach the receiver. Using your tracking number, you can check where your package was last located if you haven’t gotten it after a few days have passed since the scheduled delivery date. You can connect with Royal Mail customer support to get the last update on your parcel. You can also use the tracking information to find out which courier received your parcel after it was last in your destination country.

How can I find my Royal Mail Tracking number?

When you place an order, the retailer or online shop usually sends you an email confirmation along with the Royal Mail tracking number. Sometimes, online stores send SMS instead of the tracking number to your phone. If you cannot find the tracking number, you can connect with the online store where you made the purchase.

Why isn’t my Royal Mail Package moving?

There could be many reasons your Royal Mail package isn’t moving. One of the cases could be that your merchant hasn’t dispatched your product for some reason. In this situation, you can connect with the online merchant for a reason and know when it will be dispatched. Please be aware that there are chances of shipping delays due to national holidays, weekends, or any other reasons.

What kind of tracking information can I see with the Royal Mail Tracking system?

The Royal Mail tracking system will allow you to track your item in local or international shipping. Some of the information I can see is:

  • International Tracked & Signed: You can use the tracking of your item, which has yet to be sent beyond the UK. You can even keep track of your item once it crosses the UK for delivery and gets a confirmation from the receiver.
  • International Signed: You can get complete tracking of the item until it is signed for delivery.

How can I track my airmail item with Royal Mail?

With Royal Mail, you can track your item as it is sent through the air. To track your item, you must first locate the tracking number you received with the confirmation mail or SMS. It is available in barcode or numerical form. You can then enter the tracking number on the website or Royal Mail to get the live tracking result. Royal Mail uses a universal parcel tracker to track a parcel from its origin to its destination. Royal Mail has made tracking items easy and handy, ensuring both the sender and recipient don’t face any issues.

How can I track my items outside the UK?

For items shipping outside the UK, Royal Mail uses GLS—a Royal Mail Group Limited company that allows you to track your shipping outside the UK. With this system, you can track your items in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Greece, and other countries.

What SMS or email do I receive from Royal Mail?

Royal Mail will send you mail or SMS of a process being undertaken before shipping, while shipping and final destination alert. The recipient will also get the tracking code using which he/she can check the status of the item. If Royal Mail cannot send the message, they will advise that they have left a package for you and arrange for the collection of the same.