Sunbility Reduced Manual Dependencies and
Found It Easier to Visit Clients with the Best Routes

Upper helped sunbility

“Upper allowed me to put in the list of addresses with just one click import feature and find the best routes for my service guys. We are now able to cover a lot more calls in due time efficiently.“


Jason Dudney

Owner of Sunbility

Challenges Wiped-off by Sunbility Taking the
Benefit of Upper Route Planner

  • Get rid manual denendencies95%

    Got rid of manual dependencies

  • Faster scheduled service calls3x Faster

    Scheduled service calls

  • Reduced time in project completion75%

    Reduced time taken for project completion

  • Less time with optimized routes60%

    Lessened project time with optimized routes

  • More drivers accommodated easily3+ drivers

    accommodated easily

About sunbility client

About Client

Sunbility offers energy-saving services to homeowners who are willing to upgrade their home appliances. Currently, it is located in Florida, US, and offers residential solar installation services in more than 20 counties.

The Solar energy contractor is committed to reducing carbon footprints with its energy-saving offerings. Depending upon the client’s location, it takes multiple trips for them to complete one project work in the span of 1-3 months.


Company Location







To keep the
track of drivers

Constant Challenges Faced by Sunbility

Challenges faced by sunbility

Here’s how Sunbility dealt with the
recurring challenges

  • Difficult to keep track of the drivers;
  • More number of unattained client calls;
  • Staff shortages because of covid-19 pandemic;
  • Unable to monitor service expenditures;
  • Carried out a lot of manual work using Google Maps.

How they were handling service operations before using Upper Route Planner?

  • Frequent long-distanced trips to install and inspect the solar unit;
  • Fail to accept priority orders as their employees were busy;
  • Used to track vehicles with the help of GPS-enabled trucks;
  • No specific service time window for their technicians.
Sunbility operations before upper

Solutions Delivered by Upper Route Planner

Success achieved by Sunbility after switching to the Upper Route Planner

Solutions delivered by upper
  • Upper allows them to put a bunch of addresses simultaneously in order to find the best routes;
  • Their team finds it easier to prioritize orders in case of urgency or requests from their clients;
  • Project managers can include the service time window for their on-field technicians;
  • Upper helped them attain a more number of clients for installation services;
  • Currently, it runs operations with three truck drivers instead of only one;
  • Easily gets connected to its clients even with a small-size team;
  • The sales department can generate reports anytime to analyze expenditures;
  • Receives instant support from the Upper team in case of queries.
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Here’s How Upper Turned the Tables for Sunbility in a
Short Time


Can you introduce yourself and your company’s background?

Yes, I’m Jason Dudney, owner of Sunbility. We are running a solar install company in Florida and its 20 counties. So, our team travels a lot. We need to visit our customers in order to provide them with a better service. You can lose lot of money in service if you’re not doing it right. So, that’s why I looked into this.

Jason dudney sunbility

Who is your clientele?

We do residential installation so our customer base is homeowners. And you know there is a lot of home in Florida here. About 3% of the state has solar, so there is a lot of opportunity here.

Jason dudney sunbility

How long do you take to complete an installation project?

There is always a site visit where we first take initial pictures. It can be 4-5 hours job away from our home base. We assess the situation through everything and then we load the trucks. Depending upon the municipality that we are dealing with, it takes 4-6 weeks. So, the whole process can be done in 1 or up to 3 months. It includes a trip for a site visit, a trip for the installation, and a trip back for the final inspection.

Jason dudney sunbility

What problems lead you to find the Upper Route Planner?

We became short-staffed through covid, and the number went down for us, like everybody else. When we came out of covid, a couple of years later we needed restructuring. Bringing other people in a service, particularly in sales. When you find a product like UpperInc where you guys are focused on making it easier for us, you can bring on the new software. It was daunting for a service department to check balances and expenditures, and that’s why I moved to Upper where it has been 8-10 months.

Jason dudney sunbility

You did mention about ford software on trucks, tell us what process you followed before getting Upper?

As our team was busy implementing some other processes, there was a real tight grip on their functionality. There is GPS I can tell you where the truck is, to turn it off, you can lock the doors, so always there is good functionality.

Jason dudney sunbility

What benefits were you looking for when signing up with Upper Route Planner?

When I first signed up for the Upperinc, I knew that we had a lot of service calls that were unattended. On Upper, I can put in the list of these addresses and find the best routes for my service team. One service at that time and we have three now, so we got the three trucks out there and they are able to cover a lot more of these service calls efficiently. Obviously, UPS and FedEx have some interesting software, but you guys fit the perfect position and I was able to do it right through Upperinc.

Jason dudney sunbility

What do you like the most about Upper Route Planner?

It impressed me initially upfront when I had an idea about scheduling service calls by picking a time frame. You know from this step to this step, and you guys responded very quickly. You saw the value in what I was saying even though I might not have been explaining it properly to you. It was an immediate response from you. That was the moment I liked so far.

Jason dudney sunbility

What made you purchase the Upper subscription plan?

It was definitely. It was just when I had questions, you guys get me the answers. The price point is good enough for me. I mean it’s a good price point. I’m getting the money out of it that I’m putting into it. So those things yeah!

Jason dudney sunbility

What is your favorite feature of the Upper Route Planner?

You know as our installation build and we take on more customers that means more services. It’s great to import your service addresses and prioritize them. And then put in the software and then have it. You are able to prioritize servicing. You can jump in the list and see the mapping of all of it within a time frame, is an impressive feature.

Jason dudney sunbility

Would you recommend Upper to others?

I would recommend Upperinc to any service department that has thought about this, maybe if they using Google maps or the standard stuff. I would take a look at the trial because you have to make your service department. It can help you in certain ways in servicing. So, I would definitely recommend a trail period with you. You get there support, don’t be afraid to ask questions that are gonna allow you to open up your ideas on how these things should work. I tell people to never limit their creativity when it comes to software like this. Because anything can be developed out for you.

Jason dudney sunbility

What if the Upper disappears tomorrow?

If Upper disappears tomorrow, then I would lose my team, I can’t go back to it. You know what it takes companies out there. They will take certain criticism on certain constructive things. But you guys are listening. You guys listen to me and if you guys are gone tomorrow, I have to go back to Google where there is no one there. Even Mapquest is not gonna do the trick. So, don’t go anywhere you guys.

Jason dudney sunbility
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