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Veho is a logistic company founded to resolve some of the most complex package delivery problems, such as missing your package before delivery or getting it stolen. Veho works with eCommerce companies, giving them complete control to manage their delivery. They don’t serve consumers directly. Companies using Veho deliver their products to customers and know when, where, and how the order will be delivered.

Veho serves all types of vendors, and their packages range from all shapes and sizes to weights. However, it doesn’t deliver cash, jewelry, precious stones and metals, antiques, stamps, and artworks, and prohibited things like fuel, alcohol, furs, tobacco, and marijuana.

You can expect same-day or next-delivery in Denver Metropolitan cities and return pickups. Veho also serves in Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago, Charlotte, Central Maryland, Austin, Columbus, Northern Virginia, Colorado Springs, Houston, Denver, and Fort Worth. Veho doesn’t deliver outside the US.

History of Veho

Founded in 2016, Veho is the first platform crafted for the present economy to allow eCommerce brands to transform the poor logistics for effective delivery and returns by offering new-gen shipping methods for a better customer experience.

Itamar Zur created the company after he faced problems with his parcels when most of his packages were missing with a note, “we tried reaching out to you.” It realized the most significant opportunity in the eCommerce lay was to give control to the retailer and formed Veho.

How do Upper Package Tracker and Veho Work?

Veho offers domestic services in the United States, so when you’re planning to send your package through it, you need reliable tracking services to get a heads up on your package.

Upper Package Tracker gives you the correct real-time update about your package. You can also get notifications about when the parcel will reach you.

It is one of the most convenient and reliable ways to track your package. You need to enter the tracking number and click on the “Track my Package” button to detect the courier and get detailed information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I track my Veho parcel without any tracking number?

Yes, you can track your Veho package, even if you don’t have a tracking number. First, you should download the Veho tracker app for it. The app is available for Android and iOS devices. The package tracking app helps you to get a real-time update of the delivery process till it reaches its desired location. You can also interact with the driver directly.

Does Upper Package Tracker offer better tracking than Veho?

Upper Package Tracker and Veho Package Tracker both offer equally reliable tracking. Both offer updates on the route of the package.

p>However, Upper Package Tracker allows you to track more than one carrier. While Veho only will enable you to track packages it delivers, you can track any package on Upper Package Tracker.

Upper Package Tracker also notifies you about when precisely the parcel will arrive so that you can plan your day accordingly.

How long can Veho hold my parcel?

Veho doesn’t hold your package as you don’t need to be present to accept it. Veho’s delivery driver clicks pictures to guarantee deliveries. You will get the automated text of the clicked picture once the delivery is done.

How long does Veho take for international package delivery?

Veho doesn’t offer any international delivery. It only delivers in some US states.

How late can Veho deliver?

When an eCommerce platform or retailer chooses Veho, they can decide the day or time they want to get their parcel delivered. It can include weekends too. The time is mutually agreed upon between the retailer and the driver. However, Veho doesn’t deliver parcels after 6 pm.

What if I missed my Veho parcel?

You don’t have to worry about missing your delivery. All you need to do is access your Veho app to decide when, where, and how you want your package delivered.

You can also talk to the delivery driver about your requirements. Also, there is no need to sign for the parcel. Your driver will leave the parcel at the decided area and click a picture of the location to confirm the delivery.

How can I track my Veho package?

You can detect your package anytime by downloading the Veho or Upper Package Tracker app. Both apps will give you the real-time location of your package.

You need to enter the tracking number in the search bar and choose “track my package.” Whenever the parcel moves through a tracker event, it is scanned, and the location is updated. This way, you will get to know the last location of the parcel.

You can also speak to the delivery driver to know the driver and package location.

Why can’t I see my Veho parcel moving?

Your parcel may not be moving because there is a delay in its delivery or it is in transit. To know better, you can track it with Upper Package Tracker. Enter the tracking number and know its precise location.

If you don’t see your package moving for more than 24 hours, contact Veho.

Where can I find my Veho tracking number?

You can get your tracking number from your order confirmation email sent by the seller or manufacturer. You can also contact Veho for it.

Do I need to sign for my Veho parcel?

You don’t have to sign for your Veho parcel. The delivery driver will click a picture to confirm the delivery.