Key Result

  • 94%

    got rid of manual dependencies

  • 3x

    faster-scheduled service calls

  • 62%

    less project time with optimized routes

  • 74%

    reduced time taken for project completion

The Challenge

Sunbility, a solar installation company in Florida, faced several challenges before adopting Upper. Sunbility confronted a horde of operational challenges that were upsetting their solar installation business:

  • The COVID-19 pandemic negatively affected Sunbility’s labor force, requiring a restructuring to adapt to staff shortages and keep up with service levels.

  • The company encountered a rise in the number of unattended client calls, leading to potential revenue loss as well as compromised consumer loyalty.

  • They used to plan the service routes using Google Maps, which was a time-consuming task and prone to errors as well.

  • Jason struggled to keep a record of the drivers in his service team, leading to inefficient scheduling and dispatching of service tasks.

These operational challenges made Jason think about a solution that could help to streamline his daily operations.

Confronting labor shortages, missed client calls, and wasteful manual route planning, our solar installation business was at a crossroads. We needed a solution to grow, change, and make sure our customers were happy.

Jason dudney
Jason Dudney

Manager, Sunbility

The Solution

The implementation of Upper helped Sunbility to deal with its diverse operational challenges:

Efficient route planning: The “excel import” feature of Upper helped the company to streamline and optimize its service routes. Jason Dudney, the Manager of Sunbility, mentioned, “On Upper, I can put in the list of these addresses and find the best routes for my service team.” This address input feature enhanced the scheduling and dispatching efficiency.

Prioritize scheduling: Sunbility effectively utilized Upper to focus on urgent service orders to fulfill explicit client requirements. This guaranteed that urgent client requests were dealt with on time, leading to increased customer loyalty and improved overall efficiency.

This guaranteed that the most critical client requests were addressed promptly, prompting enhanced consumer loyalty and expanded overall operational proficiency.

Instant customer support: The instant customer support of Upper helped the company to receive timely assistance in case of any sort of queries or challenges that required immediate assistance. This contributed to a seamless user experience.

Upper has been our compass, directing us through the intricacies of our tasks. It is more than a tool; it’s our accomplice in achieving operational excellence, elevating our productivity, and guaranteeing client delight.

Our challenges were transformed into opportunities by the Upper. It smoothed out route planning, enabled us to prioritize effectively, and offered instant support, lifting our operational excellence and consumer loyalty.

Jason dudney
Jason Dudney,

Manager, Sunbility

The Impact

Upper has made a transformative impact on Sunbility’s solar installation business. Sunbility achieved striking productivity by streamlining its operations, enabling faster installations using optimized routes generated by Upper. They were able to respond quickly to urgent service orders and customer requests, which increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

As Jason Dudney underlined, “Our responsiveness skyrocketed, ensuring we meet our clients’ needs promptly and effectively.”

Performance Metrics

Metrics Before Upper After Upper
Average Time Spent on Route Planning 5 hours/week 1 hours/week
Average time Spent on an Installation 1-3 month 1-1.5 month
Average Productivity 64% 90%
Service Request Success 72% 98%
Instant Customer Support 0 10

“If Upper disappears tomorrow, then I would lose my team, I can’t go back to it,” said Jason Dudney, emphasizing the importance of Upper in their day-to-day operations. Sunbility’s continued success and adaptability in the solar installation industry are ensured by the software, which has evolved into an indispensable tool.

The impact of Upper on Sunbility rises above simple operational improvements. It implies an extraordinary journey toward operational excellence, growth, and customer-centricity. By and large, Upper has turned into an essential piece of Sunbility’s success story.

In the solar business, it’s not just about the sun; it’s about Upper shining the way forward.

Jason dudney
Jason Dudney,

Manager, Sunbility