Zippykind Review – How Does it Help Your Local Delivery Business?

In the current scenario, every local business is involved in delivering its products and services to their customers’ doorstep. We have been witnessing the rise of delivery business services in the last few years, but this year has shown us the real boom. Businesses, right from corporations to small, local businesses, are constantly delivering products and services.

This gives rise to the demand for efficient delivery management software. In this Zippykind review, you will read about one such delivery management software that helps businesses make timely deliveries. There is more information about the process, its pricing plans, and an alternative to suit the changing demands.

What is Zippykind?

Streamlining delivery operations is one of the essential functions for many businesses. These businesses that provide delivery services as a key function need good delivery software. This software is required to satisfy the business needs that are heavy on logistics and delivery management. Zippykind is a delivery management solution that can support delivery businesses and their drivers in performing their daily tasks. Zippykind aims to be useful to every business, irrespective of their company size.

What does it do?

Zippykind is an effective SaaS that offers its clients and customers an “uber-like” experience. In addition to this, it provides the drivers and dispatch operator team robust features. With these robust features, the communication between the drivers and dispatch operator team becomes cogent and effective. This is one of the first features delivery businesses look for in a dispatch operator software.

Zippykind delivery software automates many of the logistics processes. The online orders are automatically forwarded to the drivers with the help of an integrated API. In addition to this, Zippykind offers the flexibility to customize the delivery business.

Pricing Plans

Zippykind offers four membership plans, each plan with a specific set of features.

  1. Free Plan: The Free Plan offers 50 tickets to assign routes to unlimited drivers. There are other useful features like Email & Push Notifications, Signature Verification, and Tutorial Support.
  2. Meadow Plan: The Meadow Plan offers 300 tickets with additional features like Driver Track Log, Phone & Chat Support.
  3. Forest Plan: The Forest Plan offers 1500 tickets with the same features as the previous plans.
  4. Orchard Plan: The Orchard Plan offers 3000 tickets with the same features as the previous plans.

We do not include specific prices and costs because they may vary. Please consult the company for updated prices.

The best part about the pricing plans offered by Zippykind is that the amount you pay will be held as credit, and the delivery tickets will be deducted from that credit. The plans also include a 14-day free trial.

How Does Zippykind Work?

Zippykind is a flexible software that can be used in several different ways. Each step of the process can be used by a delivery business differently around the world. Below-mentioned is two of the most common ways of making use of the software.

Order Through POS System

Once your business receives and accepts orders through the POS system or the website, the delivery details are then forwarded to Zippykind. The order is forwarded to the driver through the Drivers app. Simultaneously, the delivery details are forwarded to the customer through an SMS text or email. The driver sends out updates to the customer and the dispatch team. Customers can track the driver’s ETA using a web page designed for mobile apps.

Order Over Phone

When your business receives an order over the phone, the dispatch operator submits the response through a form to generate a Ticket. The details of the delivery are forwarded to the driver using the Zippykind Drivers App. The customer also receives a notification through an SMS or email. The driver will update the dispatch team and the customers about the status of the delivery. Customers can track the driver’s ETA using a web page designed for mobile apps.

What Are the Features Offered by Zippykind?

Here are the Dispatch Software and the Mobile App functionalities offered by Zippykind.

Features Offered by Zippykind

Dispatch Software Features

The Dispatch Software by Zippykind is a back-office system designed for Store Operators and Managers to overview the drivers and the deliveries.

Driver Tracking

The dashboard allows dispatch operators to check delivery tickets and the drivers assigned to each delivery ticket. Zippykind offers real-time tracking of drivers and tickets. You can search the map for delivery tickets, overlay delivery, and driver zones.


The delivery ticket Heatmap gives you an overview of the company’s busiest delivery areas. Results can be filtered by the delivery driver, team, or date. The feature – Heat Maps Tracking helps you understand the areas in which your deliveries are frequent and the areas with a lack of response.

Delivery Tickets

Delivery tickets can be sent to your drivers through the dashboard. The ticket can contain order details. The progress for each delivery ticket can be tracked. Dispatch Operators can also search repeat customers or orders for a quick auto-fill.


The Zippykind software has a great way of finding a customer’s picture with their email address. This detail allows your driver to see who they are delivering to. You also get a dedicated virtual number for routing any calls or texts between your customers and drivers.


Dispatch Operators can create custom messages as a response to be sent to the customers and drivers. The dispatch operators receive the same update for the record.

Driver Track Log

The Track Log feature on Zippykind allows you to track your driver’s past location. You will be able to see the driver’s entire route throughout the day on the map.


Performance can be measured using delivery and driver analytics. Dispatch Operators can review drivers’ performance and delivery history with this feature.

Mobile App Features

The iPhone and Android Drivers App is for the drivers to navigate, route, dispatch, and customer communication. It also allows drivers to take pictures, notes, and signature verification.

Customer Communication

The Drivers App allows the driver to click and send pictures of the products he is supposed to deliver on a customer’s request. The app offers drivers driving, riding, and even walking directions to each delivery address on the map. Zippykind makes use of Google Maps, so directions are audible and in a step-by-step format. It helps businesses offer great customer service.

Driver Efficiency

Drivers can be sent delivery information like delivery address, cost, name, phone number, etc., using a push notification. The driver can choose to accept or decline the ticket. Drivers can sort out delivery addresses by the time of delivery or the most efficient route. With this, the driver’s job becomes more efficient, saving a business a lot of money.

Customer Happiness

The customer receives a text or email with a tracking link that allows them to track the driver. The customers and drivers can communicate among themselves through voice notes or text, using a virtual number. The customer can offer signature verification on the Drivers app at the time of accepting the delivery. These functionalities matter a lot when it comes to good customer service.

Zippykind Reviews and Overall Rating by Customers

Based on the customer reviews and experiences, here are the comments for Zippykind.

  • Completely automated and streamlined deliveries
  • The ease of use makes it seamless to take full control of deliveries.
  • An intuitive app and web browser design
  • Real-time tracking of deliveries
  • A completely customizable software
  • The email and text notifications make communication really easy.
  • The Zippykind app helps with efficient delivery and driver safety.
  • Efficient response from customer support staff and impeccable customer service

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Is There an Alternative to Zippykind?

As a company grows further, along with the expansion, its demands and responsibilities increase as well. In such a case, the company may have to add systems and software that are more beneficial with the growing need and demand of the business. This is why it is good to have an alternative for the systems you are working with. We have one such alternative to Zippykind, which is Upper Route Planner.

What is Upper Route Planner?

Upper Route Planner

Upper Route Planner is a Saas that offers route optimization and help a company and its delivery team get optimized routes. It also helps with tracking deliveries, driver management, driver safety, and offering great customer support and value for money. It includes Bulk Address Import, Location-Based Auto Detect, Duplicate Routes, Customization Options, Reports, and Insights.

What Makes Upper Route Planner a Suitable Alternative?

Upper Route Planner is a multi-platform software that works on computers (Web/Cloud) and mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, and Android devices). The ease of use of the web browser and mobile apps and impeccable customer support make Upper Route Planner a suitable alternative.

It can be used by independent contractors and drivers, courier service, food service, e-commerce businesses, etc. The software can fit any company size needs, be it a small family business or a large corporate company. Another reason that makes Upper Route Planner suitable is the value for money and ease of use it offers to each business that wants to use it.


Download the route planner app that everyone is talking about.


When choosing a SaaS or a software vendor, make sure it satisfies all your requirements, offers ease of use, value for money, and great customer service. These are some of the basic things you must look for in software. In this article, we have brought many reviews related to Zippykind to offer you a more refined and concise read. Hopefully, it was helpful to you in some way. You can visit our blog for more reviews on different software vendors.

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