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Yodel is a package courier company that works in the United Kingdom. With their services, they deliver millions of parcels every week across the UK. To ensure that they deliver to every postcode in the UK, they are working with multiple partners like: Jersey Post and Guernsey Post.

Yodel has more than 50 sites nationwide to make sure that the parcel is delivered on time. As of now, they do not ship their packages internationally. Rather they have partnered with services like DHL and DPD to make sure that their packages can be sent to up to 200 countries.

Yodel also provides its services in various sectors like health, beauty, fashion, home, electronics, and others. Moreover, this service is also available for delicate items such as flowers and wine. Yodel service helps to get a fully-tracked service if they purchase from Yodel Direct store.

Some of the Yodel services are as below:

1. Yodel Xpect

It gives a two-hour delivery window notification to keep the customers informed about delivery updates. Some of the benefits of Yodel Xpect, are:

  • Gets push notifications, SMS, and email
  • Delivery between 7 AM to 9 PM and six days a week
  • Up to three delivery attempts
  • Trackable deliveries
2. Yodel Inflight

This feature enables you to amend the delivery preferences last minute or view the live tracking for delivery. The key feature of Yodel Inflight are:

  • Change delivery address
  • Choosing a new day for delivery
  • Safe place nomination for the parcel
3. Yodel Xperience

This helps the customer on a branded journey right from ordering through to post-delivery time. Some features of Yodel Xperience are:

  • Branded messaging: SMS and email
  • Customer feedback survey “Have Your Say”
  • Doorstep experience

Yodel believes in working as a team and delivering promises, not simply parcels. With their customer feedback programe, “Have Your Say“, they listen to feedback to get a real-time understanding of customers’ experiences.

How Upper Route Planner and Yodel work?

We believe the tracking should be timely, and accurate to get the packages smoothly.

Upper offers the Yodel customers with most up-to-date tracking updates. This software is used worldwide as it offers accurate tracking information for any delivery service, including Yodel. It is a simple and user-friendly tool.

Have you also ordered through Yodel and are waiting for the delivery of the package?

You can try the Upper Package Tracker for free now and find the actual location of the parcel.

To track your parcel, you need to enter the tracking number and click on the “track my package” button. It will detect the courier services automatically and show you the package details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we track a Yodel parcel without a tracking number?

No, for tracking your Yodel package, you will need a tracking number. Yodel requires the delivery postal code to ensure the correct delivery of the package.

However, if you do not receive a tracking number for your package, you will need to contact Yodel.

How do I track my Yodel parcel?

Yodel direct tracking helps to know the location of their packages in a short time. To track the parcel, you will need a tracking number and delivery postal code.

On the official page, you need to enter the yodel tracking number and delivery postcode to get the details of your parcel.

You can also easily track your Yodel couriers using universal tracking tools such as Route Planner.

Does Upper Route Planner offer better tracking than Yodel?

We at Upper Route Planner believe that the tracking of parcels should be hassle-free.

Unlike Yodel tracking services, we do not need both tracking numbers and postcodes. You simply need a parcel number to know the yodel tracking statuses of their parcel right from pre-transit to final delivery.

Once you receive the tracking number from Yodel, they can enter the tracking number on our Route Planner and click on the “Track My Parcel” button. This will help them to know the real-time update of the parcel.

At what time will my Yodel package arrive?

You may expect Yodel delivery between 7 AM to 9 PM (Monday to Saturday), as it does not provide an exact time for delivery. Yodel does not offer its services or make deliveries on Sundays.

However, if you want to know when your parcel arrived at the final sorting station or when it will be out to get delivered. Upper Route Planner services help you to know the entire journey of the package from pre-transit to final dispatch.

How to track the Yodel package with Upper Route Planner?

To track the Yodel package with Upper Route Planner, you need to simply enter the yodel tracking number and simply click on the “Track My Package” button. This will give you the exact details of your yodel parcel.

Our services on Upper Route Planner follow the update of your parcel right from being ordered to till the time it is delivered.

What does my Yodel tracking number look like?

tracking number and delivery postal code

The Yodel tracking number is a unique number for your parcel. It is usually between 8 and 20 digits long. You can find it on the receipt of your shipment with a barcode to identify your parcel.

Some examples of what Yodel’s tracking number looks like are: JD0002123456789012 and 8YDR098765432 0980982.1

What is the time taken to deliver an international package with Yodel?

Yodel does offer International delivery services, but it takes longer than sending packages within the United Kingdom. The International parcel deliveries are done from Monday to Friday.

If you are sending a parcel within European Union, it takes three to five business days. But, if you are shipping outside the European Union, it may take six to ten business days.

To know more about what part of the world your parcel is, you can use our Route Planner services.

How to sign for Yodel packages?

Signing for a parcel depends on the shipping option you have chosen. Some Yodel parcels do not require a signature as proof of receiving the parcel. However, if your parcel has been shipped with proof of delivery as a signature, then you will need to sign when accepting the parcel.

If you accept the parcel directly, then you need to do a signature as evidence that the parcel has been delivered in good condition. In case, when the parcel arrives and you are not at home, the parcel can be left with a neighbor, but they will need to sign on your behalf.

What to do if I do not receive my Yodel package?

It can be frustrating if you expect a parcel and it does not arrive on time. If you did not receive your parcel, then the first thing to do is check the update on Upper Route Planner. This service is more convenient to know the exact status of the parcel.

If the yodel tracking update shows that the parcel is delivered, then the delivery person might have left the parcel somewhere else. It can be either left at your neighbor’s place after signing, or it might have been kept at a safe place.

tracking number and delivery postal code

In both cases, there can be a note with details about where you can find your parcel. If you still do not find your parcel, you must contact Yodel immediately.

What happens if Yodel loses my package?

If you have been waiting long and it does not get your parcel delivered, then it may have been misplaced by the yodel services. If you are stuck in this situation, you should immediately contact Yodel as soon as possible.

Yodel helps you to file a claim for compensation of lost parcels but make sure they do not provide insurance for third-party shippers.

Does Yodel have a live parcel tracking option?

Yes, Yodel does have a live parcel tracking option. This feature allows you to know the real-time status of your parcel from start to finish. You can also know about the exact location of your shipment.

Does Yodel send you a text before delivery?

Yes, the company has an automated text messaging system. This means you can get all the shipping information via SMS on your cell phone regarding Yodel delivery.

In other words, once the shipment is processed, the details like the tracking number and location of your package will be sent to your phone directly.

Why is my Yodel package pending?

If the status of the parcel is pending, it means it is still in the pre-shipment stage. However, if the status does not get updated for many days, you can contact Yodel to know more about it.

What does in transit to Yodel mean?

This means the package is still in route to getting delivered. In other words, the package has not yet reached its destination.

If there has been no tracking update for a few days, what next?

tracking number and delivery postal code

If you do not find any update for your parcel for a couple of days and it has crossed the Expected Delivery Date (EDD). You will need to contact Yodel via Webchat and get support from them.

What happens if you miss a Yodel parcel?

If you miss the delivery of the parcel, the delivery driver may leave a calling card. The card may have details of the parcel being left at a safe place or giving it to a neighbor.

But for the deliveries that require you to sign personally, you will have to arrange re-delivery.

How can I contact Yodel?

Yodel’s Customer Service Number is03447550117

Service Timings: Monday to Friday: 8 AM to 7 PM Saturday: 8 AM to 5 PM Sunday: Closed

NOTE: Please be ready with the parcel number while calling.