What is Route Planning & Route Optimization Software? – Everything You Need to Know

keyKey Takeaways:
  • Using route planning and optimization software can help businesses save time and money while improving customer satisfaction.
  • Route optimization software uses advanced algorithms to consider factors like traffic congestion, road closures, and weather conditions to create the most efficient routes.
  • There are plenty of routing software options, so you must choose the one that best fits your business needs.
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies are continuing to advance the capabilities of route planning and optimization software.

Running a delivery business? Then, planning and optimizing routes on a daily basis would be tedious, leading to higher delivery costs, and poor customer service. Well, it’s not just you but most delivery business owners fail to meet their organizational goals. These problems are common among businesses when it comes to delivery operations.

However, you don’t need to face such issues anymore, as there is a solution in the form of route planning and optimization software. Businesses can not only boost productivity but also save on transportation expenses, and cut down on travel time by using automated processes. In fact, according to research by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, route optimization software can help businesses save a lot of money by reducing fuel consumption.

We know that moving forward, you might have questions like, what is route planning and route optimization software. So, in this blog post, we have covered all the answers.

What is Route Planning Software?

Route planning software is referred to as a type of software that assists businesses in efficiently planning and optimizing routes. It creates the most efficient route for the driver by making use of advanced algorithms and machine learning. In this process, route planning software more than one factors, including traffic, road closures, and delivery windows.

How Does Route Planning Software Work?

Firstly, dispatcher needs to enter the delivery addresses and other pertinent data into the software. The software then makes use of this data to create an optimal route that reduces travel time and distance while also taking any special instructions, priorities, or other requirements into consideration.

To assist the dispatcher to monitor and manage the deliveries more efficiently, route planning software provides capabilities like GPS tracking, proof of delivery, and reporting. All things considered, route planning software can assist businesses in streamlining their delivery processes, lowering costs, and raising customer satisfaction.

What is Route Optimization Software?

Route optimization software is a tool that utilizes algorithms to determine the most efficient routes for transportation, delivery, or logistics operations. It aims to minimize travel time, fuel costs, and improve overall productivity by optimizing the sequence and allocation of destinations in a given route.

How Does Route Optimization Software Work?

As discussed above, route optimization software finds the most effective delivery routes by considering a variety of factors, including the number of delivery stops, driver availability, traffic conditions, and road closures. In order to minimize the overall distance traveled and reduce delivery time, the software employs algorithms to determine the best order of stops.

Depending on certain business requirements, such as customer windows, driver breaks, service time, and vehicle types, the software can further modify the best route plan once it has been created. 

Which Industries can Use Route Planning & Route Optimization Software?

Route planning and optimization software is a great option for any business that handles small or large delivery operations. Since they are involved daily in the delivery process, utilizing routing software can help them reduce their extra workload.

Here are some industries that can take benefit of the advanced software:

  • Delivery and logistics
  • Field service & management
  • Food industry
  • Retail and e-commerce
  • Waste management
  • HVAC
  • Healthcare & pharmacy

Such listed industries operate more efficiently at lower transportation costs using a software, The list doesn’t end here, it keeps growing as more and more business are moving towards the emerging technologies. If your business comes under these industries, trying a route planner like Upper isn’t a bad idea.

manual route planning and optimization are not ideal for the long term, large-size businesses need to look for options beyond traditional route planning.

The following are some drawbacks to manual route planning and optimization:

  • Time-consuming: Manually planning and optimizing delivery routes can be time-consuming, especially if there are hundreds of stops to take into account.
  • Inefficient: Changing the sequence of stops is one easy tweak that can be done through manual route optimization. But, complex optimization that takes into consideration factors like traffic, weather, and vehicle capacity can be challenging.
  • Prone to errors: Humans are fallible, and manual route planning is no different. A single error in route planning and optimization can lead to delays, missed deliveries, and disgruntled customers.

Instead of relying on manual route planning and optimization, we recommend using a route planning and optimization software that helps you carry out the delivery process with fewer resources.

Here are the best tips to optimize delivery route planning for your business.

5 Benefits of Route Planning and Optimization Software That Will Make Your Process Simpler

1. Meet customer expectations

With changing consumer behavior, it is becoming more important to make timely and accurate deliveries. With the help of a route optimizer, you can streamline your last-mile delivery process and achieve your desired goals. 

Route planners use geocoding to generate final routes based on traffic movement to make deliveries within minimal time. Also, ETAs (Estimated time of arrival) are communicated to customers through notification via email/SMS to deliver a holistic customer experience.

2. No extra spending on fuel costs

The software performs accurate route planning by monitoring the performance of the vehicles to discover the routes that use the least amount of fuel. Irrespective of the number of deliveries your team has to make in one go, the routing software has got you covered.

Using the software, you can reduce the overall operational cost and maximize the profit bracket while ensuring no compromise with customer satisfaction and experience.

3. Round-the-clock tracking 

Your fleet managers can have a firm hold over fleet operations with the real-time order-tracking features provided by the routing software.

The transportation and logistic ecosystems can work in sync and make well-informed decisions with real-time data tracking. You can even monitor each driver in your fleet to make sure deliveries are made on time and in accordance with your company’s policies. 

Also, any deviations or issues can be quickly identified, addressed, and dealt with to ensure the overall last-mile delivery operations are not hindered.

4. Avoids manual intervention

The final path processing done by the route optimization software takes multiple advanced and sophisticated touchpoints into account that can’t be done manually. For efficient routing, aspects like weather/season and traffic conditions are clubbed together. 

In the case of dynamic changes, the software tweaks and adjusts fleet management and minimizes the errors caused by humans in a hurry. The integration of AI-based software automates several redundant processes in delivery management and enhances delivery field service.

5. Effective utilization of resources

Route planning software uses sophisticated algorithms to optimize routes which results in shorter driving distances as well as lower fuel costs. Additionally, it aids in the optimal scheduling of deliveries by allocating the right vehicle and driver for each delivery and making efficient use of resources.

Businesses can identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies through effective route planning, allowing for corrections that improve resource and asset utilization.

Essential Features to Look for in Route Planning and Optimization Software

When choosing powerful software for route optimization, you need to consider one or more factors as per your business’s unique requirements. 

The following are some key features and capabilities to take into account:

1. Customizable route planning

The capacity to adjust a user’s route based on variables like traffic, driver availability, and delivery priority is a feature that any decent routing software must possess. Additionally, the ability to schedule delivery windows and service times for every location can also make the planning process easier.

2. Real-time GPS tracking

Every route planning and optimization software must have real-time GPS tracking as a key feature. Businesses can use this tool to track their drivers and vehicles in real-time, allowing them to keep tabs on the status of deliveries and make any required changes to improve delivery routes.

Businesses can utilize this feature to make sure that deliveries are made on time and that customers are kept updated on the status of their deliveries. Using real-time GPS tracking to identify any delays or detours from the scheduled route, businesses can quickly reroute the driver to minimize any additional delays.

3. Dedicated driver’s app

To facilitate continuous communication between drivers and dispatchers, a route planning and optimization software must have a dedicated driver’s app. With the use of this app, drivers can receive up-to-date information on any updates and changes made by the dispatchers, as well as their allocated routes and delivery schedules.

Drivers can change their delivery status using their driver app, giving dispatchers a precise picture of how deliveries are going. Drivers can also receive turn-by-turn directions from the app to make sure they remain on the planned route and avoid any unanticipated detours.

4. Proof of delivery

Any route planning and optimization software must have the “proof of delivery” (POD) feature. It enables delivery drivers to use a mobile device to take signatures, capture photos, and take notes at the point of delivery. This ensures that the customers have received their orders and are happy with the work.

5. Analytics and reporting

Businesses can track important performance indicators like delivery times and delivery success rates with the aid of analytics and reporting features. Insights about potential areas for further streamlining and optimizing the delivery process can also be gained through these features.

6. Integration with other systems

Route optimization software must integrate with other systems as it helps in saving time and boosting efficiency.

A route planning software that integrates with a company’s warehouse management system (WMS) may automatically develop efficient delivery routes based on warehouse inventories. This prevents stockouts and ensures on-time deliveries.

Integration with CRM software lets route planning software access the customer data and offer real-time delivery updates. Driver behavior, fuel consumption, and vehicle maintenance data from fleet management systems may help firms make data-driven choices.

3 Best Route Planning and Optimization Software

1. Upper Route Planner

Upper Route Planner is a robust delivery route planning and optimization software created to assist businesses of all sizes in streamlining their delivery operations. Upper’s user-friendly drag-and-drop interface makes it simple to create routes that are optimized for multiple stops and drivers.

The capacity of Upper to automatically optimize routes in order to save time and reduce operational costs is one of its most distinctive characteristics. This implies that businesses can maximize their drivers’ productivity and efficiency while minimizing the amount of time they spend on the road.

For customized route mapping, you can even add fields like service time windows, driver preferences, and breaks

Upper also comes with a customer notification feature in which the customers are updated about their delivery time. This helps you maintain a good reputation with your customers. 

Additional features offered by Upper include a mobile app for drivers to access their routes and updates while on the go, instant proof of delivery, one-click schedule dispatch to drivers, real-time reporting and analytics, and a variety of additional capabilities to assist businesses in enhancing their delivery operations.

The integration of Upper with a variety of e-commerce or order management software is another noteworthy feature that makes the delivery process more seamless.

Upper Route Planner is a complete delivery route optimization solution for businesses wishing to streamline their delivery routes while boosting productivity and all-round effectiveness.

  • Suitable for planning routes with hundreds or thousands of stops.
  • Helps you create cost and time-effective routes.
  • Provides detailed delivery and analytics reports to track performance.
  • Offers an enticing and smooth user interface/user experience.
  • Provides real-time monitoring of drivers and deliveries.
  • Comes with a plethora of customization options.
  • Easy integration with other software and systems.
  • An affordable route planner, providing great value for businesses of all sizes.
  • Offers a 7 days free trial, allowing you to get firsthand experience.
  • No voice directions are available for the driver.
  • Offline mode is unavailable.

2. Route4Me


Route4Me is a cloud-based fleet management software that streamlines dispatching and route planning for businesses.

Route optimization, team management, telematics, eCommerce integration, and notification alerts are some of the key features it provides. 

By using real-time routing and GPS, Route4Me helps businesses save time and money while increasing delivery efficiency. 

In addition, Route4Me provides last-mile geofencing and also comes with features for tracking driver arrival and departure and sharing any last-mile progress. 

Furthermore, Route4Me provides GPS-enabled route monitoring features that are available from anywhere, which aids in the management of vehicles and the entire fleet.

All things considered, Route4Me is a potent and feature-rich routing solution that is appropriate for businesses of all sizes. 

  • Real-time tracking and route optimization.
  • Interactive maps with multiple routing options.
  • Automatic address geocoding and validation.
  • Customizable route optimization settings.
  • A bit complex to use.
  • Quite expensive.
  • Sometimes customer service is sluggish to reply or doesn’t offer sufficient fixes.

3. RouteXL


RouteXL is a cloud-based route-planning software that uses advanced algorithms to plan the best route for you within a minute. To provide you with the best route, it takes into account a number of variables, including time windows, predicted weather, avoidance zones, and priority order. 

The real-time updates provided by RouteXL’s GPS technology let you carry out delivery tasks without difficulty and help you save time. The software also includes GPS tracking, which enables you to monitor vehicle movement and stops from any location and has access to dynamic routes. 

It is appropriate for small to mid-sized enterprises since you can add up to 20 stops in the free version and up to 200 stops in the paid version. 

Task distribution is a feature of RouteXL that makes it easier to organize on-the-ground services by managing the delivery team and automatically allocating work to individuals. Additionally, the software automates the delivery of work orders depending on the driver’s availability, and in the event that an order is canceled, it adjusts the route and notifies the driver.

Overall, RouteXL dynamic routing software is a great choice for businesses with a limited number of stops to manage.

  • It is cloud-based, allowing users to access it from anywhere.
  • It provides GPS tracking and routing alerts.
  • Cost-effective route planning solution.
  • Offers a free version.
  • RouteXL’s free version only permits 20 stops.
  • It has limited options for customization.
  • Difficult to plan a route for new users.


The act of choosing which stops to make, in what sequence, and along which routes is known as route planning. On the other hand, route optimization is the process of improving and upgrading the initial route planning in order to boost efficiency, lower fuel costs, and cut down on travel time.

Businesses can use route planning and optimization software to create routes with multiple stops. With the use of these route planners, you can enter all of your stops and have the most effective route generated depending on various factors, including distance, traffic, and delivery windows.

Businesses can efficiently manage their complete fleet of vehicles, including maintenance, fuel, and driver safety, with the use of fleet management software. On the other hand, route optimization software is made expressly to assist businesses in planning and optimizing the most effective routes for their drivers, taking into consideration elements like traffic conditions, delivery windows, and vehicle capacity.

Summing Up

Businesses requiring delivery services can considerably benefit from route planning and optimization software. These kinds of technologies can assist with route optimization, speeding up travel, and fuel efficiency. 

While selecting a route planning app, it’s crucial to take the features, usability, price, and customer support into account. While Route4Me and RouteXL are both suitable choices, Upper comes out on top as it provides cutting-edge features, excellent support, and a reasonable price. 

For effective route planning and optimization for your business, try Upper for free today!

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