An Intuitive Route Planning and Optimization Software To Help You Scale Multiple Driver Deliveries

If you are a small or medium-sized business with multiple drivers, Upper Route Planner has your back!
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Route Planning and Delivery Management System

Are you spending too much time on planning and optimizing routes for deliveries with manual route planning systems? Why not give Upper Route Planner a shot for more dynamic routing to boost efficiency & customer satisfaction? With an arsenal of route optimization features, optimizing routes using our delivery route planning software only takes a few seconds.


Sort Your Daily Routing Chaos and Get the Most Out of Each Route


planning time with
each optimized route

Our powerful route optimization algorithm works towards making each step of the planning and delivery process easier than ever. So, Upper Route Planner helps you cut down 95% of route planning time by creating the most optimal routes for multiple drivers.


Plan & optimize
multiple routes at

Create multiple effective routes for multiple drivers simultaneously. Got 200+ stops this morning to divide among 8 drivers? No problem. Upper Route Planner will create efficient routes and divide them among the drivers. Plan routes for same-day delivery at once without any hassle!


Fulfilling more deliveries with each route

When routes are correctly optimized, there is always space and time for more deliveries. With the Upper Route Planner software, you can easily accommodate more stops with each route to do more deliveries.


Improve profitability
by reducing cost-per-

With properly optimized routes, you will reduce fuel costs while serving more customers at the same time. Upper Route Planner’s last-mile delivery solution helps you deal with surges in demand without having to hire more delivery drivers for increased deliveries.

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“For the office time and manual time, we’ve saved about 10 hours per week. The speed is great, It’s super super fast!”

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Plan and Manage Your Delivery Routes Like Never Before

Upper Route Planner software makes it possible to optimize routes and maximize the number of deliveries while saving time & money.

Fast & Simple Route Creation

You are running a flower shop and have 75 deliveries to be delivered by 3 drivers? Done. A meal delivery business with 500 stops and 25 drivers? No problem at all. Upper Route Planner, a route optimization platform will plan multi stop routes for multiple drivers in just a few clicks.
Fast and Simple Route Creation
Import Routes from Excel

Simple Import from Excel

Upper Route Planner comes with one of the simplest import features. Simply line up all the necessary columns in the Excel document, upload, and voilà! Then, you’re ready to roll. Schedule optimization of your routes in advance by choosing a specific date to optimize them in the future.

Add Contact Details

Add customer details like customer name, address, phone number, & email address. Save customer profiles to easily add repeat customers to a delivery route.
Delivery Details for Each Stop
Parcel Info

Add Parcel Info

Dispatchers can add Parcel details for easy identification. Attach parcel details like Placement in Vehicle, Parcel Count, & Parcel Photo to a particular stop. It helps your drivers save time at the time of delivery.

Add/Remove Drivers

Upper Route Planner facilitates adding or removing the drivers with ease. In addition, you can exclude the inactive drivers and choose not to pay for them.
Add and Remove Drivers
Adjust Driver Schedules

Adjust Driver Schedules

Upper Route Planner software allows dispatchers to set default locations for each driver, adding or removing more stops from the route.

One-Click Driver Dispatch

Sending the routes to your drivers with a single click through the web dispatch dashboard is extremely easy. Dispatching planned routes only takes seconds. Drivers can receive the most efficient routes through email or texts and be ready to hit the road!
Dispatch Your Drivers
Review Your Routes

Add Delivery Constraints

Delivery businesses can exercise more control over deliveries with constraints like priorities, time windows, & service time, so they can focus on what matters most.

Proof of Delivery

Want to confirm whether a package was delivered and who signed for it? Proof of delivery helps your drivers capture customer signatures, attest pictures, and delivery notes. No need for a driver app.
Proof of Delivery
Routing Reports and Analytics

Reports & Analytics

With end-of-day reports, receive insights on your delivery operations with the support of internal notes and proof of delivery.

A Single, Best Value Plan For All Your Delivery Needs

One simple pricing for all core features to manage your delivery business.

Billed Monthly
Billed Annually
Get 20% OFF!
  • Plan 500 stops at once
  • Driver web app (No need to install / download)
  • Import with excel/csv
  • One-click driver dispatch
  • Proof of delivery (Photo / Signature)
  • Analytics and smart reports
Pay annually and get 20% OFF


$39.99 Per driver/ month (Pay annually)Pay only $479.90 per annum per driver
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Start planning and optimizing multi-stop routes with Upper Route Planner and save up to 95% of your delivery services planning time. Start your FREE trial today!

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Frequently asked questions

  • I have more than 10 drivers, can I create routes for all of them on Upper Route Planner?

    Of course, Upper Route Planner allows you to add up to 25 drivers. You can choose to plan routes for all your drivers simultaneously using our routing software.

  • Can I import more than one Excel spreadsheet for creating a route?

    Dispatchers or managers can easily upload more than one Excel spreadsheets for creating a single route. Just make sure all the fields are assigned accurately for the best results.

  • What does the 7-day free trial include?

    The of Upper Route Planner software includes all the features that are offered in the Pro version:

    • Plan 500 stops at once
    • Driver web app (No need to install/download)
    • Import with Excel
    • One-click driver dispatch
    • Proof of Delivery (Photo/Signature)
    • Analytics and smart reports
  • Do I need to install software for creating and optimizing routes?

    Neither the dispatchers nor the drivers need to install software. You can simply log in to Upper Route Planner on your web browser and start planning and optimizing your routes.

  • Does Upper Route Planner work in my area?

    Upper Route Planner is available for use in all countries.

  • Can I view the distance of the route in miles?

    Yes, you can. Upper Route Planner presents the distance on the route using miles or kilometers, depending on your choice.

  • Can I save routes for future reference?

    Absolutely, you can mark your regular routes as Favourites so you can use them or refer to them again sometime in the future.

  • Can I use Upper Route Planner on multiple devices?

    Yes, Upper Route Planner syncs seamlessly across multiple devices. All you have to do is log in with your Upper Route Planner credentials and start managing your delivery operations.

  • Which payment methods can I use for Upper Route Planner subscription?

    You can pay for monthly or yearly subscription of Upper Route Planner using your Debit Card or Credit Card.