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Whether you have pending food delivery, grocery delivery, or alcohol delivery, Upper helps you stay on top of package delivery, regardless of time and place.

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SprintShip is a technology and logistics company established in 2013. The technology section of the company, SprintTek, offers fleet and tracking services, while SprintShip Logistics works as a last-mile delivery network. SprintTek offers companies software to track and monitor their packages, while logistics offers B2B and B2C services, facilitating same-day, next-day and on-demand services for customers.

The Sprintship platform showcases real-time inventory of its collaborating local stores on its website for users. It is also available for Android and iOS devices. So, whether you are a logistic company looking for high-quality logistics software or a client looking forward to getting your product delivered safely, effectively, and economically, SprintShip is your ideal solution

How do Upper Package Tracker and SprintShip work?

When you choose a delivery partner, you also need good tracking software to get a hassle-free delivery experience.

Upper Package Tracker offers reliable and effective tracking services globally. We help you get precise tracking details. You can acquire real-time delivery notifications so that you are available to receive your parcel.

You will need to enter the tracking number and tap the “Track my Package” button to get information about your package.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is more accurate to track packages: SprintShip or Upper Package Tracker?

Both Upper Package Tracker and SprintShip offer equally accurate tracking updates. However, Upper Package Tracker goes ahead and suggests the best direction for the delivery driver to reach the location.

What are the reasons for the non-delivery of your SprintShip parcel?

There may be various reasons for the non-delivery of your SprintShip parcel:

  • No one was available to receive the package
  • The delivery driver couldn’t find your address
  • The address was wrong or incomplete.
  • The time for delivery was over for the day
  • The weather was not good.

Can I track my SprintShip package without the tracking number?

No, you cannot track a parcel without a tracking number. SprintShip or Upper Package Tracker cannot help you track your package without your tracking number. It is important to get it from the sender to track your package.

Which tracking tool covers SprintShip packages?

Upper Package Tracker is a global tracking program that helps you track your packages from multiple courier services and get real-time tracking updates. It also updates the customer with the estimated arrival of the parcel so that they can be available for delivery for a better experience.

How can I sign my SprintShip package?

Some SprintShip packages may require proof of delivery, so you need to sign it while receiving the package. The delivery person will have an electronic device where you need to sign electronically. Sometimes, they have a confirmation slip on paper for you to sign with a pen.


SprintShip is a great logistics company with good tracking software too. However, if you don’t want to use that, you can always use the Upper Package Tracker to detect the right location of your parcel within seconds. It will give you the real-time location of the package with all the needed details.