Timely local deliveries every time

Timely Local Deliveries – On-time, Every Time

We help you in reducing travel distances. This makes you deliver products on time and improve customer experience. On top of that, you gain an edge over your competitors.

Upper Route Planner is perfect for delivery businesses wanting to make timely deliveries. Making deliveries on time helps businesses be more efficient and less wasteful about their resources

We optimize your routes to reduce driving time and save gas by up to 30%. Our customers love us because with Upper Route Planner they can do what they do best – making deliveries and keeping their customers happy.

Own Your Time, Remove Stress & Optimize Resources

Upper Route Planner is the best tool to create and optimize local delivery routes based on your time windows, priorities, or driver availability.

Upper Route Planner takes away the headache of route planning. You don’t need to waste time manually working out stop orders and clocking up miles each day.

We do all the heavy lifting for you. Upper is a flexible solution, which adapts to your exact needs helping you save time, optimize resources, and focus on growing your business.

  • Expand your operations without expanding yourself

    Expand your operations without expanding yourself

  • Make your drivers’ job easier

    Make your drivers’ job easier

  • Keep your customers informed

    Keep your customers informed

  • Reduce fuel and labor expenses

    Reduce fuel and labor expenses

Own your time and optimize resources
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The Most Comprehensive Solution For Managing Any Kind of Delivery Business

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  • Easy Delivery Management

    Easy Delivery Management

    From planning, scheduling, optimization to informing customers and generating delivery reports, Upper Route Planner helps you at the level of the delivery management process. Upper Route Planner only makes it easier for you.
  • Efficiency is Key

    Efficiency is Key

    Whether you are tackling high-volume routes or an increased number of urgent orders, the focus is always on efficiency, right? Upper Route Planner works by keeping your efficiency goals in mind and supports you with each task in the delivery process.
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction

    Improve Customer Satisfaction

    Timely delivery is just one aspect of good customer service. To take it from good to great, you have to go the extra mile and impress your customers as no other business does. Upper Route Planner provides you with the tools to do exactly that.
  • Achieve Cost Savings

    Achieve Cost Savings

    The ultimate goal for any business is to reduce cost and improve revenue per every delivery being made. Upper Route Planner helps you achieve that cost savings goal and turn every revenue opportunity into a reality.

Want An All-in-one Tool to Manage Your Local Deliveries From Start to Finish?

Get your hands on Upper Route Planner and see how it takes care of your delivery route planning.

All in one tool for local deliveries

With Upper Route Planner, You Can Deliver More & Stress Less

Local Delivery Scheduling

  • Route Scheduling in Advance

    Build Routes Instantly

    Plan and schedule routes instantly even if the deliveries are to be made next month. Our advanced scheduling algorithm is designed to automate the planning of local deliveries.
  • Instant Route Optimization

    Powerful Route Optimization

    Optimize delivery routes for multiple drivers instantly. Automating route optimization with our powerful algorithm and saving up to 5 hours of manual optimization time every week.
Local delivery scheduling
Dynamic optimization capabilities

Dynamic Optimization Capabilities

  • Set Priority Stops

    Set Priority Stops

    Prioritizing certain delivery orders over others is possible. All your stops are arranged according to the priority order you allocate to each stop.
  • Delivery Constraints & Other Details

    Delivery Constraints & Other Details

    Upper Route Planner considers factors like time constraints, delivery time windows, and driver availability to build tighter routes. The route produced will be well optimized.

Be Experts At Customer Service

  • Customer Notifications

    Customer Notifications

    Upper Route Planner’s customer notifications through email or SMS inform your customers about their drivery so they know when to expect the driver to show up.
  • Proof of Delivery

    Proof of Delivery

    No way to record evidence for successful deliveries? Our proof of delivery features help you with that by allowing drivers to record customer signatures or take pictures of packages delivered.
Be experts at customer service
Simplifying for your drivers

Simplifying It For Your Drivers

  • Set Priority Stops

    One-click Dispatch

    Your drivers don’t have to visit the depot for their routes. You can send them their daily delivery tasks on their phone through SMS or email with a single click.
  • Delivery Constraints & Other Details

    Delivery notes:

    If the drivers are on the way, they can check the delivery instructions anytime on their mobile app. This means dispatchers do not need to get in touch with them as drivers can open the delivery notes on their hand-held devices.
Impress customers with faster deliveries

Impress Your Customers With Faster Deliveries & Instant Communication

Try out Upper Route Planner and you’ll see what we mean.

Why Use Upper Route Planner for Local Deliveries?

Instant Scheduling

Instant Scheduling

Instead of spending hours planning your daily delivery routes, you can use Upper Route Planner to do it for you in minutes. It helps schedule all your delivery tasks for months in advance.
Optimize Delivery Resources

Optimize Delivery Resources

With our time-effective and cost-effective route planner, local delivery businesses can optimize the use of their delivery resources (people and money) wisely.
Automated Route Planning

Automated Route Planning

Reduce manual effort with our smart route planning and optimization. Automating and streamlining your operations is easier with Upper Route Planner.
Enhanced Customer Experience

Enhanced Customer Experience

Upper Route Planner helps improve customer experience. It also reduces re-delivery costs by increasing your First Attempt Delivery Rates.
Fitting in Last-minute Orders

Fitting in Last-minute Orders

Optimally fit in last-minute orders. Last-minute changes or requests can be accommodated into the routes even two minutes before executing them.
Transparency in Operations

Transparency in Operations

Boost the transparency of your delivery operations for yourself as well as your customers by providing real-time insight into the delivery process.
Helps Make Better Decisions

Helps Make Better Decisions

Pull out actionable and meaningful insights from our daily, weekly, and monthly reports. These analytics and insights help you make better decisions.
Scaling Delivery Output

Scaling Delivery Output

Upper Route Planner truly supports you at each stage of scaling your delivery operations. Increase your delivery bandwidth and reach more customers on a daily basis.
Boost Last-mile Productivity By Up To 40%

Try our route planning software and experience it for yourself.