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Spee-Dee offers efficient delivery services to consumers, businesses, and retail & online stores. It is ideal for those who don’t ship regularly but need quick and cost-effective deliveries. They also provide a pickup service for returns.

Spee-DEE offers several delivery options to its customers, which include:

  • Standard Account offers regular pickups from Monday to Friday
  • One-Call pick-up offers shipment services to those who ship less than four times a month
  • Spee-Dee LTL Freight Delivery for big packages
  • Spee-Dee EZR to print and track your returns
  • Spee-Dee Walk-in, where anyone can bring packages that have to be shipped during branch timing
  • Pickup tag Service for businesses with Standard Accounts that also provide return services

Spee-Dee offers a broad spectrum of services and serves in Iowa, North Dakota, Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and South Dakota. They also offer services to selected ZIP codes in Nebraska, Missouri, and Michigan.

Today, Spee-Dee provides efficient overnight package delivery to 12000 shippers in nine states.

History of Spee-Dee

While you may get tracking for Priority DDU and Priority DDP, Upper Package Tracker also offers tracking for IPA+.

Spee-Dee started small as a company founded by Don Weeres in 1978. It originally worked as an on-call delivery service, and Don used his pickup truck to deliver packages. However, he soon developed an alternative overnight delivery service offering better services than others at a lower price.

How do Upper Package Tracker and Spee-Dee Work?

Spee-Dee is a reliable delivery company, offering services to eCommerce and other customers at competitive prices. They handle over 70,000 packages daily in over 9 states.

So, it means you need a helping hand to track your package. Upper Package Tracker offers reliable tracking services for customers globally. We help you get detailed and precise tracking information. You can get real-time information on your parcel with ease.

Just enter the tracking number and tap “Track my Package,” and the software detects the courier delivery service on its own. Within seconds, you will have the details of your package.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I track my Spee-Dee parcel without a tracking number?

Yes, you can track your Spee-Dee parcel without a tracking number. You can contact Spee-Dee customer service, and they will find your package using the reference number.

Does Upper Package Tracker offer better tracking than Spee-Dee?

Upper Package Tracker and Spee-Dee tracker will update you about your package and its current status. Upper Package Tracker also has an Android and iOS app to help you track your package while you’re on the go. It also allows you to track multiple packages and get their estimated arrival so that you’re present to take the delivery.

How late can Spee-Dee deliver my package?

Spee-Dee will deliver your parcel from Monday to Friday between 7 am to 6 pm.

How long does Spee-Dee take to deliver my international package?

Spee-Dee doesn’t provide international delivery. They only deliver parcels to Iowa, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, and South Dakota. They also offer deliveries to specific Zip Codes in Nebraska, Missouri, and Michigan in one to three business days.

What if Spee-Dee lost my package?

You should contact the customer service team of Spee-Dee as soon as possible. Let them know about your parcel so they can investigate it. They will also initiate the claim process if the parcel is insured.

How can I track my Spee-Dee parcel with the Upper Package Tracker?

You can track your package easily with the Spee-Dee tracking number by following these steps:

  • Enter the tracking number on the Upper Package Tracker app or website.
  • Pick the courier delivery service.
  • Tap Track my Package.
  • You will get the required information within seconds. It includes details about your package, where it was before and when you can expect it.
  • Does Spee-Dee update track on weekends?

    Because Spee-Dee doesn’t work on weekends, the tracking may sometimes not get updated. However, you can keep track of your parcel with the Upper Package Tracker and get the desired information.

    What to do if I miss my Spee-dee parcel?

    Spee-Dee will notify you about its delivery attempt and try the next day again. They will hold your parcel at their nearest location. You can pick up your package from them. Just ensure you carry your government-issued ID along.