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FedEx is an American international courier delivery company providing national and global delivery services. The company was founded by Fred W. Smith with its headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee. The name “FedEx” is an acronym for “Federal Express,” and was used from 1973 to 2000.

Currently, FedEx is prominent in the United States and across the world when it comes to courier service. The company’s air shipping service has a “Superhub” in both Memphis and Hong Kong International Airport, the two busiest cargo airports in the world. FedEx’s “Superhub” in Memphis handles about 3.3 million packages per day with over 10,000 workers.

To expand the company’s retail access to the general public, FedEx acquired Kinko’s Inc. in February and revamped it to FedEx Kinko’s. They also acquired TNT Express in 2015; this acquisition is to help them expand their services in Europe. FedEx made other acquisitions after and added some other important services to their brand.

Interestingly, FedEx can deliver parcels to any country in the world. To know more about their service, check their shipping service page for more details. You can ship almost everything with FedEx.

United Parcel Service UPS is FedEx’s major competitor worldwide. The two companies use similar strategies in some aspects of their business.

How do Upper Route Planner and FedEx Work?

Upper Package Tracker provides FedEx customers with the most accurate tracking information. It also provides up-to-date tracking information to virtually all couriers worldwide.

So, if you are sending or expecting an item from FedEx, you can use Upper Package Tracker to know the exact location of your package.

Package Tracker FAQ

Is it possible to track my FedEx parcel without a tracking number?

Yes, you can track your FedEx package without a tracking number. To do that, you need a purchase order number or the reference number connected with your shipment. Although you can track your package without a tracking number, ensure you have not received or misplaced the tracking number. However, if you’ve not received it, or maybe you misplaced it, you can reach out to FedEx customer care with your reference number to get the tracking number again.

Also, with FedEx Delivery Manager, you can easily log in and monitor your item, control your delivery and get notifications about your order.

How long does it take for FedEx to deliver my package?

It takes 1-5 days for FedEx to deliver your item. Most importantly, FedEx delivers on weekends as well at no extra cost. This means that you can receive your package at any time of the week. However, there are different shipping plans you have to choose from on FedEx depending on your need, time, budget, and other crucial factors. FedEx delivery starts from 8 am to 8 pm every day.

For international orders, how long can I wait to receive my package from FedEx?

First, there are different delivery plans to choose from on FedEx. Each plan determines how fast a package can be shipped. If you choose the most popular plan on FedEx, “Federal International Priority,” the delivery will take 1 to 3 business days. If you go with the “FedEx International Economy,” you’ll be expecting your package to get to you within 2 to 7 days. For faster delivery, FedEx International Next Flight is the best option. With this plan, you’ll get your package within 24 hours.

How many days will FedEx hold my Parcel?

FedEx will hold your item at the last destination for 7 days. After that period, they’ll return it to the sender. So, you have to act fast to claim your order or assign someone else to pick it up for you..

How many signature options does FedEx have?

FedEx has numerous signature options for both local and international packages. So, you can select the option that best suits your need. Below are the four delivery signature options they have.

No signature required (NSR): With this FedEx signature option, the courier will try to get someone to sign for the package at the delivery address. However, FedEx can release the package without obtaining a signature if no one is available to sign for the package.

Indirect signature required (ISR):This option allows FedEx to obtain a signature from someone else at the delivery address. This can be your neighbor or building manager. In the absence of that, FedEx will try to redeliver the parcel.

Direct signature required (DSR):DSR allows someone to sign for the package at the delivery address. Direct signature required is different from indirect signature required as it only allows either you or someone living in your residence to sign for the parcel. If no one is available to sign, the company will try to redeliver the item.

Adult signature required (ASR):This signature option allows someone of legal age at the delivery address to sign for the package by providing a government-issued ID. FedEx will try to redeliver the package if no one is qualified to sign for the package.

Note:These signature delivery options depend on the country of destination. Also, note that legal age varies in different countries. The last delivery option “Adult signature required” is not available in all countries, and it’s subject to an additional fee.

FedEx delayed my package what should be the next step?

Here are some guides you need to take once your package is delayed with FedEx.

1. First, you should contact their customer care service and provide the relevant information for the problem to be fixed

2. You can also request a refund or an adjusted invoice if your package is delayed with FedEx.

3. They also offer a money-back guarantee for some transport services. The money-back-guarantee is subject to the company’s terms and conditions of carriage.

Most importantly, the money-back guarantee can be revoked, suspended, or modified at any time by FedEx.

What if my FedEx package is showing delivered but I can’t find it?

If you encounter this problem, go to FedEx’s tracking page on their website and take the following steps.

1. Once you click the “tracking page,” enter your reference number or tracking number.

2. Click the “Manage Delivery” section; then select “Report Missing Package.” (Note: you’ll be asked to enter the original delivery address for the item if you are not logged in to a FedEx account. So, if you’re not logged in to the company’s account, enter the information and click Continue).

3. Click “Yes” to confirm that you’ve checked the package everywhere it might have been left.

4. The next step will be to enter your contact information. This includes your name, email address, phone number, and other optional information

5. Next, choose the preferred method of contacting you – email or text – and confirm

6. After that, click “Submit” and FedEx will send you a case number for your report via your preferred contact

7. Finally, click “Done” and FedEx will reach out to you as soon as possible to help you track your missing parcel

Another method of tracking your missing pack with FedEx is by using their “File a claim” page. Go to their “File a claim” page and fill out the form. You’ll need your FedEx account and tracking number to file a claim.

What happens if I was unable to pick up my delivery from FedEx?

If you missed your delivery, FedEx will leave a door tag for you. This door tag will have the steps you have to take to locate your parcel, plus the number that is associated with your parcel’s tracking number. With the door tag information, you can track your shipment by taking the following steps.

First, you can scan the bar code on the door tag with FedEx’s mobile app.You can also enter your door tag number into your “online tracking tool” to check

When a driver cannot find a safe place for your package, he’ll deliver it to a FedEx location nearest to your location or their partners like Dollar general or Walgreens. The package will be held for 7 days, after that it will be returned to the sender.

What’s the delivery time for FedEx?

Generally, FedEx delivery time is from 8 am and stops at 8 pm from Monday to Friday. Except for residential delivery, where FedEx deliver on Saturday and Sunday. If you receive a message from the company that you’ll get your pack by the end of the day, then expect your parcel to arrive before 8 pm on the stated date

How can I find the exact location of my FedEx parcel?

FedEx has two special tools for tracking your package. This includes their app that is designed to see the estimated delivery time window for eligible shipments. However, if you want to get more visibility, use their “FedEx Delivery Manager.”

How do I get my FedEx tracking number?

Once your parcel is shipped, you’ll receive an email from FedEx with your tracking number. With the tracking number, you can easily check the current location of your package.

FedEx tracking number is a 12-digit number on the shipment label. So, if you are sending an item to someone, it will be nice to educate the receiver on what the tracking number is.

When will I pick up my parcel from FedEx?

FedEx will notify you via email or phone call that your package is available for pick up. After that, you can pick up the package during normal business hours.

What’s the required document when picking up my package from FedEx?

To pick up your parcel from FedEx, you need a valid ID. If the address on your ID doesn’t match the delivery address, then you’ll need your tracking number and an alternative form of ID. This includes auto insurance cards, utility bills, etc.

Why is my FedEx package not moving?

Delays can occur for different reasons. Sometimes, FedEx scans packages at different stages between pickup and delivery. The frequency of scans differs, and it is normal for a package to stay more than 24 hours without being updated on its way to the last destination. This is common during a period of long travel. So, it might appear that your shipment is not moving, but it is in transit to the next location.

What’s the meaning of “delivery now pending” on FedEx?

If your delivery is “pending” on FedEx, it means that there are some delays that changed the delivery commitments. Exercise some patience as FedEx works hard to fix all issues they encounter to deliver your package.