Best Trucking Dispatch Software Solutions for 2024

As a truck dispatcher or fleet manager, you will likely manage numerous tasks, including driver schedules, vehicle maintenance, customer orders, and route planning.

But what if I told you there’s a way to take much of that stress off your plate?

The trucking dispatch software covers everything from optimizing routes and ensuring driver compliance to real-time tracking of trucks and orders. It automates repetitive, tedious tasks, saving you valuable time.

As we look ahead to 2024, expectations for faster, more transparent delivery operations will continue to rise. That’s why we took the time to personally evaluate and analyze a range of trucking dispatch software options just for you.

How did we evaluate and choose the best trucking dispatch software?

Choosing the right trucking dispatch software from the various options is no easy task. That’s why we conducted an in-depth analysis, thoroughly examining, testing, and evaluating 17 trucking dispatch software solutions.

Our evaluation process didn’t just involve looking at features and pricing; we went the extra mile. We delved deep into user reviews on popular platforms like Capterra and G2 to gain a comprehensive understanding of how they perform in real-world trucking operations.

Here’s a list of the top trucking dispatch software that can future-proof your business while providing the best experience for your drivers and customers.

1. Upper

Best trucking dispatch software

Star rating: 4.5 (37)

Upper - best trucking dispatch software

Upper simplifies trucking dispatch with user-friendly scheduling and routing, eliminating fleet management headaches. Its driver app ensures seamless communication and productivity on the road, featuring live tracking for clear visibility. Whether for a modest fleet or a massive operation, Upper’s all-in-one system handles planning, execution, and analytics efficiently.

With Upper, say goodbye to the hassle of managing schedules and routes with spreadsheets. Additionally, its user-friendly interface allows you to assign and optimize trucking routes effortlessly based on real-time traffic data and monitor trucks’ locations every minute.

Key features of Upper

  • Import spreadsheet: Upper allows you to seamlessly import delivery addresses and details directly from the spreadsheet through Excel or CSV files. This speeds up planning and removes manual tasks, allowing for efficient use of time and resources.
  • Route planning: This enables users to create unlimited multi-stop routes with automated route planning that generates the most efficient routes in seconds, considering real-time traffic, weather conditions, and other constraints.
  • Route optimization: Upper utilizes an advanced route optimization algorithm while offering the flexibility to optimize routes based on your preferences, whether minimizing time or distance, to facilitate efficient deliveries.
  • One-click dispatch: After optimizing routes, Upper makes it simple to dispatch them to multiple drivers with just one click, sending routes via email, text message, or directly to the driver’s mobile app.
  • Customer notifications: Leading trucking dispatch software like Upper enables automated customer notifications with real-time updates on estimated arrival times and delivery statuses.
  • Proof of delivery: This feature reduces the paperwork and the chances of potential disputes by capturing in-app signatures, photos of successfully delivered items/services, and notes in the form of proof of delivery.
  • Reports and analytics: Comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities allow us to gain valuable insights into delivery operations, pinpoint areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to optimize performance.
  • Customer support via email, chat, and telephone is available
  • Swiftly swaps routes among drivers in emergencies
  • Plan pickups before, after, or between deliveries for efficiency
  • Customize routes for priority stops or time windows
  • A free trial is available; however, you would need to opt for premium plans for advanced functionalities
  • Lack of communication between drivers and dispatchers

Gain Real-Time Visibility

Don't be in the dark about your fleet's whereabouts. Upper provides real-time tracking and monitoring, updating you on each vehicle's location and status.

2. Trimble

Best for third-party logistics (3PL) companies

Star rating: 3.5 (28)

Trimble - best trucking dispatch software

Established in 1983, Trimble specializes in providing transportation management software designed specifically for dispatch, fleet maintenance, and accounting needs. It is a great option for third-party logistics (3PL) companies and brokers.

Trimble is software explicitly designed to make 3PL deliveries and trucking operations easier. It enables carriers, intermediaries, shippers, and service centers to optimize efficiency. The multi-modal optimization engine empowers businesses to handle different aspects of supply chain operations.

Key features of Trimble

  • Transportation management: The comprehensive TMS allows for the optimization of dispatch operations, the tackling of complicated accounting tasks, and the streamlining of operations.
  • Maintenance: It allows one to view real-time meter information and DVIRs for each truck and then schedule preventative maintenance at the right times to keep vehicles on the road.
  • Routing and optimization: This allows transportation businesses to improve and streamline operations for carriers, shippers, and intermediaries.
  • Focuses on driver safety/compliance
  • Uses Advanced Carrier Selection (ACS)
  • Customized packages optimize efficiency
  • Software experiences occasional slowdowns and glitches, affecting user experience
  • New users may face issues in mastering this software

3. ITS Dispatch

Good for small to mid-sized carriers

Star rating: 4.4 (300)

ITS Dispatch - best truck dispatch software

The company, which has been around since 1995, has developed diverse software solutions for each phase of freight transportation. ITS Dispatch, connected to, provides web-based trucking dispatch software with essential capabilities for streamlined operations.

This truck dispatch software integrates with QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Online. It serves small-to-midsize carriers, freight brokers, and owner-operators and offers essential tools for effective trucking operation management.

Key features of ITS Dispatch

  • Multiple integration: It seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Online, enabling easy financial management for trucking companies and freight brokers.
  • Easy reporting: Users can easily add software modules, including file storage, IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) reporting, and additional reporting capabilities.
  • Carrier onboarding support is accessible as an optional feature
  • Craft and dispatch customized customer agreements effortlessly
  • Provides reports for truck, fuel, and road usage, aiding in IFTA compliance
  • Good for making shipment confirmations
  • Glitches may interrupt operations sometimes
  • Inadequate customer support can hinder problem resolution
  • Complex data filtering impacts efficient management

4. Axon Trucking

Good for truckload/LTL carriers

Star rating: 4.6 (5)

Axon Trucking - top trucking dispatching software

Since around 1982, Axon has been in the protected shipping dispatch stage, endeavoring to make finance a breeze. Axon integrates with PC Miler truck routing, mileage, and mapping software. It calculates IFTA, fuel charges, and other expenses in the shipping business. 

Axon provides real-time, fully integrated trucking software that decreases responsibility, supports cash flow, and disposes of driver pay stress. It is intended to make your trucking operations tasks smoother, more proficient, and stress-free.

Key features of Axon Trucking

  • Transportation management: The software enables users to create employee and contractor documents with just a click.
  • Customized reporting: The customized reporting feature enables better business decision-making by integrating with other systems.
  • Highly customizable to suit your specific requirements
  • Facilitates seamless IFTA and fuel tax tracking
  • Provides reports for identifying issues and implementing changes
  • Expensive trucking solution with unclear pricing
  • Confusing user interface

5. Truckbase

Best for small to mid-sized carriers

Star rating: 4.7 (25)

Truckbase - dispatching software for truckers

Truckbase is a cloud-based TMS software for growing FTL fleets with 10+ trucks. It helps small trucking companies expand smoothly and affordably.  Custom-fitted for affordability, it offers a direct TMS solution, ideal for those looking to automate their back-office operations. 

Automate load building and dispatching easily by utilizing a PDF importer that easily sends tasks to drivers through a text message. It enhances income flow with instant invoicing and strong financial reporting tools. Furthermore, it cultivates trust with drivers through direct settlements, disposing of pointless problems.

Key features of Truckbase

  • Automation: It allows for streamlined load building and effortless dispatch with an AI-powered PDF importer.
  • Instant messaging: This enables dispatch details to be sent to drivers via text or email.
  • Route guidance: It provides drivers with clear route information through a mobile-friendly app, reducing phone calls and messages.
  • Pay management: This feature allows users to easily add reimbursements, stop pay, and other payments with just a few clicks.
  • Streamline dispatch tasks by eliminating manual data entry
  • Automates back-office operations for swift invoicing
  • Promotes transparency in payment settlements, fostering trust
  • Lacks a free version option
  • It may not be suitable for larger companies due to compatibility issues

6. Pro Transport

Best for companies looking for a centralized trucking solution

Star rating: 5.0 (11)

Pro Transport

Laid out in 2005, ProTransport remains an all-in-one trucking software, offering a robust truck dispatching system. This software helps managers communicate and organize fleet dispatching efficiently, improving operational effectiveness over time.

This software goes beyond dispatching, integrating seamlessly with with various programs like QuickBooks, GPS, fuel cards, factoring, and IFTA reporting. ProTransport’s user-friendly dashboard and color-coded interface ensure easy access and navigation, simplifying trucking operations management.

Key features of Pro Transport

  • Dispatch: ProTransport’s dispatching system enables managers to streamline communication and organization of fleet tasks.
  • GPS data integration: The software seamlessly integrates GPS systems, providing real-time location tracking and route optimization capabilities.
  • Maintenance and safety management: Managers can schedule maintenance tasks, monitor vehicle inspections, and ensure compliance with safety regulations.
  • Integrated platform, simplifies workflows
  • Centralized design streamlines tasks
  • Real-time GPS enhances visibility
  • No direct bank uploads
  • Limited customer support
  • Pricing not transparent

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7. TruckSpy

Best for FedEx contractors

Star rating: 4.8 (35)


TruckSpy is a complete dispatch solution for dealing with your fleet successfully. This software focuses on driver compliance, security, efficiency, and bits of knowledge to streamline each part of your activities.

TruckSpy’s user-friendly dispatch system and route checker ensure control and prompt service. Its easy-to-understand interface makes it simple for dispatchers to allocate assignments and monitor progress.

Key features of Truck Spy

  • Drag-and-drop dispatcher: It allows dispatchers to easily assign and rearrange tasks, optimizing fleet management and ensuring efficient task allocation.
  • Route deviation identifier: To enhance route optimization, it incorporates a route deviation identifier, enabling prompt adjustments to maintain efficiency and meet delivery schedules.
  • Document scanner: TruckSpy streamlines document management by allowing drivers to scan and attach necessary documents to each stop in real-time.
  • Affordable pricing
  • User-friendly interface
  • Optimized route planning with real-time tracking
  • The mobile app needs improvement
  • Lacks integration with some systems
  • Customer support response times vary

8. Onfleet

Best for last-mile delivery

Star rating: 4.6 (93)


Onfleet is an advanced logistics software solution that empowers businesses to master their last-mile delivery operations. It simplifies dispatch, route planning, communication, and analytics, streamlining operations for optimal efficiency. This app caters to a wide range of industries, including food, beverage, retail, pharmacy, parcel, and more, in over 90 countries. 

Furthermore, businesses can delight customers with accurate ETAs and real-time tracking while seamlessly integrating various systems through their API. Onfleet’s route optimization considers time, location, capacity, and traffic for efficient routing, while auto-assigning on-demand tasks reduces service time and labor costs.

Key features of Onfleet

  • Automated dispatch: The system automates assigning jobs to drivers based on predefined criteria such as proximity, availability, and priority.
  • End-to-end route planning: It facilitates comprehensive route planning from start to finish, considering traffic, road conditions, and customer preferences.
  • Integration: The software integrates with various third-party systems and applications, allowing for smooth data exchange and interoperability.
  • Analytics: It provides advanced analytics and reporting tools, offering insights into key performance metrics, trends, and patterns.
  • Real-time driver tracking for accuracy
  • Detailed metrics monitor fleet performance
  • Flexible pricing for unlimited users
  • Occasional task-related bugs
  • Complex user interface
  • Route optimization accuracy concerns
  • Integration lags reported

9. Samsara

Best for large fleets

Star rating: 4.2 (349)


Samsara offers an extensive solution for fleet management and driver security across different industries. This software serves shipping companies of all sizes, focusing on improving operational proficiency and communication. The feature-rich software covers all parts of a task, guaranteeing real-time visibility and analytics.

From transportation and logistics to field services, construction, and manufacturing, Samsara serves clients across different areas. Their flexible solution suits large multinational companies, typically with fleets of 20+ vehicles. However, it may be too robust for small fleets of fewer than 5-10 vehicles.

Key features of Samsara

  • Fleet maintenance: This ensures that all fleet vehicles are properly maintained and serviced through trucking scheduling software. 
  • Route planning: This functionality optimizes delivery routes to maximize efficiency and minimize fuel consumption and driving time. 
  • Dash cams: They are installed in fleet vehicles to capture video footage of driving events and incidents. 
  • Compliance: It ensures fleet operations adhere to regulatory requirements and industry standards.
  • Optimized routes increase carrier profits
  • Prioritizes driver safety and ensures compliance
  • Provides real-time shipment visibility
  • Cumbersome navigation due to multiple windows
  • Glitchy performance
  • Outdated user interface

10. LoadMaster

Best for carriers and brokers

Star rating: 3.4 (13)


McLeods flagship product, LoadMaster software, stands out as transportation management software. With over 35 years of experience, it’s a trusted partner in trucking dispatch, freight brokerage, and fleet management. It provides carriers and brokers with tools for load planning, driver communication, shipment tracking, and financial management. 

For freight brokers, LoadMaster’s PowerBroker software provides a dedicated platform for managing the entire brokerage process, from load acquisition to billing. This is ideal for trucking, freight brokerage, third-party logistics, and shippers.

Key features of LoadMaster

  • Driver app: It allows drivers to manage their tasks, communicate with dispatchers, and access essential information on the go. 
  • Back office capabilities: This streamlines administrative functions such as load planning, billing, payroll, CRM, and document management.
  • Business intelligence: It enables users to utilize data-driven insights for strategic decision-making and performance optimization.
  • Efficient load management and tracking
  • Load optimization for cost reduction
  • Seamless third-party integrations
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics
  • Complex, less user-friendly interface
  • Frequent glitches and outages
  • Steep learning curve, complex features
  • Slow performance, occasional lags

Now that we have learned about the best trucking dispatch software available let us find out how one can choose the suitable software for their business.

How Do I Choose the Best Trucking Dispatch Software?

With plenty of dispatch software choices accessible, understanding your budget, business model, and goals is crucial. This is what to focus on during your search:

  1. Essential Features: Look for real-time tracking, route planning/scheduling, fuel management, and digital documentation capabilities to streamline dispatching and boost earnings.
  2. User-Friendly Interface: Prioritize an intuitive and easy-to-use software interface to ensure high user adoption and efficiency across your team. Many vendors offer free demos to test usability.
  3. Scalability: Choose software that can scale alongside your growing business needs, allowing easy expansion of drivers, vehicles, and equipment as your fleet size increases.
  1. Customer Support: Opt for vendors that offer excellent customer support through multiple channels, such as live chat, email, and telephone assistance, along with a comprehensive knowledge base.

Transform Dispatch Operations

Elevate your dispatch operations with modern tracking technology, ensuring better fleet visibility and management.

Frequently Asked Questions

Trucking dispatch software automates routing and staff scheduling, empowering dispatchers to monitor truck limits, driver accessibility, and shipping orders from a centralized platform. Generally, managers access the software through a desktop dashboard, while drivers and employees utilize a mobile app for seamless correspondence and coordination.

While choosing trucking dispatch software, key features to consider include real-time tracking for efficient monitoring, route optimization for effective resource utilization, ELD compliance to keep away from fines, and seamless integrations with existing tools for a streamlined work process.

Trucking dispatch software prices normally range from $10 to $200 per month per client or vehicle. However, expenses may vary significantly depending on the provider and included features. Factors like the number of clients, vehicles, or managed loads may impact the final expense.

Trucking dispatch software improves communication, simplifies scheduling based on preferences, provides on-the-go training for employee development, and offers task management tools. Additionally, GPS tracking allows real-time monitoring of the driver’s location, leading to improved operational efficiency.

Uplevel Your Dispatch Operations to Drive Efficiency and Profits

As we explore the trucking industry, the significance of choosing the right dispatch software couldn’t be greater. Businesses can streamline operations and boost efficiency by adopting top-notch solutions with features like real-time tracking, route optimization, and ELD compliance. 

Moreover, the chosen trucking scheduling software should accommodate the expansion of drivers, vehicles, and equipment as needed. Furthermore, we should not forget the importance of client service, which should be accessible at any point you want, with simply a call or click.

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