• The online food ordering and meal kit delivery service has grown 300% faster in last few years.

  • 63% of consumers agree that getting food delivered is more convenient than dine-in.

  • 31% of American households order groceries to be delivered to their homes.

  • Adding a delivery component has generated incremental sales for them.

Route Optimization for Food Delivery Challenges

Resolving Food Delivery Challenges With An Advanced Route Optimization Solution

In order to effectively establish a direct-to-consumer service, food delivery businesses like pre-cooked meals, meal-kits, catering supplies, and packaged food need all the right tools and resources. The major challenges faced by most food delivery businesses are the fulfillment of orders on time, last-minute changes, logistics operations like route planning and optimization.

The best solution for these problems is to integrate a dynamic route optimization algorithm into your delivery process.

Upper Crew Makes Food Delivery Easy

Upper Crew makes it easier for you to deliver food to your customers on time

by offering the most optimized routes to help you fight the logistics challenge. Get the ability to plan routes for a large number of orders within seconds.

  • 10 hoursof planning time can be saved per week
  • Plan 500stops for multiple drivers
  • 50-60%order capacity can be increased
  • Get proofof delivery for each delivery task
  • No credit card details required

Delivery Planning Made Easy With Upper Crew

Clearing up uncertainties in the planning stage will help you offer better last mile deliveries to your customers. Implement direct-to-consumer services and boost your food delivery operations with Upper Crew.

  • With Route Planner App Reduce Route Planning Time

    Cut Down Planning Time

    How much time do you currently allot for planning your delivery routes? What if you could save about 95% back-office planning time? With features like import excel, automated route planning, and one-click driver dispatch, you can get done with route planning in just a few minutes.

  • Easy Changes in Food Delivery Plan

    Accommodate Changes Easily

    What if two of your drivers didn’t turn up in the morning? You’ll be re-running your routes and rescheduling them among the remaining drivers, right? That’s too much work, to be honest! Upper Crew makes it possible to reschedule and manage last-minute changes without having to struggle your way through it.

  • Set Priority Stops With Upper Crew

    Set Priority Stops

    Exercising more control over your delivery routes is made possible with priority stops and time windows. Our optimization algorithm automatically identifies these details on the route, so your drivers are guided accordingly.

  • Upper Route Planner Help to Cut Down On Fuel Expenses

    Reduce Fuel Costs

    Who doesn’t want to save fuel costs? Just being able to cut down on fuel expenses can improve your savings. You’ll not just be saving operational costs but improving revenue by covering more deliveries on a single route.

Kickstart With Reliable, Optimized Routes Every Day.

Upper Crew helps your entire team of delivery drivers to offer an efficient and seamless delivery experience to your customers!

Kickstart With Optimized Routes

Simplify Admin and Dispatcher Duties With Upper Crew

Plan and Dispatch Instantly

  • Upper Crew Help in Route Optimization

    Powerful Route Optimization

    Upper Crew’s algorithm plans and optimizes up to 500 delivery stops for multiple drivers in less than 5 minutes.

  • Send Out Routes to the Drivers With One Click

    One-click Driver Dispatch

    Dispatchers can effortlessly send out routes to the drivers through email or text with a single click. Drivers do not need Upper’s mobile app to receive their daily delivery routes from dispatchers.

With Upper Crew Easy Route Planning
Optimize Food Delivery Driver Routes

Optimize Driver Routes For Instant Delivery

  • Dispatcher Add Minor Details of Food Delivery

    Make Your Stops More Peculiar

    Dispatchers and managers can include details like service time for a stop, priorities, customer details, and additional internal notes for drivers to refer to.

  • optimize stops according to delivery constraints

    Optimize Stops According to Delivery Constraints

    Dispatchers and managers can set specific delivery constraints like time windows, driving preferences, and curbside delivery for each stop.

Documenting Deliveries & Results

  • Upper Crew Offer Proof of Food Delivery

    Boost Reporting with Proof of Delivery

    Drivers can now take more responsibility and accountability for each delivery by capturing and presenting a collection of pictures, signatures, or notes as delivery proof.

  • Measuring Food Delivery Results

    Measuring and Recording Results

    How do you know if you are reaching your daily goals? One way to gauge efficiency is by receiving daily reports and analytics for each delivery. Drivers and dispatchers can generate daily reports and know their daily achievements and the points they need to work on.

Food Delivery Driver Can Documenting Deliveries
Delightful Food Delivery Experience
Want To Provide A Delightful Food Delivery Experience?

Make Upper Crew a part of your delivery process today and overcome daily route planning and optimization challenges.


How Does Upper Crew Manage Your Food Delivery Business?

Streamline Food Deliveries

Streamline Your Deliveries

Upper Crew helps food delivery businesses streamline their delivery process right from planning to delivery.

Improve Customer Delivery Experiences With Upper Route Planner

Improve Customer Delivery Experiences

Streamlining the deliveries improves not only the process for food delivery businesses but also elevates the delivery experience for your customers.

 Use Your Food Delivery Resources

Use Your Delivery Resources to the Fullest Potential

When your delivery process is efficient and smooth-running, it means that you are better able to take advantage of all the resources at your disposal.

Archive Food Delivery Route

Archive Your Frequent Routes

If there are routes you frequently deliver to, you don’t need to upload them every time. Instead, you can simply save those routes for future reference.

Smooth Route Planning With Upper Route Planner

Smoothen the Process for Your Dispatchers and Drivers

The entire process becomes easier for your drivers and dispatchers with features like automatic planning & optimization, delivery constraints, and proof of delivery.

Upper Crew Offer Curbside Delivery

Offer Curbside Delivery to Your Customers

Dispatchers can add a curbside delivery option for customers who have a specific demand for the package to be delivered at the sidewalk.

Increased Food Deliveries With Upper Crew

Fulfill More Deliveries in the Same Amount of Time

You can accept and fulfill more orders with the time you save by planning and optimizing your routes with Upper Crew. You don’t have to find extra time for it, Upper Crew makes that time for you.

Achieve More Revenue by Upper Route Planner

Improve Savings and Revenue

Using the most optimized routes will help you save a lot on fuel expenses. In addition to that, you will be delivering more orders, so it also helps earn more revenue.

Automate All Route Planning Activities With Upper Crew

Smoothen the delivery process and empower your entire delivery team using Upper Crew!